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September 1st 2016
Published: October 12th 2016
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So I left Beijing by speed train and traveled 6 hours to my new home of Yantai within the Shandong Province, East Coast of China.

Collected from the train station and taken to my new apartment and had to drag my 20kg case up 12 flights of stairs sounds fun right! After a few days of getting over a nasty cold, signing contracts and trying to get used to a rather hard bed I started my lesson planning.

I have been allocated 9 classes in total varying from young 5 year old learning their ABC’s right the way through to the seniors preparing for their English oral exams. Its lots of fun because it means I get to teach in lots of different ways having the little ones running around to collect cards or shout words watching them learning the basics retaining it is the problem the can copy perfectly but have no idea what you’re saying haha. The older classes are learning harder vocabulary and practicing using things like debates they hate the word why since I arrived because it’s my answer to everything to make them explain haha I know I’m evil but it’s for their benefit in the end.

I have not seen much of the town where I live yet because despite being a tiny town in China’s eyes this place is twice the size of Liverpool and doesn't have wonderful public transport. I have however found an Irish bar of course there had to be one there is one in every city everywhere else why not china? So at least I know I can go there when in need of reuniting with my old pal vodka. For those who know me well you will be surprised to hear that I don't drink so much out here as I don't like beer and spirits etc. are not so readily available as at home so my liver is getting a well-deserved rest J

I do live near a beautiful beach which spans for miles and miles and looks lovely although I’m not the biggest fan of sand and it’s not really sunbathing weather so I tend to give it a miss for the time being. Food thankfully has been fine at the school everything comes with boiled rice and most of what they serve seems for the majority quite healthy so win win.

Next blog about my trip to shanghai J

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