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North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit August 21st 2011

It has been impossible for me to limit my photos from Detroit, so here comes a few photo blogs. This one is from my walk in Corktown on my first day in Detroit. I really loved this neightbourhood. To read about my Detroit trip, go to . To check out my pictures from Michigan Avenue, go to . For pictures from downtown, check out Enjoy, Anna... read more

North America » United States » Michigan » Detroit August 21st 2011

Here I am, finally! In Detroit... For more than a year I have had a dream of exploring this city. Throughout my Amtrak travels, for every community meal I have had in the dinner wagon, I have had to explain to yet another white middle class, middle aged couple, why Detroit. Why this dangerous and empty city? My interest derives from some of the same issues as my love for Eastern Europe. I am deeply fascinated by industrial cities in decay. Cities that no longer can survive on their main production industries. This interest is manifold. Firstly, it is visual. There is a particular rawness to half empty houses and ruined buildings. Secondly, it is sociologically fascinating to meet the people that stay, and discover their extend of hospitality. Thirdly, a place such as Detroit or ... read more
Gas station

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 18th 2011

After my initial meeting with Chicago, I have spent two days walking around. My swollen feet are proof of my sightseeing. On my first day, I spent nine hours looking around Chinatown, The Loop and the Magnificent Mile as well as had another adrenaline kick from getting up into the Hancock Tower. The second day I spent on a boat ride, whereafter I visited Old Town and the historical museum. I think I have become somewhat used to downtowns and financial districts full of skyscrapers by now, yet what makes Chicago stand out from the earlier cities, is the amount of old and incredibly beautiful skyscrapers. I dare say that I hardly need mention the unbelievable Wrigley Building (yes it is named after the chewing gum) or the neo-gothic Tribune Tower. In fact, Chicago was home ... read more
View from Hancock Tower
I'm in Chicago!
Chinese Signs

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago August 16th 2011

I arrived in Chicago from Minneapolis with battle fatigue. I was tired and exhausted and really didn't feel like seeing another North American city. After half an hour at Union Station trying to find my way out, I thought that I had arrived at the most unfriendly and busy place in the world. I was close to tears and could hardly formulate my question when I finally found someone who was willing to tell me where to go to reach the orange line. But whatever I felt then has changed. As soon as I got off the station area, and crossed the bridge to the Loop and Quincy station, I knew that I had to discover this place; that it was not just another North American city and that I was going to love it. At ... read more
chinese man
Houses on Archer

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis August 15th 2011

I don't know why but for some reason I feel less safe in Minneapolis than I have in any other place on my travel. Perhaps it is because my first experience in the city was seeing a woman being arrested at the bus terminal of Mall of America, or perhaps that she was very loud and angry. Or maybe it is all the attention that I get from men on the bus. I seem to be a magnet in Minneapolis for weird guys who either really want to know where I am from and what I am doing, or who just like to stare. One guy who looked a whole lot like Steve Buscemi, spent half an hour on a bus asking me random questions, seemingly unaware of my resistant and single syllabus answers. The bus ... read more
Food court
The Minnesota State Capitol

The crowd is roaring as the two teams are presented; Blowfish and the Shookers. The teams get into position. Straw in hand. Head bent. Fish cup on the go. One, two, three, go. And the goldfish race has begun. It is East Glacier Park Montana. It is Blackfoot country. And I am at the only saloon in town. The Trailhead Saloon. The place is jam-packed as one of the most exciting events is taking place. The goldfish race has gathered more than 20 teams which all compete to blow their goldfish over the finish line first in a long run of elimination matches. If the goldfish doesn't win, you eat it. - That night a lot of goldfish ended their days in the stomachs of hungry contestants. East Glacier Park is a small four block wide ... read more
Me at Lake McDonald
Me at Lake Josephine

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland August 7th 2011

Portland is not only about establishing a green image (see ). With a young and vibrant population and with roots in the West coast 70's, Portland has its share of wacky and weird. Something which the city unlike many other places does much to preserve. Therefore, one of the most famous slogans is 'Keep Portland Weird'. In this blog, I'll write a bit about the 'weirdness' in Portland and about some of the quirky things that I've seen. 'Keep Portland Weird' means that Portland already is weird. Historically speaking, Portland can boast with a history similar to that of Seattle and Vancouver. It started as a settlement in 1843 where Asa Lovejoy and William Overton bought a piece of land that later became downtown Portland. Records show that they purchased the area for 25 cent. And ... read more
Street sign

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland August 7th 2011

Sitting in the train that will take me away from the West coast and inland to Montana, I have ample opportunity to write a bit about a city that has gone directly to my heart. Portland, ladies and gentlemen, is by far a beautiful and relaxed city, where green energy and the love of nature surpasses consumerism and advertisement. That is except from the fact that Portland, as a city in the state of Oregon, has no sales taxes, wherefore many come to the city to shop cheaply. But except from the occasional shopper, Portland has a certain free spirited vibe about it. I suspect the development of this down to earth West coast city has something to do with the beautiful and lush nature of the region, not unlike Seattle and Vancouver. Portland which is ... read more
The Eagle
newspaper stands

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle August 3rd 2011

Days in the company of Lee, Hendrix, Cobain and President Roslin Though I spent an entire blog on Seattle's early history, it was not really what drew me to the city. In truth, I never really imagined to go here nor had any visual idea of where in the US, it was. However, I have always known Seattle to exist; not because of Starbucks, McDreamy or that rather bad movie with Hanks and Ryan. No, I cam to know Seattle as many others of my generation by the central role that Seattle's music scene played in the late 1980's and early 1990's. I knew the city because of Kurt Cobain singing and sipping tea on New York Unplugged and the beauty of Chris Cornell's voice on Superunknown. - Music I grew up with and music I ... read more
Seattle skyline
my first American diner experience
Music in Seattle

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle August 3rd 2011

I have arrived in the US and though my first meeting with Americans was the unpleasantness of the land border crossing from Vancouver to Seattle, my general impression is that Americans share the hospitality of their Northern neighbours. Seattle is most commonly known to be the home of McDreamy, Starbucks (463 in greater Seattle metropolitan area) and a celebrated 90's chick-flick starring Ryan and Hanks. But it is also home to 1700 homeless people on any given night. Downtown Seattle which in the daytime is jam-packed with American and Asian tourists becomes a ghost town by night time, where the corners fills with homeless men and women. A truck stops. On the side it reads 'Seattle's Union Gospel Mission – Men's Shelter – Search and Rescue Van'. Two people get out and turns to the elderly ... read more
waiting for the train that never comes
The Old Saloon
Let's tango

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