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South America » Peru » Junin » Huancayo September 7th 2010

Hello Lovelies, I just wanted to give you a glimpse into my daily life, now that I am living in a home and things are a little more regular: I live with a Dutch woman, Bregje, who runs an NGO, Muchas Manos. The NGO is focused on organizing and facilitating projects to help the lives of single mothers and old women in our neighborhood in Huancayo. The women are often supporting more than one child, and are all living with difficult financial circumstances. The NGO focuses on building community for the women, visiting each person every week and bringing something small and helpful like rice or sugar. Also, the NGO helps the women start businesses and occassionally microfinances projects. More than this, it is a structure to connect women in the neighborhood. Not that I have ... read more

South America » Peru » Junin » Huancayo September 2nd 2010

Hey Y´all, Just an update on Huancayo. Once I got here, I didn´t quite know why. There´s a town nearby, Hualhuas, that is known for it´s touristy textiles market. There isn´t a Spanish school I was coming to attend, and I didn´t have the details of any homstays worked out. Yet, I made the decision to come. Well, after a couple of days taking walks, hitting up the market, and reading (a lot!), I finally got that nasty bacterial illness I wasn´t supposed to. We´re talking massive fever, no leaving my bed (situated in a very plesant hospedaje with a very nice señora minding everything), aches and pains, headache, feeling zonked out, etc. for pretty much 24 hours. I woke up without a fever, but still tired and zoned out. Upon reflection, I probably didn´t have ... read more

South America » Peru » Junin » Huancayo August 28th 2010

I summoned the detirmination to leave Qosqo (in reality, it was simply time, and not too difficult), and head somewhere with slightly less of a tourist infrastructure. That is right, I am in Huancayo. Never heard of it? Not suprising... it is much less of a tourist city than Qosqo (by far) or Lima. Heard of it? Maybe because it was one of the centers of Sendero Luminoso (look this up if you do not know what it is). Or, perhaps in conjunction with the variety of market towns in the region. However, the absence of super fancy colonial architecture or profound Incan ruins make it a little less of a hotspot for foreigners. Anyway, although there is a ¨road¨ more direct from Qosqo to Huancayo, it is shabby and what could be a 8 hour ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Pisac August 16th 2010

Hey all! I had an amazing weekend and I thought I´d share a little bit of it with you. In Qosqo, all Saturday long I went on a ¨market walk¨. A ¨market walk¨is what happens who one leaves the house of one´s host family with the intention of reaching Mercado San Pedro (a centralized maket in Qosqo), and runs into a market on nearly every block en route! Being a curious person, of course I had to at least stroll around these amazing places, which bumb up there presence all over Qosqo on Saturdays. The markets here are part dream-come true (fruits, vegetables, and cereals in bulk, herbs, loose-leaf teas, local plants, traditional medicines, etc.) and part nightmare (how many little plastic trinkets, or plastic-wrapped items do folks seriously need? That goes for you too, Americans!). ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco August 12th 2010

It feels like summer here in Qosqo today, although we are right here in the middle of the dry (cold) winter season. At night the altitude and lack of an atmosphere are evident in the night. The stars (arrayed in new constellations to my eyes) shine brightly over the high walls of the valley. And it is very cold. No joke. Typically, when I wake in the morning it is a scramble to cover myself completely and quickly make mate de coca. Now that I am in staying with a Peruvian family and attending language school, here is what my typical day looks like: 7 am or so: wake up, get warmer, check my homework and do some review, and head downstairs. 7:30 breakfast: usually an egg and the ubiquitous round, flat rolls of south America, ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco August 6th 2010

The bus ride to Cusco I believe was my favorite. I had the pleasre of sitting next to a medical student, Percy, and between his English and my Spanish we discusses a lot of things. Mainly politics. I had the impression that, beauce of political messages and endorsement splashed EVERYWHERE, that social change is super-important to Peruvians. According to Percy, this is not so, and corruption is a huge problem. Aparently, the votes of Campsesinos and other poor or rural folks are often acquired through ¨gifts¨of food and gasoline from political candidates. Um, I guess it´s good that politicians are interested inthe welfare of campesinos, but apparently this consideration doesn´t last much longer than elections. That, and the fact that so much of exports from Peru are privatized and don´t benefit the economy considerably. Not to ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima August 5th 2010

Well... Two days later here I am in the Capital of Peru. Not suprisingly, I feel a little dazed and sedentary after so long on a bus, and my conception of time feels a little warped. For example, I still am not sure exactly what day of the week it is, but I know the date! Other than that, the journeys went well. It went a little something like this- At the tip of another traveller, I thought if I checked around I might find a airline ticket from Quito to Lima for less than $150 bucks. No such luck. I made the decision that I would go with my idea to just bus-hop, and slowly but surely make my way to Cusco. Instead, I found a pretty good deal on a direct trip to Lima, ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito August 3rd 2010

Hello Beloveds! I am taking my first South American bus ride, beginning tonight! I will be in Lima by the 5th, and will heading to Cusco from there. In the spirit of reflection, here are my thoughts on ecuador thus far: -If you haven´t seen a Sacagawea dollar or 50-cent piece in a while, it´s because they are all here! Large-quantity coins are super useful and much more common than in the U.S. -LOTS of tourist hostals and clubs and other such in La Mariscal, Quito´s ¨gringolandia¨. I´m not that into it, but if you want to party and hang out with other westerners, this is the place for it in this city. -Beautiful countryside, with verdant valleys, rivers, and the glorious plant and animal life of the cloud forest. -Amazingly nice poeple here are Vipassana ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito August 1st 2010

Well, well, well. Here I am back in Beautiful, bustling, packed-in Quito. It is a valley-city. before, I looked up, impressed with the heights of the surrounding mountains, at the views of volcanoes. I had no idea that I would be venturing to such beautiful placed outside of here so soon! Before I came to Ecuador, even in the initial plnning of my journey, I felt compelled to incorperate vipassana meditation into it. As wise persons have reminded me, travel is much better if one is securely in the body, in tune with its sensations. Also, as an ¨old student¨ of the Vipassana technique, I felt like sitting a ten-day course would be a wise way to begin: intentional, practical, helpful, yet familiar. I was happy to find that elements from my first course I had ... read more

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito July 20th 2010

Oh Quito, The first night was spent in a hostal which I d believe doubled as a brothel, from the sights and sounds of things. Also, an absolute chorus of angry dogs brking at all hours. Oh yes, also the sounds of airplanes taking off and a big street. Anyway, I got in and rested for a long time, meditated,went back to the airport, got my luggge (!), and have otherwise been trying to navigate and practice Spanish. Upon realization of my language inadequacies, I registerred for two weeks of language school in Cusco, to be followed by tutoring as it comes up. I have noticed that in Ecuador the busses leave behind a ton of exaust, that everyone is at least neutral (most people are friendly, other intent on ignoring me, but not as much ... read more

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