Love to travel with good friends and family =), however not for a long period of time coz she will definitely miss her dogs at home.
Enjoys the mountains more than beaches, but wouldn't mind discovering both =). When not in any of those 2, will prefer botanical gardens and zoos/safaris. Not much into malls, plaza and new building structures. Currently is living in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand June 19th 2011

Swadeeka ! The land of smiles. That’s the info I got from the web when i searched about Thailand. Well, this journey is a memorable one since this is my first backpacking trip that I am doing by myself. A company conference was being held at Pattaya for 3 days, so I thought of extending my stay ‘till weekend to get a look and feel of Bangkok. Here goes.. Pattaya This is where the company conference is being held. We stayed at Centara Mirage Pattaya where it got an ocean view. The hotel has lots and lots of facilities, but i didn't really notice much on those since I am not really into those comfortable hotels ( i could hardly sleep at my first night because the bed is way too comfortable for my lifestyle, ha ... read more
Wat Yai Chaimongkon
Wat Phanan Choeng
Wat Chaiwattattharanam

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi May 15th 2011

A company training finally brought me back to India. There is not much to tell, since all I did was to contact a family friend and he arranged the trip for me. I used to stay in India for 5 years- about 20 years ago. It is interesting to see how India has changed, and I would say the change is mind blowing. My training was held in Gurgaon, which is an area unheard of for me. This is where all the business district is located. You can see buildings with those Fortune 100 companies names on it (IBM, Microsoft, Sun, etc etc etc). It shows how India has progressed over the past few years. Impressive ! So, I only have 1 day to try to explore Delhi and I chose to go to places where ... read more
Chanakya Puri
Lodi Garden
India Gate

Asia » Indonesia » Java January 2nd 2011

Happy new year, everyone ! The trip My trip this time takes me to a “mystical” beach, known as Pelabuhan Ratu.. It’s NOT one of those beaches with mystical beauty, not at all. In fact, it is one of the dirtiest beaches I have ever been to. So why even bother going there? Well, simply because it was a family trip. My uncle invited our family to stay at the Samudera Beach hotel for 1 night. I thought that it will be a perfect opportunity for my body to relax after some hectic job-related stuff that I had to finish before the year ended. Pelabuhan Ratu is located at Sukabumi, which took us around 4-5 hours trip from Jakarta . The road that leads to Sukabumi area used to be filled with green sceneries, but now ... read more
Samudra Beach Hotel
The beach ( view from the hotel )
Yummy crab

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lampung November 8th 2010

Ahhh, Krakatau . How I love thee. Famous for its blast some hundred years ago, its charm surely has tantalized many to come and visit thee. It was said that Krakatau ashes reached Europe and changed the course of history. I am not sure if it’s a little bit exaggerating, but when I was being told that a friend of a friend is planning to go there, I immediately said “can I join?” Days before the trip, the child of Krakatau started to show signs of eruption. With Merapi’s explosion just days before - it doesn’t sound like a good idea to visit at such time. Too many bad news of Krakatau ’s present condition: poisonous gas, ashes that reach as far as Cilegon, earthquakes and many more. But the event organizer decided to give it ... read more
Sebesi Island
Umang Umang

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bandung May 28th 2010

Bandung - the Indonesia’s “Paris Van Java” ( well, at least it was until around 30 years ago) is one of the top tourist destination in Java due to its close proximity to Jakarta. Honestly, I am not a fan of Bandung city. My dad was raised there and he told me so many beautiful things about Bandung, but nowadays you really can’t see anything good. Traffic, garbage, crazy drivers..yupe, it’s just like Jakarta - in a smaller scale. And to make things worst, the tourist “top destination” is what they call “ FO - Factory Outlets” - cheap bags, clothes, accessories and the likes-for sale !!!. It’s for the shopping kind, which unfortunately I am not. But still, Bandung has not lost all of its charm. Bandung is surrounded by mountains- at the North there ... read more
Situ Patengan
Tea plantation
Kawah Cibuni

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta April 19th 2010

Monumen Nasional (also known as Monas) might be the least of priority for a traveler while visiting Jakarta, but on the other side might also be the only iconic monument that could prove that “hey, I really am in Jakarta!”. Situated at the heart of Jakarta, this monument was build by none other than the 1st Indonesian president, Soekarno. He has always been known for his taste for art and culture, as well as..errr women. All combined and adding to how Monas is shaped, the joke around is that Monas is “Soekarno’s last erection”. How to get there? If you are coming from Sudirman/Thamrin, simply take the TransJakarta bus ( also famously known as Busway). Take the busway with BLOK M-KOTA destination and tell the busway crew you will alight at Monas. Cost is Rp 3500,- ... read more
Museum Sejarah Nasional

Asia » Philippines » Manila March 24th 2010

My flight to KL was scheduled at 11:40 AM. Considering Clark’s airport distance and the traffic, I decided to go very early. I left my friend’s house at 5 o’clock, look for a tricycle ( yes, still 7 pesos even in that early morning ! ), took a jeepney to the highway ( another 7 pesos ) and supposedly try to find a jeep going to Pasay (for Philtranco bus terminal). The thing was, the jeep from Sucat highway to Pasay will only be available at 5:30 A.M. Ooppss... I asked around and I found out there is a jeepney from Alabang that will pass thru Sucat going to Pasay. I took the said jeepney ( and paid 24 pesos ) and was dropped to the Philtranco terminal exactly at 6 A.M. I was on time ... read more
Last bite !
Hello Jakarta !

Asia » Philippines » Manila March 23rd 2010

We made arrangement for a local driver to pick us up at our guesthouse for our 11 o’clock flight. The arrangement was for us to be picked up by 8:30. So we spend the morning just being lazy, ate some breakfast and take some last minute pictures. Went to the airport, visited a souvenir shop (with a very “unfriendly” sales lady) and boarded the plane. We arrived at Manila just in time for lunch. Some of our friends then separated ways, while the three of us were heading back to Sucat. It’s a 20 minutes drive and costs around 200 pesos. Upon arrival at my friend’s house, we rested a bit and the two of us decided to visit Makati city, particularly the Greenbelt-Glorietta-SM/Landmark area. Makati is the business district area, which is definitely looks nothing ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Coron March 22nd 2010

When we woke up in the morning, we found out that it’s quite windy and the current was quite high as well. We made breakfast, strolled at the island and attempted on climbing the highest peak—and succeeded !.The beach was so peaceful, there is nothing else you want to do, but just RELAX . But, since we still have places to go—so we got to say goodbye to this beautiful island. The lodge owner recommended us to go to the island’s extention, FOR FREE. That, off course we gracefully accepted. We loaded our stuff and headed for the island’s extension. And my jaw dropped when i saw this beautiful place. It’s even more serene than the banana island itself. And as usual, I was looking for a place up high for some attempts on good pictures. ... read more
Twin Lagoon
The cross

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Coron March 21st 2010

It’s the start of our adventure and we were excited. My friend had booked the airport taxi to pick us up at 5 o’clock to the Domestic airport. Those cabs costs 550 pesos. You can choose between the ordinary car type, or an Innova type—and it still costs the same. However, we went to the wrong terminal. So, we had to rush to get another cab and go to the new terminal where Air Philippines and Cebu Pacific airlines are departing. And that means we spend more 60 pesos more for the cab. The plane to Busuanga was on schedule . We rode Air Philippines flight, which we got at a discounted price of 2200 pesos each for a return ticket. Check their web here for more promos on more destinations. Terminal fee for domestic flights ... read more
Kayangan Lake
Barracuda Lake
Skeleton Wreck

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