Last Days in Paradise

Published: June 11th 2010
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Kona The Salty DogKona The Salty DogKona The Salty Dog

Kona collecting conch- he loves it!
Unfortunately it was time to set sail, say good-bye to Spanish Wells, and continue on our trek towards America. Although we did have one last stop in the Bahamas that we just had to make and luckily it was on our route. So the Rum Runner set a course for the Berry Islands. We absolutely love the Berries for its remoteness and its fishing. This truly is deserted island paradise! And in fact, we were the only boat at the Devils-Hoffman anchorage, our favorite gunk hole tucked between the various small islands and enclosed by the shallow waters of the Great Bahama Bank. We were surrounded by so much natural beauty and enjoyed the solitude of quiet island life. We went to the beach, explored the different islands in the dinghy, and caught fresh conch for dinner- yum! Even Kona helped with the conch. We have never met another dog who is so crazy about fishing and conching. A couple of years ago, one of our friends taught Kona how to grab the conch by the lip and carry it up to the beach. He loves it! And I really don’t know who is going to be more bummed out about
Beach DayBeach DayBeach Day

Enjoying one of our last days at the beach in the Bahamas!
leaving the Bahamas, us or our dog. But sad to say, it is time to move on. But we certainly did enjoy our last days of island life.

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Rum RunnerRum Runner
Rum Runner

One of our last days in the Bahamas, anchored out in our favorite spot in the Berry Islands.
Berry IslandsBerry Islands
Berry Islands

Exploring the different islands in the Beries- fun!
Last SunsetLast Sunset
Last Sunset

Unfortunately this is our last sunset in the Bahamas- but boy was it beautiful!

11th June 2010

time to say goodby---
Hi, so sad to leave that Island Life for now--it will always be thee--love the Kona conch pix-
11th June 2010

I loved your photos and post from the Bahamas! Especially of "Kona the salty dog!" Too cute! My blog is looking for travel photos, reviews, etc, to share. I'd love to post that photo of Kona, if it's something you'd like to share with fellow travelers. We always give photo credit, of course! If you have the time, check out the blog at, or email me at I look forward to reading about your next destination! Heather :)
12th June 2010

we will miss the island adventures...
We have been following you since the beginning, and will miss the blog entries and the great photos. I am imagining Kona living the land-lubbers dogs life, except his "toy" basket full of conch shells, instead of tennis balls and bones!
12th June 2010

Berry Fun
Thanks for the fun Blog... Good fishing and conch.. but are the Berries on the island tasty?
12th June 2010

Hello I have been following your adventures for a while now and am a fellow sailor. Looks like your new land life will be pretty nice too. I am wondering about internet in the Bahamas. We plan to cruise in the Bahamas all winter but both of us work on the internet and need access each day. Can you tell me what you use while sailing there?
14th June 2010

Thanks for all the beautiful stories and pictures that you have shared on your great adventure. Though I have missed seeing you, I am so happy to see this dream fulfilled and come to an end. I am looking forward to seeing all of your blogs organized in a book; should be a best seller. Love you two and look forward to seeing you sometime this summer after your safe journey home.
14th June 2010

So!! Is this it, you guy's are making you way to Texas? You wont need to refuel that is the good part. plenty of it, the way you are going.......... .

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