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Thursday July 11 - I had my alarm set for 5am, but because I am who I am, I woke up at 4:15 and could not go back to sleep. I got up at 4:30 and just started my day. I spent some time figuring out what I might want to do while I’m in Antigua, and what is possible to do without a car. I finished packing, ate breakfast, the usual. At 6:30 I went outside to wait for the taxi, but he was late. I went back in to call, but he didn’t pick up. I was just about to call my host, but she called me. She said the driver was running late and would be there in 10 minutes. It only took about 5, but I was kind of annoyed. He asked ... read more
On the way to Antigua
St Kitts

As we were not expecting to be in Antigua and Barbuda today, we had nothing planned at all. We did get off the ship though and had a really nice wander around the town. This was the first time off the ship for 6 days and it was nice to be on firm ground again. The pavements and roads in Antigua are in a terrible state which really surprised us as many cruise ships go there. Theresa took a little tumble, but no damage thankfully. We heard of a few people that had tumbled and hurt themselves badly. We are keeping an eye on the weather in St Thomas as we really do not want to miss that port. This is because St Thomas is our official entry point into America where your entry documents are ... read more
Todays daily
We have arrived
View from balcony this morning

Our Beautiful holiday in Antigua. Plenty of sites to see and enjoy!... read more
Antigua (2)
Antigua (3)
Antigua (4)

First stop, back to Miami airport. We are taking the Air France flight the long way to Guadeloupe! First, breakfast time for the 2 hours direct flight to Port-au-Prince in Haiti. As of today, which is 2 weeks after our flight, Haiti is the only country in the Caribbean where I haven't set foot. Sadly for us, no way to get out of the plane here. This is not a tourist world, we are landing in a country that has suffered a lot over the past years...they were poor before the earthquake, and things have not improved a lot. So on the plane, lots of locals, and some NGO workers. Our next leg, the brunch one will bring us to Pointe-a-Pitre in Guadeloupe. Second time here...not really the most friendly locals in the region....sad to say, ... read more
It's cruise time!
Our little abin for 8 nights!
Shoot a lovely 83 at Cedar Valley, Antigua!

I had visited Antigua back in the day. At that time we stayed at an all-inclusive resort and only ventured out for any evening at the Casino, which we dubbed Casino From Hell. But that’s another story. Now I had the opportunity to appreciate what a lovely island Antigua is. As we pulled into dock we counted four other ships arriving. Since we were one of the earliest it was not too crowded. We boarded our van and fought rush hour traffic until we left St. John’s, the island’s main town and capital. Our guide Anita pointed out places of interest and told us of the island’s culture and history. Our stops today related to the time when the island was mainly sugar plantations and ruled by England. There were fourteen forts built to fortify against ... read more

Geo: 18.0404, -63.1042 I've heard other cruisers describe Sint Maarten as "Hotel California", saying: "You can check out, but you can't ever leave." Now I get it. It's happened to us two years in a row. We over stay. SXM is a bit too busy for relaxing. We long to be out in clean clear water, relaxing in a quiet anchorage. Sint Maarten is a lot of, accessible, provisioning Mecca...but quiet ain't one of them. This time, we stayed two weeks more than planned. It's not that SXM isn't fun. It's not that we don't enjoy SXM. We purposely come to SXM for those two reasons and so many more. The problem has become the weather. Talk to any local and they will tell you that weather patterns are changing. Winter winds are stronger, last ... read more

Geo: 17.1224, -61.842 Is it solitude if you spend it withe the one you love? I don't know, but what I do know is that it was perfect. Absolute turquoise perfection. Sometimes, okay, a lot of the time, it's nice to be away from it all. In fact, in perfect turquoise water, I could stay anchored out until I run out of food and water!! That's exactly what we did for our last 8 days in Antigua. We had gotten Rob to Antigua in time to meet Vicki at the airport, at which point he moved off the boat and into their rental unit for the week. We had a great birthday week with them, enjoying a beach day for Tony's birthday, some great meals together, getting Vicki out for a sail, and just plain hanging ... read more
pano of jumbo bay.
pano of jumbo bay.
the resort is huge

Thursday 10th March, 2016. St John's, Antigua We went down for breakfast and then M waited to see if she had a phone signal to call Sprout who had been advised that we were coming today. Once a signal was obtained M made the call but there was no answer so she left a message. Sprout got back almost immediately and said he was already in town and would meet us at the end of the quay in 30 minutes as he was just finishing the shopping. Sprout was waiting when we disembarked some 35 minutes later. He took us to the car and then we drove over to his house. Riley, who was just a puppy last year, is now fully grown and absolutely beautiful. We had a catch up and a drink of water ... read more
15.  The Rower of the Last Boat In
51.  D & Sprout at Fort Berkley
64.  Sprout & Anita at Antigua Yacht Club

Nous sommes arrivés le 4 novembre à Antigua, sans problème, avec tout juste une heure de retard. Nous nous sommes installés dans la belle chambre que nous avions eue en avril au Jolly Castle, petit hôtel qui nous avait même envoyé un taxi à l’aéroport. Le lendemain matin, Absaroque venait tout juste d’être amené dans l’enclos de travail quand nous sommes allés le retrouver. Une semaine complète de travaux avant de remettre notre corneille à l’eau : nettoyage habituel mais aussi un changement d’un passe-coque, deux changements d’étoupe dans les presse-étoupe (arbre d’hélice et safran) et une réparation sur la coque. Il y a eu aussi la réfection de la petite ligne blanche au-dessus de la ligne de flottaison et évidemment la peinture antisalissure. Nous avons également pris livraison du nouveau dodger-bimini, une mini cure de ... read more
Le nettoyage intérieur avance vite et on commence le nettoyage extérieur.
Découverte de la « bulle » dans la fibre de verre.
Une petite en plus de la grosse

15thDec ANTIGUA So lovely to be back in the Caribbean once more. Sun, sand, beaches and WARM!! Hired a car today with John and Jill and toured round the island. Took them to see Sir Vivian Richards Staduim, then to Devil’s Bridge, went swimming/snorkelling at Long Bay then down to Nelson’s Dockyards. On the way home we stopped off at a beach, just pulled in off the main road and there was a beach….all to ourselves. 2 old local guys were just sitting enjoying the view so I asked if it was ok to swim and after confirmation, Jill and I went for a lovely swim, in clear, warm water (well it was warm once you got used to it). So nice to be swimming again in salt water!! Once back at St John’s – where ... read more
2 x Neptunes
At sea...squalls approaching
looking through the porthole on deck

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