Bye Bye Bimini

Published: March 20th 2014
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Our three vacation tourist days in Alice Town, Bimini turned into a week due to weather. We had the pleasure of walking the beaches on windy days even if we couldn't get in the ocean, and we had time to walk up as far as we could to the top of the island. Unfortunately for us, our picnic lunch on the top beaches was not to be... we didn't realize that the resort up there took over the whole top of the island with its condos and shops and soon-to-be casino. It was interesting to see- perfectly manicured grounds, infinity pool, huge yacht slips, bars, high end shops and very nice condos overlooking the water. I did however find it sad to see it all- up to that point other than the odd bar that was obviously geared for tourists I found the rest of the towns pretty much involved in their own business and not faky-smiley all over the tourists. I'm not sure if Marty shares my opinion. I did find it beautiful and the condos were not imposing or anything, but it's just not my thing- I didn't feel like I was on the same island anymore... I could have been pretty much anywhere with blue water and sand. We did manage to have our lunch quietly on the beach south of the large resort on a new stretch of beach for us anyway. I believe that would have been at the top of Porgy Bay. We got to the beach right across the island from us ( 5 minute walk!) twice for a swim when the water was calm and it was wonderful. The beaches are pretty much empty, and the people I do see are often other boaters from our marina. The towns are quiet, the people keep mostly to themselves after wishing you good day, and the prices of things are really not bad. This is not what I would call a high service island- I would say for the most part the locals don't really care much if you are there or not. Tiny little grocery stores, bars, restaurants and shops line the narrow street, some not opening until nearly 10 am. There is one row of tourist t-shirt shops, and a bar or two that I see as mainly for tourists but otherwise I see locals going in the same places I do. The other boaters in the marina are friendly and we were invited to a lobster bbq the day after we arrived. Our marina itself is one of the smaller ones, but it is very well kept, the staff is friendly and helpful and it is more quiet and homey than the other bigger ones around us with bars and shops included in their grounds. I am happy we chose Blue Water. It has been a great stay, but we have to keep moving on with this weather window or we will be here another week because there is another front moving in.

We will leave tomorrow morning as soon as the tide gets high enough to let us out of the marina. We will make our way as quickly as possible to Chub Cay in the Berrys, about 80 miles away. The wind is not too good, might be more or less on the nose and we'll probably have to motor to get there before dark. After Chub Cay we will anchor in Nassau and try to see if there is a safe Cay nearby to wait out the front. Unfortunately the first day the wind will be strong from the South, and the very next day it will swing completely around and blow hard from the north. We will have to find an island or two close together which can offer these two protections, and this is tough with close to a seven foot draft. There are many anchorages we can fit into, but they are not good for these particular wind conditions. We might have to stay in Nassau Harbour if we can't find anything else. If that's the case we will go visit old Nassau and the aquarium on Paradise Island while we wait and make the best of it!

Good bye Bimini, it has been fun!

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