Cheaper is not always a good idea

Published: December 12th 2009
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driven ashoredriven ashoredriven ashore

this is at high tide
We had planned to stay today to explore a bit and plan our next move (s) with 30 knot winds and squall lines predicted for tomorrow...well we will stay another day. It's a bit pricey but with all the resort services available to marina guests, hobie cats, kayaks, swimming pools lunches available at a nearby cay and so on it offers good value.
The nearby village is a fishing village and an easy bike ride ( bikes provided by the marina/resort). The village has many damaged houses from a hurricane several years ago. Some have been repaired but many have been left to fend for themselves. The small local shops can provide you with many of the basic foodstuffs except bread! No bread because there is a bakery, whose hours we have yet to discover. Most of the homes are very modest in nature, compared to the mansions of Florida ( a refreshing change of pace).
People drive on the left hand side of the road here, but with left hand drives. The driver is always next to the shoulder,should there be one. Very narrow windy road around this village that stretches along the shore for a very long
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clearing customs dock
There is no real anchorage here, at least not one I would like to rely upon. A fellow yesterday cleared customs here and decided he would anchor rather than pay for a slip. I admit the temptation is great, but all our information suggested this would be a bad idea. This fellow sailed from the UK stopping at various places only to find himself driven ashore this morning. At low tide one could walk to his boat and keep your feet dry, at high tide you would not get wet to the knees. There was a boat trying to tow him off this afternoon all to no avail. Very sad sight to see. I hope he is ok, he seems to be staying on board even with the predicted upcoming weather.


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