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Asia » China » Hunan » Zhangjiajie October 1st 2016

The drive to the hostel was nice going through mountains and little towns such beautiful scenery and I was hopeful when I seen the reception area of where I was staying bug chandelier and balcony thought I'd hit it lucky until I seen the room felt the bed and nearly died upon opening the bathroom door. It's ok I can do this I repeatedly told myself it's only for a few days so I jumped in to bed and had a few more hours sleep. Woke up in need of a shower so let's brave this bathroom with a squatter toilet close enough to spit in I stood under the shower head that looked older than me turned it on and let out an almighty scream it's bloody freezing!!! I'm already soaked so can't go anywhere ... read more

Asia » China » Shanghai September 17th 2016

So I decided to take a week out for the mid-autumn festival to visit the city of shanghai, I flew there from Yantai which luckily only took an hour and a half and I was glad of that seeing as there was turbulence for the entire time. As a nervous flyer that wasn't fun. Found my hostel nice and easy this time yay! Lovely little place right in the center of shanghai however the beds let it down there is definitely a theme over here with bad mattresses this one had springs digging in your hips. I treated myself to full English most days of my holiday just because I could although it was of course the Chinese version of our beloved meal but it was good enough. I certainly did enjoy the use of the ... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou September 15th 2016

After having done quite a lot of walking for me already this week I decided to make one last push and get myself out to Suzhou. This city is also known for its beauty alongside Hangzhou so I suppose it would be rude to miss it. Despite the continuing rain I got myself off on the bullet train (totally know this station like the back of my hand now). On my arrival their train station a lovely girl working at the information desk walked me all the way to the bus that I needed and wrote on paper for me where to ask the driver for. I found the ticket office for these amazing gardens and paid for my 90 yuan ticket little bit pricey but if they are nice as people say then should be ... read more

Asia » China » Hangzhou September 14th 2016

Hangzhou Tuesday - Setting off from Shanghai town center I got the metro to the main train station to make my way to Hangzhou 30 minutes to get there 20 minutes in a queue finally at the desk and managed to explain what I want perfect time to pay and then the girl behind the desk asks for my passport and it all falls apart as I have left it with the reception at the hostel for safekeeping what a dope! Never mind headed back to shanghai and went to see the Pearl instead I’ll try again tomorrow. Wednesday – not taking any risks today tickets have been booked online passport is in my bag and I’m out of the hostel by 6:15am nothing is stopping me today!! I get to the station pick up my ... read more

Asia » China » Shandong » Yantai September 1st 2016

So I left Beijing by speed train and traveled 6 hours to my new home of Yantai within the Shandong Province, East Coast of China. Collected from the train station and taken to my new apartment and had to drag my 20kg case up 12 flights of stairs sounds fun right! After a few days of getting over a nasty cold, signing contracts and trying to get used to a rather hard bed I started my lesson planning. I have been allocated 9 classes in total varying from young 5 year old learning their ABC’s right the way through to the seniors preparing for their English oral exams. Its lots of fun because it means I get to teach in lots of different ways having the little ones running around to collect cards or shout words ... read more

Asia » China » The Great Wall August 26th 2016

Today I ticked something off the bucket list I officially claimed the Great Wall of China! If anyone tells you it's a long straight wall they are lying through their teeth! I have no idea how many steps I climbed but I know I was high enough to be terrified to look down. The steps in some areas where around 3 stones deep and giving that I have the smallest legs in the world I was practically climbing them like a child would a cube in a soft play area.... Very attractive. Having used the metal handrails to drag myself to the top of each flight of steps I soon found that I had transferred the rusted metal stains on to my dripping face where I had been wiping it on the way up wipes at ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing » Dongcheng August 26th 2016

Bright and early start to the airport heading off to Beijing next stop on this whirlwind ride. 3 hour flight and before you know it I'm landing. Skipped through the airport and luckily bumped in to someone else on the course so we decided the logical thing would be to share a taxi to town or at least you would believe that this would be logical until you are met with a million confused faces when trying to explain you want a price on taxi to make 2 stops. After asking around 8 people we were finally told that these two places where not actually close to each other as they look on the map and a shared taxi cost more than 2 so off we went in of separate directions. Explaining where the hotel was ... read more

Asia » China August 26th 2016

After writing my last blog I decided that it just wasn't right to miss an entire day and seeing absolutely nothing so I got myself ready and headed down to the harbour area I had been told the light show was not to be missed so armed with my raincoat and umbrella off I went. The harbour was packed despite the weather and across Victoria harbour the lights danced across the ginormous buildings each with their own designs all following the corpus of music playing in the background. Just as I thought the show was over I turned to find a new one starting on the side of the arts centre on Kowloon harbour where I was standing it was amazing had me completely mesmerised for easily 20 minutes before I realised I was kinda soaked ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon August 15th 2016

Hong Kong Holidays So D day finally came after numerous lovely goodbyes from everybody surprise parties and more days out and food than i can count. Must have gained at least 5lb in getting ready to leave but I suppose that will help in case I don't like anything out there right? After a very sleepless night I got up and started going through the motions OMG I can't believe this day is here how do I feel scared excited emotional I have no idea but I know if my hands don't stop shaking I'm not going to be able to finish packing this bag! Bring on the wacky races to the airport first pick up Adam what comes on the radio but I'm all time tear jerker purple oh no I'm totally not going to ... read more
Mahjong tiles in the hostel
Hostel lodge where I'm typing this blog :)
Views from the hostel

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Merseyside July 13th 2016

How can something seem so far away and before you know it, it’s knocking on the door saying c’mon you ready! Five months ago I made a huge decision to follow my dreams on an 11 ½ hour flight all the way to China. I had wanted to travel Asia for as long as I could remember but plans always on hold for one reason or another. Well no more! I decided your nearly 30 Gemma just do it! So off I went to STA Travel and they presented me with this cool idea of teaching English while I travelled. Perfect let’s do it! Now as a rather analytical person this was the point I had a million questions how do I get a visa? What injections do I need? How much is everything? Absolute madness!! ... read more

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