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11th May 2010

Great photos Sue - great to see you having fun.
From Blog: Warwick reunion
15th April 2010

Mr Bluesky
Thank you for that info. Did you Google the boat? lol
From Blog: Gran Canaria
4th April 2010

Mr Bluesky
Sorry to disapoint but Mr Bluesky in Menorca is not owned by a member of ELO. But rather it was the choice of one of the owners daughters. Mr Bluesky as in blue sky thinking seeing the whole picture from horizon to Horizon. I know this as I am the Captain of the mentioned vessel, which is a Sunseeker Predator 92s one of seven in the world. The boat is powered by twin MTU 2450hp V16 diesels and cruises at 30 knots with a top speed of 40Knots in a flat see.
23rd December 2009

Lucky you
Hi Sue Been keeping up with all your adventures and enjoying all the lovely pics. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday when it comes in January and have a ball on the cruise. Best wishes for Christmas and New Year. Allison x
From Blog: Gran Canaria
22nd December 2009

Festive Greetings
Hi Sue, Got your postcard and I've also been looking at your pictures and comparing them to the freezing weather outside and you'll know the kind of temperatures I prefer. I've only ever been to Tenerife but Gran Canaria looks interesting, so maybe I'll add it to my list of places to visit. I'm reliably informed that you'll be cruising at the end of January - another thing to add to my list of things to do before I'm past it. You've certainly done a lot in a short time. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and New Year and enjoy your cruise. Best wishes, Wilma
From Blog: Gran Canaria
18th September 2009

C'est formidable!
Great blog Sue! You've captured the spirit of our meaderings 'en France' perfectly.
8th September 2009

Everything so far looks wonderful and all quite different. Veronica told me about the forthcoming cruise- I am very envious. Look foward to speaking to you about it when you get back from France. Speak to you soon-Jane
3rd September 2009

Enjoy that sun!
Absolutely tipping it down here so enjoy that sunshine while you can!!! You might need to bring that boat home with you if the rain keeps up at this rate!
20th August 2009

Good on ya!
Sue Am so envious of these wonderful trips; everywhere looks delightful and inspiring. Thank you so much for the birthday card, was lovely. Party is tomorrow, then off on holiday for a few days. Trying to get something booked but not so far. Just a bit of sun and sangria, I think. Enjoy your other trips and hopefully you are not thinking about us at all. Hope your parents are well. Allison xx
30th July 2009

Charmed Life
Hi Sue What a charmed life you're leading at the moment - only jealous of course! Your trip to Arrochar reminded me of when I worked for the Royal Bank in Helensburgh and we had to travel twice a week to Arrochar to open up the bank for couple of hours before heading back again. Not much going on there apart from the scenery. Best wishes, Wilma
From Blog: Scottish Steam
16th July 2009

Great pics
Love these pics and the spanish words, patatas bravas mmmm had a few of them in SA!! The pics of tunnel makes me even look to the right ha ha
From Blog: Barcelona!
29th June 2009

Looks Great
Hi Sue Just talking about you and your travels so thopught I would send a response to you great photos and especially the karate suit one !!!! Everything just trundelling along here with no great excitements. Just back from holiday with Alice and we had a lovely relaxing time Will check in again soon Janet
26th June 2009

Love the photos! You look like you are having a great time and it sounds like you have met up with a good mix of folk. That Icelandic Schnapps sounds a bit dodgy though!
19th June 2009

riding pants
I am sure these will go lovely with the " it has to be cotton pants".
18th June 2009

Where are you?
Are you enjoying yourself, hope you have a friendly horse. We were camping at Glencoe last weekend, had nice walk but the bloomin midges were having me for breakfast, lunch and tea, in fact I was all inclusive. Hope to hear from you soon.
2nd June 2009

Does my bum look big in this???
The bigger the 'protection' the better and you'll be damn glad about it too!!! Really looking forward to seeing your pics and comments 'straight from the horses mouth'. Take care and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy
1st June 2009

Happy travels.
Hi, thought I would be first to say hello to you. Yesterday was a great day out, but kind of forgot I was saying bye for now, so apologise for my relapse. Have a great time on your travels and dont try to keep up with Zoe. Being under the weather on a horse wont be fun. Hope you meet lots of nice people and a friendly horse. LOL Linda. X

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