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South America » Ecuador » North » Quito July 19th 2010

Hey everybody! I got here safe and sound, from the longest plane journey i´ve ever taken, and the only one i´ve done solo. the highlight of the journey was definitely playing with a three year old in LAX who spoke no english, but we had a blast for quite some time! Well, the hostel i tried to reserve doesn´t have space and my bags are still in transit form costa rica, hopefully to be picked up tomorrow. I´m looking forward so much to the vipassana course that starts in a couple of days, so that it keeping my spirits high as i am greeted by the chaos of here. it´s lovely, with volcanoes all around. more to come. I need to find a place to sleep tonight, and a way to get my provisions for 10-14 ... read more

North America » United States » California » Berkeley July 15th 2010

The journey has continued. I am presently in Berkeley, enjoying the hospitality of a glorious fellow fairhaven student, Laura G. This is the somewhat abbreviated version of what has happened since the last entry: I took some sweet days of drinking in the nectar of my family, then traveled in a 40-year-old VW bus (named Ruby Slippers) from Seattle to outside of Eugene, with dear friends and crafting almost the whole way down. The Oregon Country Fair.... indescribably magical. It is a good reinforcement of the scale of creativity humans incorperate into their lives. It was perfect to work for Cory and Catska (check out their spirit-shaking art at Basically, it was the best possible gathering to go to for my last days in Cascadia, and I had fun dancing and dumpster-diving with everyone down ... read more

North America » United States » Washington July 6th 2010

Hi y'all! Isn't this summer amazing so far? I'm flying from L.A. to Quito on the 19th, and have thus far been having a great summer. What are the last things to do in this country before such a trip? Here's a summary of what's been going on since school ended: ~Bellingham World Naked Bike Ride ~Quality home-time with my family in Seattle ~a joyful solstice party in Port Townsend ~Spending the actual solstice at the Olympic Hotsprings (on a exquisitely clear and starry night) ~work-trading for and attending one of my favorite gatherings, the FairyHuman Relations Congress in the East Cascades ~The Magical Full moon ~A last visit to Bellingham ~Pilgrimage to Mt. Tahoma and the beautiful forests there ~Song Circles and friend-farm visits in Hood River ~a sweet gathering in Portland of sweet music-makers ... read more

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