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29th June 2011

Tailor-made adventure tours
Good to know about your travel details while on a training. I did some leisure travel and booked my tickets through Enchanting travels for a custom travel experience to different destinations in India.
6th June 2011

sadly, i have to agree on this..
thanks for commenting on my trip to Pelabuhan Ratu. Hate to admit, but yeah..you are right. That place has lost its charm and like i said on my entry, it's glory remains in the past. If it's not for a family trip , i wouldn't want to be there.
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6th June 2011

sorry for the late reply
hi gerald, when i went there they mentioned that it usually blooms on march and august, but don't count on it. maybe you could try calling this number 0263 512233 before going there
18th May 2011

i just want to ask, when will the Sakura Flower bloom? can I get the info for this? or any person in The Kebun Raya Cibodas, to ask for this? thanks
6th May 2011

Pelabuhan Ratu
Pelabuhan Ratu - Queen of Ports. The Local Govt. little escapist, about road, transportation, the potential tourist places, the food stalls here and there at sea beaches etc. etc., but never forget collecting hefty entrance fee, parking fee etc. etc. It was a time, we could reach Pelabuhan Ratu in 2 and half hours from Jakarta. But now, oh my God to reach there, that may take 6 if your luck is good enough. Starting from Exit Ciwai the pain starts. So horrible so horrible I am sure the women going to give delivery a baby may be ... (not to describe). Heavy Aqua trucks, heavy sand trucks, careless angkots and some reckless small vans operating Bogor - Sukabumi - Bogor, and above all big big unexpected holes on road, factory exists full of karyawan/karyawati (Labors) and a que of Angkots (Small Vans) shall make you exhaust and give up before even you reach to Cibadak. The road condition is so bad, as if there is no father or mother to the natives. After you take a right hand side after Cibadak, the road is bad enough till Pelabuhan Ratu. If you are strong enough and at your young age, and got some brave may be you can enjoy the journey. But, if you are over middle age, Old Age better avoid this risk as sudden heart attacks may happen at any time! Specially woman under pregnancy, small children keep avoid this road starting from Ciwai till Pelabuhan Ratu. Once you cross Hotel Bayu amrata, suddenly you will see some batik wearing people trying to stop your vehicles to collect the fees for entering a tourist place. If you have guests, avoid Going to 4 star hotel over there standing high tall big but inside so bad carpets unwashed, all furniture gone not only old (Pity to see), Interior got brown/yellow, Toilets (Better not to bath) but tariff is more than Bali. Possibly no visitors, so no maintain. Go to any beach you have to pay per person tariff and then for your car parking fee minimum Rp.5000.00. Remember, avoid eating in seaside food stalls or if you like to eat ask first the price fast. Neither, surely you will be a looser. I remember one of my friend had to pay Rs. 80,000 just for a bottle of beer. I think more better and safe is Affordite, Rasuna club. Buy one, one free just for 20,000 Rp., There is a Cipanas Hotwater, and now the naturalness of the location is gone. Enter, you have to again start paying Pemdak. But, no maintenance of the River. Just I have a question, when the administration will open their eyes? If we go back to First president Seokarno time, he so much liked the place he usually give a visit to Pelabuhan Ratu, Stay in Samudera Beach to give homage to legendaries mystic queen Ny Ro Ro Kidul. The days are gone!! The beautifulness is gone! Only remain the memories of ours who had been visited there 10-12 years ago or before. I love Pelabuhan Ratu, Respect the legendary queen and a lots of appreciation to nature loving, well patience, beautiful Sundanese people and their tradition. Pelabuhan Ratu ofcourse a paradise but the guys false promise during Elections now make others compare Pelabuhan Ratu not less than a Hell!! Guys Come On... when we can do, let's do it...
From Blog: Pelabuhan Ratu
20th March 2011

@ Sri : sorry for the late reply..bary sempet buka lagi.. Anyhoo, untuk alamat lengkap Cibuni, saya sendiri kurang tau ya mbak..yang jelas dari Situpatenggang tuh masih agak jauhhh. waktu itu sewa ojek (biasanya tukang ojek pada tau kok semua kok di sana). Bisa naik ojek, but at your own risk ya..jalannya itu..ampunnn mbakk.. and kejadiannya sampai 2 dari 4 motor yang disewa ban nya pecah.. Soal pemandangan, terus terang enggak terlalu bagus, malahan kesannya mistis gitu...(mungkin ini kah yang di cari? ).
5th March 2011
Kawah Cibuni

sis boleh tau g alamat lengkap nya di mana?kata nya dr jalan raya lumayan jauh y & ga bisa di tempuh pake motor jg,brapa lama perjalanan nya dr jalan raya nyampe lokasi?tq
11th February 2011

@ Eli : kalau orang nya 6000 mbak..cuman kalau bawa kendaraan, 15,000 :)
9th February 2011

berapa tiket masuk per orang
8th December 2010

ikut koment ah..he
kereen bgt photona...handlenya baguus...hmm..berjiwa petualang...ga kebayang perjalanan yg kaya gt capenya...jadi inget dora the exploler..hehe....makasih infonya...selamat menjelajahi Alam lagi...semangaaat...
4th September 2010

yeah..bentuk rumah impian ku nih best, sayangnya di kunci, ga bisa liat interiornya.. :(
26th August 2010
Dream house

Keren tempat pondokannya
31st July 2010

so very thank you for your information.. me and my friends are planning to go there tomorrow.. it's really helpful thanks a lot
21st May 2010

Thank u :)
Thanks a lot :) .
16th May 2010

nice photos u got there.!
26th April 2010

You bet i am coming back.. :)
Thanks, Bobby ! I love the Philippines.. :), and guess what? I'm bringing 3 friends to backpack across the Philippines this September. I'm sure they are gonna love it as well ! :)
26th April 2010

Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip to the Philippines! Keep coming back. We generally love to meet foreigners and you have proved that, right?
19th April 2010

Thanks Kero for the correction ! :) Yeah..coron is lovely. I am aiming for El Nido for the next beach destination in the Philippines..., but first..Pinatubo and those Zambales mountains will be next ! :D Hee hee hee.
18th April 2010

envy much
i totally envy you! coron's such a great place , judging from your blog and the pics; just a correction, philippine citizens ay a travel tax of 1,600+ pesos only if they go outside the country...
16th April 2010

mo ultah mau kado apa yan . . . . . :P minta gembel yaaaa . . . . . ;)
29th March 2010

Whoaa...really? NOTED ! :). It's Megamelt !
29th March 2010

I think you meant Megamelt not Ensaymada melt. ha ha ha. Glad you still love the Philippines. :)
29th March 2010

Mabuhay indeed!
Loved your closing words yantz... Mabuhay and Pilipinas! he he :D
29th March 2010

loved the mountain view!
the tiring and palpitations are all worth it climbing the 724 steps! ha ha it was heavenly up there!

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