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Just about to go a holiday of a life time (well actually its my third, but who's counting!!!!) to South Africa for the World Cup, and thought it was about time I got with the times and used a blog to tell my Mum/ Dad/ Friends etc what I am up to.

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town July 6th 2010

Day 19 - 21 Just been chilling around Cape Town (so more sunset pics), but it turns out it wasn’t my last match as I got a cheapish ticket for the Semi (Uruguay - e.g. Forlan, v Nederlands). The atmosphere before was brilliant with seemingly the whole of Cape Town coming out to walk down the fan mile. Inside was a bit flat (I started up in the Gods again) as there were lots of people like me who were just there to watch and very few ‘real’ fans of either team (they are after all both small countries!!!!). A couple of excellent goals though, and an exciting finish and fun in the city after. ... read more
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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town July 2nd 2010

Day 18 Pottered around the morning - then went to my last match - at another stunning stadium. I suppose the only thing you can say is that at least we scored against the Germans (twice!!!!). However, my irrational and un-defendable hatred of the colour combination White, Gold, Black and Red remains as virulent as ever!!!!!! ... read more
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x pete's swirving ball

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape July 1st 2010

Day 17 The jury was out whether my road-trip had been worth the effort, but not after today. The first few hours were spent driving at the edge of - and occasionally back into, the plateau …… i.e. imagine driving through the lakes for 200 miles. Then, as it was a beautiful warm sunny day, I headed to the coast and found a couple of delightful villages with stunning empty beaches. Finally, with about 100km to go, Table Mountain appeared out of the mist and slowly got bigger. The drive most certainly had been worth it. I went down to the Waterfront (like Liverpool’s Albert Dock but a lot posher) to watch Africa’s last hope, Ghana; disappointingly lose by being as bad as England at penalties ... read more
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Day 15 At the bottom of the Kalahari Dessert here where the mighty Orange River flows through and creates the Augrabies waterfall. Whilst it ain’t Niagara or Iguaçu, it has a certain majesty being in the middle of an arid and dramatic setting. And its almost deserted.. I also finally saw a springbok and the little dassie - apparently a cousin of an elephant!!!!! Then it was to what was advertised as white water rafting …..but as its the dry season, the Thames flows faster - but having said that it was very pleasant spending the warm afternoon paddling down the river. ... read more
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Day 14 Driving, driving and more driving over 800kms deal through not a great………left Pete to fly down to Cape Town while I drove via the Northern Cape (the Augrabies falls) - this was always going to be a long one ……but I will never complain about UK road-works again - the first couple of times were 'fun' but by the 4th one of these I was over it!!!!!!!!. ... read more
x long straight road sml
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Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg June 28th 2010

Day 13 Got over yesterday pretty quickly - just looking at my Soccer City pics cheered me up. This was the first morning that I didn’t have to do ANYTHING ………….. so I didn’t!!!!! Then met Grace for a nice afternoon coffee (well I had a beer) before heading off to Ellis Park for our best game so far - Brazil v Chile ………. As well as the colourful, vibrant, diverse crowd (I was sat next to a Nigerian); the (at times) good football, and the excellent English officiating (the bald referees’ society had a good day); who could have imagined, only 20 years ago, that Brazil would be playing in the football World Cup at this impressive stadium which to some was a symbol of apartheid. Pete had chatted to an Ethiopian last week whilst ... read more
x ellis chile sml
Pete in the morning??????
Wait for my whistle

Africa » South Africa » Gauteng » Johannesburg » Soweto June 27th 2010

Day 12 Not a good one ;-(((( Up early again and we spent most of it sat in the truck while the tracker/ ranger tried (and failed) to find something……… then (because Eng came 2nd) we had to bomb it back to J’brg to watch Eng v Ger - enuff said, Fortunately we had tickets to Soccer City for Mex v Arg, and whilst the admin of getting there was a lot after driving back from the Kruger, it was more than worth it - the place is stunning - easily the best stadium I have ever been to, although I was up in the Gods again so the atmosphere was a bit flat - or thinking about it, that was probably just me still sulking about a Uruguayan linesman and not seeing any lions (either ... read more
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Day 11 Up ridiculously early (again) ……….just to spend most of the early morning sat in the cold (with blanket and hot water bottle admittedly!!) in the truck while the tracker and ranger tried unsuccessfully to find an old lion, as well as seeing giraffe almost at every turn, the drive was just saved by finding and getting in the middle of, a huge herd of buffalo - then spent the day catching up on the blog/ pics before meeting up for the late afternoon drive - again a lot of looking but not a great deal of finding - however, we did stop for a ‘sundowner’ which turned out to be magical, as the moon was rising behind a crimson sky when a family of giraffe passed by. Then it was dinner and one our ... read more
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Day 10 Went for a stunning drive on the Blyde Canyon road finishing at God’s Window …. And you can see how it got the name, then got to Londolozi and very comfortable - we had to rush for our 1st game drive and it was for me really good being shown things rather than driving and looking at the same time - but the plan was to find a lion and we didn’t ……………but I was more than happy with the leopard that was found in a tree that decided to come down - this is all after dark, and have a good look at us before heading off into the bush. Then it was dinner, in effect an open air carvary but with fillet steak, pork wrapped in Palma ham or ostrich - on ... read more
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Africa » South Africa » Limpopo » Tzaneen June 24th 2010

Day 9 Exhausted ……….. we got up early(ish) and went to an adventure place - first it was an hour’s quad biking (Mum - that’s the one the farmer’s boy rides on Emmerdale) through a stunning canyon, then a canopy wire trip - basically whizzing down a wire through a beautiful valley - absolutely exhilarating. I’ve done it before so that bit for me was relatively easy ….. but the platforms here were often just built into the rock 100+ft above the ground, so just standing on them was the scary bit. The other highlight though was a SA female 3 x generation family also (sometimes) literally throwing themselves into the trip, so that was the daughter, mum and gran - the result being that I now know how to swear in Afrikaans in a number ... read more
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