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Great Stirrup Cay is a private island in the Bahamas exclusively owned and run by Norwegian Cruise Lines and used solely by their customers. NCL had done a large amount of renovation to the island, but then it was recently hit badly by a hurricane and most of the renovations destroyed. In the last six months, NCL have worked very hard to rebuild the facilities, but you can see it is still a notable work in progress. There was enough there for us though. It was a very pleasant place to visit. We were on the third tender out to the island from the ship and there were still not too many people there. We had a chance to have a relaxed swim, although the water was too cold to stay in too long. We saw ... read more
Great Stirrup Cay
Great Stirrup Cay
Great Stirrup Cay

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Berry Islands December 30th 2016

Recently I have been a little saddened to witness my FaceBook and Twitter feeds being inundated with “good riddance’s” to 2016. Apparently, many look back on 2016 as a horrible or depressing year; the worstyear ever. They are pining over the start of 2017; eagerly anticipating a fresh start and the dawn of a more peaceful and stable life. Now I am not totally in the dark, I realize there have been some dramatic and difficult times this past year; both on the global scene and in each of our personal lives. Naturally, we all have challenges at times. But as I choose to avert my attention off the negative and reflect on all the good blessings in life; I would have to say 2016 has been a great one. Celebrating Christmas on the boat (no ... read more
Our view for Christmas
Sea Urchin on a Pier
Atlantis Resort in Nassau Harbour

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Berry Islands December 24th 2016

Well, we are “unofficially” now in the Bahamas. I say “unofficially” because we have yet to land and clear all the “legal” hoops of customs and immigration, but we are now physically on the waters among the Bahamian islands. And it is as beautiful as I imagined it to be. While the waters in the Florida panhandle and Keys are clearer and warmer than at home, the waters here in the Bahamas are unbelievably breathtaking. It is like we are cruising in a giant vat of tropical punch Kool-Aid (although it definitely doesn’t taste like Kool-Aid)! This morning I could still clearly see the bottom even at 30+ feet. Yesterday’s crossing through the Gulf Stream was a little rougher than we anticipated. We had read that it is best to cross when the winds are blowing ... read more
Dinner on the Beach in Islamorada

April 26, 2011 Hello again, we are sitting in Great Harbor Cay in the northern part of the Berry Islands. We had a great crossing of the Gulf Stream to North Bimini Island and cleared customs there. We spent several days there and then left to cross the Great Bahama Bank to Chub Key at the south end of the Berry islands. We went up to Bonds key and spent several days in the bight behind the Cay all buy ourselves. Got 7 Conch and fried them for dinner one night. They were great and we could have gotten all the conch we wanted. (No lobster yet)After several days we sailed to Great Harbor Cay to wait out some higher winds and waves before crossing to the Abacos. We caught a lot of fish trolling off ... read more
Carol and I in our blood giving shirts
Carol raising the quarantine Flag
Entering Bimini

Unfortunately it was time to set sail, say good-bye to Spanish Wells, and continue on our trek towards America. Although we did have one last stop in the Bahamas that we just had to make and luckily it was on our route. So the Rum Runner set a course for the Berry Islands. We absolutely love the Berries for its remoteness and its fishing. This truly is deserted island paradise! And in fact, we were the only boat at the Devils-Hoffman anchorage, our favorite gunk hole tucked between the various small islands and enclosed by the shallow waters of the Great Bahama Bank. We were surrounded by so much natural beauty and enjoyed the solitude of quiet island life. We went to the beach, explored the different islands in the dinghy, and caught fresh conch for ... read more
Beach Day
Rum Runner
Berry Islands

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde There are two sides to the little island owned by Royal Caribbean, its original self, Little Stirrup Key; and CocoCay, the zoo put together by RCCL. Little Stirrup is a great island, CocoCay is okay and you have to take it in small doses by bringing out Little Stirrup. The photos sum it up. In short, this cruise is worth it, if anything, because of the stop to Little Stirrup Cay, you can experience a largely unspoilt environment with great opportunities to see sea life. I have no doubt that because of our willingness to go out there and explore, we had the best experience on the island. What lends further credence to the island’s unspoilt nature is that all of the wildlife we approached was curious of us and came ... read more
Little Stirrup Cay
CocoCay . . . or Disney World?
On Our Beach

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Berry Islands December 30th 2007

We left Great Harbor on Boxing Day and had a wonderful sail over to Devils-Hoffman, our favorite anchorage in the Bahamas. There was a light breeze and the seas had calmed down considerably since the last time we were out (thank goodness!) And as we pulled into the anchorage we were thrilled to be the only boat there. Devils-Hoffman is a perfectly protected, calm anchorage surrounded by many little islands with beautiful white sand beaches. The water is shallow on the Bank to the west creating crystal clear waters that vary in color from the lightest of turquoise to deep cobalt blue, with patches of green where the conch grass grows. It is stunningly beautiful and picturesque as well as completely deserted and quiet. So peaceful. At night we would go out on the deck with ... read more
Vacation Time
Kona and Jay

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Berry Islands December 26th 2007

After we got ourselves and the boat back in order, it was time to enjoy being back in the Bahamas. The Berry Islands have always been one of our favorite places in the islands to visit. The people are friendly, the anchorages and beaches secluded, and the natural beauty and fishing abounds. Great Harbor is the biggest settlement in the Berries and has quite a friendly and tight-knit community. We spent our first couple of days there just relaxing and taking it all in. We walked across the golf-course to the beach on the other side of the island. It is a very beautiful, half-moon bay with white sand and crystal clear, gin colored water. As you look out you can see the reef, which appears as dark blue and black patches amongst the turquoise. We ... read more
Playing with Kona at the Beach
Jay Chillin' at The Beach Bar

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Berry Islands December 21st 2007

We left Florida to set sail for the Bahamas; the boat was ready, we were fully provisioned, and the weather looked good (at least according to NOAA). But weather predictions are just that, predictions. It was supposed to be 10-15 knots from the west in the afternoon, dying down to 5-10 by the evening, with only 2-4 foot seas. So the wind and waves would be on our back quarter and turn light and variable by the time we would be crossing the Gulf Stream. Perfect- right? Wrong! When we left Ft. Pierce just before noon it was already blowing 20 knots, but we figured it was just a local effect from a nearby cloud and would die down as we continued south. So we kept going. The wind then picked up to 25-30 knots, from ... read more

We left Bimini at daybreak in order to cross the Great Bahama Bank and get to our anchorage in Chub Cay by nightfall. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, we caught a couple of fish off Bimini where the island shelf drops off and meets with the deep blue of the Gulf Stream (notoriously known as great fishing ground). We caught the biggest yellow tail snapper we have ever seen and half of a spanish mackerel (the sharks got the other half- a typical problem with fishing in these waters). But none the less, the fishing slowed our progress and we weren’t able to make it to our anchorage by nightfall. So instead we anchored out on the Banks, in the middle of the ocean, with no land in sight. It was ... read more
Conch Salad
Grumpy Grouper

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