Marnie Cadden


Marnie Cadden

After graduating from college, I knew that my life was destined for adventure....

I chose to become a scuba diving instructor, a career choice that I knew would allow me to combine both my love of the ocean and my wanderlust. I set off on this journey and made my way through many different countries across the globe. I have met some of he most amazing people, had some crazy experiences, and have seen some of the best things that this world of ours has to offer. I plan on continuing my journey to see the world and live my dream, and it is my pleasure to share my story with all of these wonderful people that I have met along the way who have inspired me to become the person that I am today.

I know this adventure is going to open my eyes to a kind of world that I have always dreamed of, a life of eye opening experiences. A life of true wanderlust.

COUNTRIES VISITIED: Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Belize, Canada, Carribean, China, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, Netherlands, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United States

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Abu Dhabi October 31st 2015

After spending an entire day on an airplane, I was beyond excited to stretch my legs in Abu Dhabi. I had planned a rather relaxed trip with a lot of wiggle room for exploration. And I am so glad I did because I came across some great things that I would never found otherwise. After the plane landed, I hopped onto the public bus and made my way downtown. As expected, it was extremely hot and humid. Waiting at the bus stop was not an enjoyable experience, but it was well worth the $1.50 fare. Once I was in the city, I wandered around a bit and began to notice just how many mosques were scattered throughout the city. Each one was different and I was enjoying their unique styles, until I realized just how hot ... read more
Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Formula One Raceway

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Watamu September 17th 2013

As my days in Kenya were coming to an end, Sam and I decided that we were going to sit back and relax and enjoy the last bit of my trip. There was again another trip to the coast which had much better weather then the first trip we made to the coast. This time, we decided that it would be fun to rent another piki-piki since we both had enjoyed it so much on the first trip. Except this time, I attempted to drive! Not only were we in a field, but I had lost my shoes earlier when going to see some flamingos in the river and thus my first time on a motorcycle was a success! I made sure to spend some time soaking up the summer sun (seeing its almost winter in ... read more
Petting a Cheetah
Piki Piki

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Nakuru September 1st 2013

So as my time here in Kenya is winding down and I prepare for my next part of my adventure, I started to realize there were some things that I wanted to be sure to see before I leave Africa. And thus, Sam and I decided to venture off and go on our own little safari to see some new animals. We set off to hit three main lakes in Kenya: Nakuru, Bogoria, and Baringo, all of which had a little something special to offer. However, being a foreigner sometimes has its downsides, and in this case, ridiculous entry fees. At our first stop in Lake Nakuru, Sam paid a mere 300 shillings ($3.50) while my tickets was 74,000 ($75). Since I'm coming to the end of my trip and thus the end of my money, ... read more
On the Equator!

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Naivasha August 7th 2013

After spending a month or so exploring the city of Nairobi, I was starting to get a bit anxious to see more of Kenya. Thus, Sam and I decided to venture outside of the city limits and head to Naivasha and spend a few days camping. Lake Naivasha, Mount Longonot, and Hell's Gate are only about 20-30 minutes away from each other and was a perfect spot for me to get a little more accustomed to what I considered to be a stereotypical view of Africa. Being from a Western country, I had this view of what we would consider "zoo animals" running around the outskirts of the city and for the first time in my life, that's really what I saw. Driving through America can get boring at times (I'm looking at you Kansas) and ... read more
Pitching our tent!
Central Tower

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi July 28th 2013

When I really thought about traveling to Africa, I had no idea what to expect. Coming from the Western world and staying in a third world country for an extended period of time (for the first time in my life) was a bit intimidating. But after my first few weeks in Kenya, I can honestly say that it really was not what I expected. And I mean that in a positive way. After my time in Australia, I was ready to have a bit of a break. I know that scuba diving doesn't seem like work, but when you do it all the time, it can be really tiring. Needless to say, I was ready to have some down time after 6 months of training and work. Since it was becoming colder in Sydney then I ... read more
My room
Chicken Coops
Kibera Markets

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Cairo » Mohandessen July 8th 2013

After I board my plane in Bangkok, I was off on another 9 hour flight. This time, when I awoke at 5am, I was in Cairo, Egypt, and it was really, really hot. I didn't have any set plans when going to Egypt, I knew that I had access to a free hotel room (with my 6+ hour layover with EgyptAir) and was looking forward to a hot shower. I made my way to the hotel through all of the men trying to get me into their taxi and give me tours, and it felt good to just lie down in a bed for a few minutes. After a shower, I headed to the lobby and send a few emails and set up a tour so I could go out and see the area. I made ... read more
Check this off my bucket list!
Down the Tunnel

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 1st 2013

From Sydney, I had plans to go to Kenya for a few months before heading back home to America. I had plans for a very long weekend of traveling and I was hoping that by arranging my plane tickets, I would have two day-long layovers in some very intriguing places. Once I got to the airport and set off on my journey, I realized I was allowed one bag and one bag only. I had three (including my dive gear). Thus, I ran to the post office, picked one bag to take with me, and shipped two bags home to America for small sum of just under $400. But, none the less, I was officially on my way to Kenya and nine hours, a layover in Taiwan, and three airline meals later, I found myself in ... read more
Street Meat
Lebua Sky Bar

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Cronulla June 27th 2013

After all the time that I have spent here in Australia, the time has finally come for me to move on. The last few weeks have been crazy to say the least, but all in all, I can say that I have had one of the best times of my life here. My final weeks in the land down under gave me a taste of what life as a dive instructor has in store. Meeting new people and helping them overcome their fears of the water has been a real eye-opening experience. I've grown so much as a person trying to understand others and being compassionate to their needs. Knowing when people need a helping hand, whether or not they ask, has been one of the most valuable things I have gained here. The water has ... read more
My Newest Passion
The House
Carnia and Me

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Katoomba May 22nd 2013

It's has been about a month since I completed my Instructor training here in Sydney, and I have been loving every minute of it. My friends and I had some time off to hang out and take a trip to the Blue Mountians and so all the touristy things we have been wanting to do. I have found out that I am also really enjoying teaching. I've taught everything from Open Water, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Navigation, Search and Recovery, and a few other specialties. I really enjoy planning out each of my courses to fit to a layout that I like, and running the classes how I see fit. It is strange, however, when I teach people who are significantly older then I am. It's like telling my dad what to do, and correcting him when ... read more
Underwater Navigation
Equipment Specialty Course
Service Tech Course

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Cronulla May 3rd 2013

All of my training in the past few months has lead up to these few days, The Instructor Development Course (IDC) and the Instructor Exam (IE). It was finally time to test me on my skills and knowledge about the dive industry, to see if I was suitable to teach people about the underwater world that I have come to both love and respect. And it was quite a journey, and prove to be one of the most dreaded and wonderful times of my life. Fresh off of my internship at Heron Island, I was eager to come back to Sydney and reunite with not only my friends here, but to begin my training as an instructor. I was ready to begin, but had no idea what I was in for. Just a background of what ... read more
Knowledge Presentation
Dive Brief
Deep Dive

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