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If you're saying 'finally' bite your tongue. Time to celebrate and say thanks again to the loyal folks who helped us over the years, so we could get here! After turning back from the crossing Wednesday night, due to extra choppy seas, last Thursday we left Lake Worth at 7 a.m. and aimed south west to cross the Gulf Stream. It was a sunny, relatively peaceful crossing. Beginners need this kind of good luck to keep them going. We got to West End, the nearest north western port in the Bahama chain of 700 islands and scooted into the marina before 4 p.m., for an @ 9 hour crossing. Once we passed the midpoint we seemed to pick up speed as the Gulf Stream gave us a boost. Note to Pat and John... we were startled ... read more
Sunrise leaving Lake Worth
Checking the decks
1st Bird on this crossing

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Grand Bahama » West End December 12th 2009

We had planned to stay today to explore a bit and plan our next move (s) with 30 knot winds and squall lines predicted for tomorrow...well we will stay another day. It's a bit pricey but with all the resort services available to marina guests, hobie cats, kayaks, swimming pools lunches available at a nearby cay and so on it offers good value. The nearby village is a fishing village and an easy bike ride ( bikes provided by the marina/resort). The village has many damaged houses from a hurricane several years ago. Some have been repaired but many have been left to fend for themselves. The small local shops can provide you with many of the basic foodstuffs except bread! No bread because there is a bakery, whose hours we have yet to discover. Most ... read more
tied up

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Grand Bahama » West End December 11th 2009

We arrived at West End Bahamas this morning at 6:20 am. We had to slow down to arrive in dawn light rather than dark. It was a somewhat difficult crossing, since there were confused seas for most of it. Wind direction and speed was ok, but it was a roller coaster ride. Clearing customs was easy and done with dispatch and cheer. Then a nap was in order since neither of us had managed any sleep through the night. AFter that, we rode bikes into the village,swam in the ocean, then the pool. The swim in the ocean was very reviving. It was just what I needed, since I was feeling over tired and over heated. We plan to leave here Saturday for the Freeport area, then make our way towards Nassau, in time for Xmas. ... read more

Hey! so we made at across the big bad ocean! it was a little rough but not so bad! we were goin pretty good most of the time. sittin around 6-8Kts for most of the trip! we left fort lauderdale at 9pm and came into the marina here at 10:30!! 13 or so hours it took us but nothing bad happend. well not for us at least! one of our buddies had some problems with his sail and had to stop to fix it, so we stayed bad and well i mean its a little more intense then what i just said but when we get back ill tell ya more about it. thats just one of the crazy stories i can tell when i get back! we've got lots! but everything is great. theres some ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Grand Bahama » West End December 26th 2005

We've spent a little too much time here at Old Bahama Bay Marina, idling amongst the wealthy. The rest was welcome from the rough crossing, but the only thing to do here is while away dollars and show off your diamonds and your $1.50 boobjob. The locals can barely hide their smirk in the face of it all; they can play this game. They even have a patois so that the USers don't understand. These are the weekend jetsetters from Florida escaping their family and financial problems just to show off their motorcraft's widescreen TV during the Packers-Cowboys game. No worries, they'll head back in the other direction soon enough. As for us we're headed up through shallow waters to a few cays, where we'll anchor for a night, and then on to more cays with ... read more

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