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1st August 2013

Your Photographs!
Hi there, I'm planning a trip to Thailand in January. The photos you've taken are beautiful! I was wondering what kind of camera you have. If you could respond to my email addy, I would really appreciate it! Thank you! Adam
1st August 2013

Hi Adam I am using a Canon 550D which is easy to use but I am just learning. Glad you like the photos. Sandra
31st July 2013

Hi Sandra, Looks good, keep up hard work
1st August 2013

Yes it is hard work but someone has to do it. Trying to get that perfect sunset photo again!! Not sure I want to come home!! I like the idea of being a professional traveller!!!
25th July 2013

Goodbye Vietnam
Hi Sandra, your blog rivals Anh Do's TV specials on Vietnam. Look forward to reading about Thailand, although I understand that you will be sunbaking etc, totally enjoying yourself!
29th July 2013

Vietnam Goodbye
Thanks Joy, I have great fun doing the blog and I think I would like to be a travel writer!! But that would mean you would have a new job!!
25th July 2013

Ohh, so good
What a place, it looks beautiful, so glad you are having a wonderful trip - keep safe.
From Blog: Return to Hanoi
24th July 2013
My Bed

What a journey
Sandra I think you will have to give up 5 star conferences to become a travel writer. Your braver than me! Love the pics Phil
From Blog: Journey to Sapa
24th July 2013
My Bed

5 Star Travel
Hi Phil Thanks for the comments!! I am absolutely loving this trip and there is nothing 5 star about it. I could take up travel writing if someone would fund the travel, what a good idea!! Speak to the boss will you!! Thanks, keep reading Sandra
From Blog: Journey to Sapa
21st July 2013

You are obviously having a great time and the photos are great, keep them coming...........Cheers (envious) Michael
From Blog: Hanoi
20th July 2013

think of me when you are enjoying all those beautiful tropical fruits and vegetables. Enjoy yourself Sandra, glad you're having a good time. Love from Sophie, Peter and Arleen xxx
From Blog: Hanoi
24th July 2013

Having a fantastic time
Hi there I am having a fabulous time and very relaxed. Hope you are all well and the little white dog is being good. Love Sandra xxx
From Blog: Hanoi
19th July 2013

Looks Great!!!!!
Looks fantastic, glad you are food orientated!!!!!! Make sure there are big seams on the dress!!!!!
From Blog: Hoi An
19th July 2013
View of the river

Sandra Only your first day or so and it's already started, drinks and food. Always enjoyable your travel blogs Have fun (extremely jealous!) Phil
From Blog: Hoi An
15th July 2013

Have a great trip, I'm very envious. Let's catch up when you return. In the meantime I'll enjoy your blog. :-)
15th July 2011

Well it certainly looks like ur having lots of fun - shame there has been so much rain ( same here but cold)
From Blog: Day Four & Five
13th July 2011

Sounds like you're not drinking enough... gotta try better tonight!
12th July 2011

Great to hear you are all enjoying yourselves, TOO much at times I hear , obviously Nick is enjoying his liquids. He is the only one with an excuse the rest of you should try some solids The time is really dragging as we wait to join you Keep on having Fun Cheers (Oops didn't mean to encourage you lot)
9th July 2011

hey you gf, i hope you figured out that packing i said, take out undies, bras and pjs..........leave room for important practice ping pongs..............whoops and sorry to all the folks who also get to read joke between me and my gf..............xx
4th July 2011

Ping Pong Girls
Didn't realise Tracy was that keen!!! Think we are planning on the very first night to go visit the street where the ping pong girls are!!! Wonder who will be game enough to go in the bar.........
From Blog: One Week to Go
3rd July 2011

what day do you..................?
so looking at the schedule, we can't quite figure out what day you visit the 'ping pong' girls?
From Blog: One Week to Go
27th May 2010

The four of you are truly blessed to have had such a wonderful trip with such wonderful friends. In the end it doesn't really matter where you go,as long as you have good company, lots of laughs and lots of wonderful adventures that will provide wonderful memories. I am truly green with envy!!
24th May 2010

Hi there Sandra and Jenny, I have been really enjoying seeing all your photos. It brings back lots of mammori... oops sorry, memories. You'll be wanting to do this every year from now on, won't you? Margot
21st May 2010

Thanks for the great blog. Glad to hear the weather cleared up. Have a safe trip home. :)
20th May 2010

how depressing home time
Enjoy your last day in Paris, see you at the airport xx

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