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Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto February 16th 2017

When i arrived in Kyoto i was very pleased indeed with the hostel i can recommend it Piece Hostel is the name very close to the train station and super comfortable. I had my first bath in 6 months i didnt want to get out could of happily sat there all night and just kept refilling the hot water. I was also introduced to my first Sake which is the Japanese rice wine and im quite a fan i must admit it's a lot easier to drink that the chinese rice wine put it that way. So between my Sake my bath and my comfy bed im well happy. Fushimi Inari shrine My favourite film is Memoirs of Geisha i know original when travelling Asia but hey never mind. One of my favourite scenes from that ... read more

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka February 16th 2017

The start of my journey in japan was an extremely long day of traveling. I left my hostel in Chengdu at 5am set off for the airport, first i flew to Hong Kong where i had 2 hours to kill then i found out that the second leg of my journey had a another stop that I hadn't realised so next i stopped in Taipei for an hour then finally i arrived in Osaka feeling very weary. I made my way by train to the centre of the city and then with some difficulty found my hostel i can say the directions from the hostel were not the best 'walk for 10 minutes from the station' ok I know that I'm expected to be a mind reader half the time but c'mon walk which way for ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Emei Shan February 11th 2017

So my time in Emeishan was a bit of a wash out quite literally with the rain. When i arrived jumped on my bus as advised by my new best friend apple maps and off i went. We came to a crossroads where the driver started shouting in Chinese and everyone got off so of course i followed i walked the rest of the way luckily it wasn't to far found a place called Witty monkey hotel so went in to get settled apparently my booking wasn't there and was advised it was further up the street ok there is 2 easy enough mistake to make eh. So i continued following my map and turned in to a side street where i spoke to a further 2 people before being directed again to the hotel on ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu February 7th 2017

Of course you cannot come to Chengdu and not visit their iconic panda sanctuary. Those big lazy fur balls are super cute!! Nice early start to the day not quite as early as id planned but couldn't get myself out of bed. 2 trains and bus later i was arriving at the city sanctuary along with a few hundred other people. As i made my way around the park i started off by seeing the recognisable giant panda and they really are huge bear size which i think is easy to forget when you look at cute little pictures or teddy bears of them. They strut their stuff around their large enclosures shaking their bottoms as they go like a girl trying to get a guys attention quite amusing really. For the majority though they just ... read more

Asia » China » Sichuan » Leshan January 30th 2017

Arriving at Leshan train station i was finally blessed with some warm sunshine for a second i even cursed not having my sunglasses as I couldn't see a thing whilst looking for directions to the bus. Leshan is a relatively small city and seemed quiet sleepy when i arrived at my hotel many places I'm guessing are having extended New Years holidays but from my brief time here there seem to be quite a few places closed down and looking a little rough around the edges. It's a possibility that that the city focuses a lot on the Buddha scenic area which looks quite nice and not much else but that is just from the little i have seen in my 2 days here. Also considering what a huge tourist attraction the Buddha is I'm a ... read more
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Asia » China » Sichuan » Chengdu January 26th 2017

I finally made my way to the west central China after wanting to start on this side and i was right i love this city so vibrant and lively. I checked in to my hostel which is cool good cheap food and beers, good company happy with my choice there seeing as i will be spending a fair bit of time in this hostel. They also have the cutest little family of cats that mill around all day seeking attention adorable until they are trying to climb all over me. For the first few days i didnt do a great deal just enjoyed having my time to myself and being able to relax without worrying that i didnt have enough time to do everything. I managed to buy some decent walking shoes as my trainers bless ... read more
Tibetan flags symbolising prayers for harvest and more
Beautiful landscape

Asia » China » Beijing January 16th 2017

The Big Adventure Day 1 So the time finally came for me to have to say goodbye to all of my lovely students in Yantai. It was quite sad knowing i will likely never see them again when i was just getting to understand all of their individual personalities all i can hope for now is that they remember me fondly. I know at least my 2B class will remember me as crazy because they told me so but I'm no more crazy than them. Packing up my room with great difficulty how on earth did i get all of this stuff out of this case because it definitely ain't fitting back in! I ended up giving 3 bags of stuff to another teacher who is very kindly taking it back to the UK for me ... read more

Asia » China » Shandong » Yantai November 29th 2016

Time for an update, so I haven't been doing much traveling around lately as there have been no school holidays but i have been planning eagerly for the biggest trip of my life when i finish in Yantai in January. So for lack of pictures at the top of mountains and landmarks i thought i would give you a little bit about general daily life here in Eastern China. As I've mentioned before I'm working at an international school here in Yantai Shangdong province. Its a nice little town of around a million people but you wouldn't think it as come 9pm everywhere is closed and everyone is home and ready for bed bit of a change from good ole Liverpool that comes alive when it goes dark. I have adapted to this and celebrate my ... read more
Learning clothes
First pigs foot
Presents from mum and dad

Asia » China » Shandong » Ji'Nan October 12th 2016

So time for my first real experience of traveling In China! I left work at 3:30 and went straight to the train station in my lovely little Yantai for the first leg of my journey to Jinan a bigger city in my province. The train took around 4 hours and without realising I had booked a first class ticket... Lovely sit was definitely needed as I was not very well on the journey and super appreciated the extra comfort to get some sleep. Arriving in Jinan I immediately realised it was a much more lively city than mine as the bright lights on every corner blinded me I decided to skip the mile long taxi queue and walk to the hostel estimated 40 mins not a ad after sitting down for 4 hours so off I ... read more

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an October 4th 2016

Arrival at the airport all went fine went out side to get the recommended shuttle bus stood in the queue for 20 minutes bus arrives and told I should have a ticket good start ran back inside got the ticket and came back luckily enough the lady controlling the buses had saved me a seat on the coach lifesaver I'm exhausted climbed a mountain today ya know :) after an hour on the bus we were all dropped of outside a hotel were a swarm of men decided to approach me talking Chinese well this is uncomfortable! I translated I have no idea what you want leave me alone please. I seen a taxi pull up showed him the address to wish he said 400 I told him swiftly to get lost ended up agreeing a ... read more

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