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2nd July 2011

Another piece of great writing!
Great post Sus. Sounds like a fine time. You make it seem so matter of fact to be jumping back on the boat with cows and hammocks,fifty or so other people for a three (or more) day trip up the river through the jungle in another continent. You have come a long way from Mickey's jungle boat ride at Disneyland
2nd July 2011

So proud
Sus, So glad you are experiencing safety in your travels and got those guardian angels in motorcycle form. Thinking of you and loving the images you send in words. love, Natalia
17th February 2011

I love the description
Sus, your descriptions of people and places are both vivid and humorous. I loved the "first brush with Argentinian men," among other parts. It is a wonderful image of you, the boat, and its other passengers that is in my head. Thank you.
11th February 2011

What a trip...
You must have had a wonderful time!!!
8th February 2011

Sus, this article about Ainbo is very interesting, and tells about a small group who are making a difference. I would love to read more about the organization's work and the need for it, especially since HTLV is not in my knowledge base! Somehow I missed this article when it was first published. I'll check out the list of articles to see if I've missed others...
24th January 2011

This sounds like the most wonderful travel experience, and you highlight it so nicely!
22nd January 2011

I like the bus musicians
Hi Sus! I especially like the description of the chaos of a bus ride in Lima. Thank you for that. Music in public places is wonderful for musicians if they can practice/play for awhile and enjoy the time. I wish there was more bus music in Bellingham. There are many street musicians in New Orleans. Talented, too. One night, I turned the corner from Canal St. onto Bourbon St. and there were maybe eight guys, looked 17-24, playing trumpets, saxophones, tubas, trombones, and a mini drum kit. There were maybe seventy or eighty people gathered around-some dancing, many clapping to the beat, everyone present. At one time in the song, all at once, the horn players held their instruments at their sides and began pelvic thrusting toward the audience chanting something I could not decipher. I loved it.
20th January 2011

Sus, this sounds absolutely fantastic! I am so glad you are a part of such a wonderful project. Those unexpected opportunties that come about, especially when things seems a bit bleak, are at time the best choice you didn´t know you had! I hope everything continues to be so fulfilling. My thoughts are with you always. Much love, Kelset
7th January 2011

Sus, reading your words and visualizing your experiences has been one of my grounding tools. I love to get one and see what you have been up to and what is next. With this in mind, a friend sent me a site with other women´s travel experience and I thought I would share it with you as well. It´s a very unique experience to be a woman travelling on our own and I am so glad we get to share pieces of it together through our words and circumstances. http://www.pinkpangea.com/ Much love, Kelsey
16th December 2010

Oh North! Thank you for reading! We're ALG comrades, it's still awesome! I have to laugh constantly at the ridiculousness of stereotypical Christmas advertising with snowmen and sleighs in the markets, and lit up reindeers in the plaza while living in a city in the tropical rainforest. It's wacky, but toned down compared to the U.S.. I adore Yule, and it´s strange to not be experiencing the waning sun up to the solstice. I really miss my compañearos from the logging camp, and I hope they´ll e-mail me when they finally come back into town. They´ve been some of my favorite teachers in the whole experience so far, all good people. I'm so happy for your travelling self, and miss you, too! Will you be writing about your travels as they occur? If not, I'd love to keep in touch about what your up to whenever it´s convenient for you. Hugs! Sus
15th December 2010

So far
I am working my way through your account of the Peruvian jungle experience. Thank you for giving us more about this experience. The boat rides sound faerie-tastic. I have never spent more than fifteen minutes on any river, let alone an enormous one. The characters in your account are interesting to me with the little I have read so far. I want more about the people who do this. But I have not read it all yet. I am working on it. Miss you, Sus! Happy late Thanksgiving! Happy early christmas! Every store on the West coast is playing old christian materialist favorites and tasteless covers of the same songs! Yay for X-Mas. Not my favorite holiday.
6th December 2010

