A Spanish Wells Reunion

Published: June 7th 2010
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1: The Spanish Wells Manatee 7 secs
Jay and Kona in the BuggyJay and Kona in the BuggyJay and Kona in the Buggy

Doing circles in the buggy, the prefered mode of transportation in Spanish Wells.
No "Best of tour thru the Bahamas" would be complete without a stop in Spanish Wells. What can we say, we love it here. It is such a unique island with a culture all its own. We come here for the beautiful beaches, we come here for the great fishing, we come here for the fun circles in the golf cart, but most importantly... we come here to visit our good friends. We pulled into the marina after a long day of sailing up from the Exumas and it didn't take more than 40 minutes before we were spotted by one of our friends. Then one phone call after another, and we had a welcome back party on the boat before we knew it. It sure was great to see everyone!

We loved our time in Spanish Wells. And we were glad to see that not much has changed, although the lobster industry has been hurting for the last couple of years due to the decrease in lobster prices. And these Segeleons make their living as some of the best lobster fishermen in the world. But during the summer months, when lobster season is closed, they are back home and
Spanish Wells Lobster BoatSpanish Wells Lobster BoatSpanish Wells Lobster Boat

Sure is good to be back in Spanish Wells.
enjoying life on Spanish Wells; fishing for tuna and hanging out with family and friends and going to the beach on the weekends- fun! It doesn’t take long to get back into the swing of things. Although we were quite surprised at one new development, or should I say one of the new residents on the island. Rita, a pregnant manatee, now lives in Spanish Wells off the boatyard dock. She is so big and round; they expect her to deliver her baby any time now. The whole community has pulled together to feed her and take care of her. So I got a good look (and some great video) of her eating some lettuce one day. Check it out.

One of the days we were there our friend had to go to the dentist. Unlike America, going to the dentist is a full day excursion in the Bahamas. First off, the dentist is not in Spanish Wells but in Eluthera. So in order to get there, you have to take a boat across to Eluthera and then hop in a truck and drive down to Powell Point, which is over a 2 hour drive one way. But instead
Beach DayBeach DayBeach Day

Going to the beach for the day in the panga- fun!
of looking at this as a big hassle, our friend took it as an opportunity for an island tour and to show us around Eluthera. So we signed up for a trip to the dentist, and who would have guessed that going to the dentist could be that much fun?!?! We stopped at the Glass Window, the narrowest part of Eluthera where waves crash across the isthmus, threatening to divide Eluthera into 2 separate islands. And we stopped at a couple of different cute shops along the way for some retailing. We saw the biggest tree in the Bahamas, and Jay tried to climb it (although he didn’t get too far). And we stopped at Tippy’s for lunch, which is a great beach bar and restaurant. It was a fun filled day and we were glad we got to explore Eluthera.

We wish we could have stayed longer, but had to continue on our trek back to the States.

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Trip To The DentistTrip To The Dentist
Trip To The Dentist

Going to the dentist in Eluthera, riding along in the back of the truck.
Jay Climbing In The TreeJay Climbing In The Tree
Jay Climbing In The Tree

Jay climbing one of the biggest trees in the Bahamas.
Tippy's Beach Bar and RestaurantTippy's Beach Bar and Restaurant
Tippy's Beach Bar and Restaurant

Tippy's Beach Bar and Restaurant is a great stop on our driving tour across Eluthera.
Full Moon RisingFull Moon Rising
Full Moon Rising

Beautiful moonrise over the Rum Runner in Spanish Wells.

8th June 2010

Dental Day
Hi, great story with pictures.Keep up the good news.
9th June 2010

That trip sounds amazing. It sounds like there is alot to do in the Spanish Wells whether it be fishing, hanging out on the beach, spending time with family or friends, and even playing golf. The pregnant manatee living in the Spanish Wells seems quite facinating. I think it was a great thing that the whole community pulled together to help feed and take care of her through this period in her life. I thought that was very thoughtful and kind of people. Going somewhere as simple as the dentists office in Eluthera is a long journey from the Spanish Wells but was awsome that you seemed to make good use of the time and have tons of fun! This sounds like a beautiful and fun place to visit and i would love to go sometime!

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