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It is a bittersweet day here on Abigail. We cast off from Bimini early this morning, leaving behind the turquoise, swimming pool waters and rustic charms of the Bahamas. As I write this, I am looking out our stern window and watching the islands fade away on the horizon. After more than three months “on the hook” (aka anchored) in the Bahamas, we spent the last week here at a marina. It was an adjustment being at a dock, one feels a little more “exposed”. There are so many more people around who can see in your windows or pop in for a visit; you have to think about actually being presentable – ha ha. But it was a nice change to be able to hop on and off the boat at whim and to meet ... read more
Dolphin House Bathroom
Dolphin House
Dolphin House

Well, after making great time from the Exumas to Bimini, our final stop in the Bahamas, we are now stuck here in paradise for likely a week (or more) as we wait for a good weather window to cross to Florida. I know, poor us, being stuck here! Our life on the boat is soooo hard – ha ha! After leaving Staniel Cay early on Wednesday, we arrived just as the sun set at Rose Island, east of Nassau. Initially, we had thought to stop at Normans Cay and then cross to Nassau area the following day, but the winds and waves were favourable, and it was still early, so we veered NW and headed across. Our anchorage at Rose Island had a strong surge which sent us rocking and rolling most of the night. Hence, ... read more
AliceTown, Bimini
Path to the Ocean Side Beach
My "Polynesian" twin

Our three vacation tourist days in Alice Town, Bimini turned into a week due to weather. We had the pleasure of walking the beaches on windy days even if we couldn't get in the ocean, and we had time to walk up as far as we could to the top of the island. Unfortunately for us, our picnic lunch on the top beaches was not to be... we didn't realize that the resort up there took over the whole top of the island with its condos and shops and soon-to-be casino. It was interesting to see- perfectly manicured grounds, infinity pool, huge yacht slips, bars, high end shops and very nice condos overlooking the water. I did however find it sad to see it all- up to that point other than the odd bar that was ... read more
Alice Town beach
empty beach!
Bailey Town

The internet seems to be better late at night... I'll try to post my pictures now!... read more
Queen Street, one side of the island
lunch spot
wall of multicoloured flowers

We left No Name harbour Wednesday March 12th at 6:30 am in the dark. We traveled slowly through Biscayne Bay and were able to put up sails when we came out of the Florida channels at 7:30 am as the sun came up. The ocean was quite confused for the first little bit until we got to deep water. It was a beautiful sunny day, 13 knot steady winds and no gusts. We had all sail out. We were averaging about 7 knots. The Gulf Stream was very narrow on Wednesday and less powerful than usual, so our only indication we were in it was the fact we had to correct our course about 10 degrees. The winds picked up as the day went on, rising to 18 knots steady and gusting up to 25 knots. ... read more

Those darn cold fronts are still following us! The Bahamas are high enough in latitude to feel the effects of a strong cold front and the most recent one knocked the temperatures down about 20 degrees from earlier in the week. We had to dig out the long sleeves, long pants, socks and sleeping bags. Oh well, it’s still better than snow. (sorry) Last Monday, during our exploratory walk in the morning, we stopped to chat with an employee of the resort who generously offered to take us out to the beach. We hopped on his golf cart and got a tour of the place as he made his security rounds. Sometimes it was hard to understand his accent over the noisy engine (carts here are gas, not electric), but I did learn that the owner/developers ... read more
Alice Town shops
Alice Town bar
The Compleat Angler

We made it! Last night we anchored outside of No Name Harbor. It was very crowded inside the harbor, besides, Jon didn’t want to disturb the other boaters when we left in the wee hours of the morning. He had planned to leave around 6 AM, but the wind died overnight and we left at 4 AM instead. With the aid of our chartplotter, we slowly made our way out the channel on a rising tide with the moon at our back. When we got into deeper water, we unfurled the sails and motorsailed into the sunrise. As the winds increased, we backed off on the rpms and eventually turned off the engine about halfway to our destination. We had a fantastic, comfortable sail until it was time to head into the narrow, shallow and not ... read more
No Name Anchorage
Incredible colors
Inlet between South and North Bimini

position actuelle Nous voilà enfin arriver aux Biminis dans les Bahamas. Yé! Nous sommes très heureux! On dit les Biminis,car ça signifie "deux îles" en langue arawak. Il y a l'île du sud et l'île du nord. Tel que convenu, nous avons quittés Miami avec Magie a minuit et nous avons fait une navigation de 10 heures. Avant notre départ, la météo nous annonçait du 8-12 nœuds venant du Nord-est, mais nous avons eu finalement du 20-25 nœuds venant du nord-est. Alors, la navigation a été plus houleuse et plus venteuse qu'on s'attendait. Durant la nuit, nous avons eu quelques grains de pluie et lors d'un des quarts à MC, il pleuvait beaucoup alors elle est resté a l'intérieur du catamaran pour se protéger. A quelques reprises, une vigie oblige pour allez ... read more
365 îles

De la Floride au Bahamas Nous avons passé jours a st-Augustin (FL). Très belle ville d'architecture espagnole. C'est a voire si vous passé dans le coin. Toutes les décorations de noël sans neige c'est bizarre. Nous avons aussi passé 3 jours à Vero Beach (FL) sur un mooring à trois bateaux de large. Nous avons commencé à préparer le bateau pour la traversé et le remplissage de vive pour quatre mois. Nous avons eu un contact pour un quai a 20 $ / jours a Fort Lauderdale. Nous y avons passé un autre 10 jours de préparation. Une journée de congé à la plage nous a permis de nager avec des lamantins. Wow. Nous avons pris des photos mais un peut brouillées. Les enfants ont bien aimé mais Jade a eu un peu peur. La traversé ... read more
pour toi papa
nancy a hate de manger du poisson

Nous sommes enfin arrivés aux Bahamas après un long (très long) trajet depuis le lac Champlain. Nous sommes fiers de notre exploit et avons bien l’intention de profiter pleinement de notre séjour aux Bahamas. Vendredi le 10 décembre : Hollywood Beach, Floride. Surprise, ce matin les toilettes sont bloquées … et dieu sait que ce n’est pas ce qu’il y a de plus plaisant à réparer … C’est vraiment le cas de le dire, on a les mains dans la merde … Il faudra réparer cela avant de partir et faire un bon ménage pour désinfecter partout … du « déjà vu » (Loulou et Jean-Jean s’en souviendront …). Nous avions prévu quitter vers 10h00, on retarde le départ (nettoyage oblige …) et on quitte la marina de Hollywood vers 11h30 en direction de Biscayne Keys ... read more
Gulf Stream - depart de nuit
Charlie se cache dans les coussins
La mer est agitee

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