Sus you are "baddass"
Thanks for telling your story. I really enjoyed how you related to your companions. It seems that you fell in with a bunch of fine folk, and had a wonderful experience. The pictures you posted really add to our understanding. Hope that all continues to be as satisfying for you, love from home!
From Blog: Photos!
15th November 2010

just glad your okay...
I was happy all was well..."we" had a feeling you we just having an "adventure"...but knowing that was SO good!!! keep on adventuring...love you...
15th November 2010

Sus, I am not worried.
I think I get this from my father who has the ability to choose not to worry if something is out of his influence. Well, I am glad you took the Madereros opportunity! I look forward to reading about it. This is the first time I have read your blog online, but I have read everything Kathryn had printed and placed on the wall as of two weeks ago. I wish you well, Sus! I am glad you are adapting your plans and experience as you need.
21st October 2010

Dr. livingston I presume?
We (all your faithful blog followers) are anxiously awaiting your return to "civilization". Remember, if you bring back exotic pets from the jungle, both your Mom and your kitty will be upset.
1st October 2010

Oh sweet Goddess
Well darling you are feeding words of nectar and inspiration to this spirit on the other side of the world. Oh wildness and feral jungles, oh sweet heat and fruit so juicy that it is like syrup. Mmmm...mmm...mmm...gots to find my way back to the other side of the world this year to enjoy such nectar of being.
From Blog: Enthusiasm!!!!
29th September 2010

up til now
i had hoped when i heard about your trip that you would keep a public blog. i have passed it on because i enjoy hearing about what you are doing and seeing. keep up the good work and keep telling us all about it.
17th September 2010

Didn't do that!
Your blog tells of wonderful things, festivals and virgins and family and friends. I would expect that you might chafe in this tightly-knit society, but you seem to bloom. How does the work of Many Hands fit in with your stay? I'm glad that you can enjoy the baby kitty, how about a photo of her with some of your peeps?
16th September 2010

Very Funny, Dad
Well, I can imagine that you would know more about the kool-aid than I would, sweet Father ;) You know, I can´t explain what happens when spiritual feelings come over me at all of these celebrations of the Sacred virgin. Although, as you know, I have never been baptized nor was brought up Christian, for much of my life I have been celebrating the divinity of the earth, and the feminine archetype. Perhaps it is this parallel more than participating in Catholic rituals which is affecting me. I don´t know, but I dig the community-aspect of religion down here. I hope y´all are well at home. Love you!
15th September 2010

is the shawl a metaphore?
" I waited with friends, and when my turn came, the cloth went over my head, and then commenced some deeply mysterious and amazing sensations." Are you sure you were alone under that shawl? I noticed that this happened AFTER YOU DRANK THE WATER (coolaid). I might have to come down there to keep an eye on you! Enjoy yourself, but not tooo much! love ya
8th September 2010

Odors seem a small price to pay
Sus, you seem to have discovered a place of relative tranquility, odors seem a small price to pay for hospitality and good vibes. The town atmosphere and appearance you describe evoke memories of Southern Mexico 35 years ago. Love you and your blog! Enjoy yourself!
From Blog: Life in Huancayo
11th August 2010

Sus, Grandpa called up last nite and asked if it was ok to give your blog address to some of his friends. I had given him hard copies at the birthday party and said, "of course." Keep those cards and letters coming!
9th August 2010

enjoying your blog
Susu, Your blog is facinating! I had no idea you were such a talented writer. You have an amazing vocabulary. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with us. I can't wait to read further entries. This sounds like a trip of a lifetime. Love you, stay safe and healthy. Auntie Shar
3rd August 2010

It is awesome to read about your travels sister. Lughnassad on Bear Mountain was grounded and full of surprises. Heading to orcas Island with some of the Leos. Happy birthday lady! Each day I am sure is like a new birth for you and I hope that you feel at home within yourself. Ever proud of you sister and loving that I can read about your travels!
2nd August 2010

:) There are still a few thimbleberries around. Glad to see you're doing well, and that another vipassana was a good experience for you and a good way to start out your trip. I'm excited to see pictures and to hear more! Janine

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