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Published: May 28th 2012
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Bahamian National ElectionBahamian National ElectionBahamian National Election

Yellow PLP won. Government changed. What an experience!
Hello folks. When we started our trip in 2009 a good friend said something to the effect of, "Don't spend too much time reporting back home. Just enjoy yourselves." Guess we're there now. Sorry for neglecting our 'blogligations'. The first part of this year has slipped by in sunny, tropical way.

Thanks to finding a peaceful marina at Bahama Bay by Xanadu Beach, we've been fully occupied with warm breezes, great beaches, fish fries and fine new friends. Our tentative plan when we arrived at Freeport, Grand Bahama Island was to zip around the corners of the Bahamas, like proper cruisers. But instead, we found an opportunity to do all the things that we love and staying was not a decision.

Being able to participate in a vibrant community and to be included in day to day activities with friendly local people is a gift in itself. This marina afforded us many chances to hang out with local residents, international snow birds, other boaters and a few tourists.

One of the highlights was to witness the process of the Bahamian National Election, from start to finish. The entire event, including daily debates, constant rallies, radio talk shows and
Economy on holdEconomy on holdEconomy on hold

There are many buildings waiting to be finished.
the eventual 80% voter turn-out was a unique experience for blase Canadians.

Through Frank's research and the help of friend and college instructor, Andrew, we made 2 presentations to the shipbuilding and business students and teachers of the Bahama Vocational and Technical Institute, at the college and at the boat. The participants were terrific and we had a great time.

This text has crashed 5 times so we'll give up on verbage. Photos are in random order, a bit like our visit here.

Now we are preparing to cast off and head MELODEON north to Halifax. Tomorrow looks like a good weather so we are making final preparations. We will take another look at Tropical Storm Beryl before we decide. We've really barnacled ourselves to the dock, so there's been a long chore list. But now the dozens of salvaged conch shells are safely stowed and a pizza outing to Lucaya was a rare treat.

As you know, wifi is not an option for us at sea, but we will report when possible.

Enjoy your Spring and farewell from Freeport.

Additional photos below
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Frank jamming on SundayFrank jamming on Sunday
Frank jamming on Sunday

Toni Macaroni, live jazz tiki bar
Catch your ownCatch your own
Catch your own

Snorkelling for fish and lobster.
Rake n Scrape PartiesRake n Scrape Parties
Rake n Scrape Parties

All Canadian women gottta "Wine their boongies"!

Where can you leave your quarters in an open dish at the laundromat?
What you see...What you see...
What you see... not what you get!
Stileet performing Rake n ScrapeStileet performing Rake n Scrape
Stileet performing Rake n Scrape

"Wine your Bungy" All Canadian women gotta wine their bungies!
Breakfast: omlette, salsa, hm bread Breakfast: omlette, salsa, hm bread
Breakfast: omlette, salsa, hm bread

Always in this order, Veggies, protein, maybe carbs
Bahamian DiamondsBahamian Diamonds
Bahamian Diamonds

Broken glass everywhere.
Super Helpful PeopleSuper Helpful People
Super Helpful People

Sade and Jim, are typical of the folks who stop and ask if you need help.
Abandonned Freeport ApartmentAbandonned Freeport Apartment
Abandonned Freeport Apartment

Rendered useless by a hurricane and waiting years for a buyer.
Boaters in Action!Boaters in Action!
Boaters in Action!

Takes practice to 'Wine Your Bungy'.

28th May 2012

Halifax Bound
I remember many occasions of our being south from January to April or May and then being 'Halifax Bound' or 'Homeward Bound'. Good to hear from your three. I think of you often and frequently tell friends about your adventures and wonderful vessel all the while wishing to be doing the same. We are enjoying great weather, but could use some rain for the crops. Good Sailing and Cheers, Mike
28th May 2012

Welcome Back to the Blog
Thanks for blogging again. Happy to hear of your adventures. Good sailing to Halifax. It is great to know you are both doing well. Hugs to all three of you :)
29th May 2012

Back to the motherland
Have a safe voyage my friends. Email when the opportunity arises.
29th May 2012

Safe journey
Chris & Frank, enjoy the trip across the water and up the coast. Loved the update. Safe journey home.

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