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Sam Kutner

Oceania » Fiji November 5th 2015

And In The End...Da Da Da. So here we are, our adventure is coming to an end and is all but over. We've been on our travels for over a year now and it's been a roller coaster ride full of excitement, enjoyment and plenty of fun. It's been an eye opening and educational year full of constant unpredictable situations where we've met and made numerous friends from all over the world. From riding elephants in Thailand to living and working independently in Melbourne to now enjoying traditional Fijian dance (more on that later!), it's certainly been a year to remember. Tracking back two weeks to when we were still in Queenstown, New Zealand and living in our campervan, we were meant to go luging (similar to go-karting) but due to terrible rain, we opted to ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand October 20th 2015

Once again, like always, it has been a thrilling, exciting and adventurous two weeks since the last blog. So much has happened which means this blog could be another very long but hopefully very entertaining read. We've travelled from the middle of the North Island down to near the bottom of the South Island during this time and we've proudly stayed every night in our campervan, not once bailing out and treating ourselves to a bed. We've surprised even ourselves by doing this! So two weeks today we were still in a place called Rotorua which was a really cool town with loads going on. We had booked to go white water rafting for lunchtime and were pretty excited for this. We'd heard only good things about it and all the videos we were shown looked ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand October 5th 2015

Hello all the way from New Zealand! This is the furthest away from home we'll ever be as we're currently roughly 11,500 miles away from Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7! Since the last blog, we've said goodbye to Australia after spending and thoroughly enjoying nine months there and have moved on to the North Island of New Zealand after arriving on the 30th September. Our plan in NZ is to spend a month here, travelling from top to bottom. Our method of transport is also our accommodation as we have rented a campervan for the month we are here. I'll get to NZ later on but will track back a couple of weeks ago to when we were in Queensland, Australia. So, after finishing our trip on Fraser Island and the next day being a recovery day, we ... read more

Oceania » Australia September 21st 2015

The last week and a half has probably been one of our most busiest and enjoyable part of our whole time away. We've travelled roughly 300 miles in this time stopping off at some amazing places and meeting and making plenty of new friends. Although (going along with the theme of our trip), the weather could have been far better, it really has been an exciting last 10 days or so. Tracking all the way back to the relaxing town of Byron Bay, we left in the morning after staying two nights and made the two hour or so journey to a place called Surfer's Paradise which is located along the Gold Coast in Queensland. As you can figure out with the name, Surfer's Paradise is meant to be a haven for people who like to ... read more

Oceania » Australia September 8th 2015

Hello all again! It's been nearly ten months since I've last posted a blog. During that time, Yoni and I have been based and living normal lives in Melbourne. It really has been an amazing experience for both of us living away from home in a different country with 9-5 jobs and having our own independence. On the whole, our time in Melbourne was more than mostly positive and it was fairly sad to move on and leave the city we've lived in since January 2015. I would say the main highlights would be, both enhancing our careers with me working in what I want to do and Yoni shooting a short film, meeting and making two very good friends in Ronn and Steve (and others of course) and the time our brothers, Jamie and Tal ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 8th 2015

G'dayyy from Oz! Don't worry, we don't speak like that (yet, anyway). Just a short and sweet update on what's going on down here. We have been in Melbourne for nearly one month now and things have recently really started to pick up and snowball along. Tracking back to a few weeks ago and our days were fairly repetitive. Get up, job search, flat search, then chill out the whole day. We both had a few interviews but getting employed seemed harder than we thought it would be. The first couple of weeks here, we were either exploring Melbourne city centre, relaxing at Michael's flat (where we were staying), being fed amazingly well at Gabi's or hitting the beach. One highlight so far was without doubt watching the tennis on a huge screen with hundreds of ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria January 18th 2015

Hello again, this time not from Asia but from down under. We have been in Melbourne for four nights now and it's like being back in reality after all the madness and adventures of South East Asia. There definitely hasn't been any mad stories or abnormal incidents as being here is very similar to being in any Western city. After having one final big night out, where we both found the bottle to try and eat a scorpion, it was the day to leave for Australia, so we boarded our flight from Bangkok in the evening and after taking off at 9.30pm, we flew through the night and touched down here at 10.20am. The flight in total was roughly nine hours and was problem free. Going through customs was extremely easy and speedy and we were ... read more

Asia » Thailand January 12th 2015

This, without doubt, will be the last blog written from South East Asia. (Well my last one anyway. I'm sure someone, somewhere will write another!) Tomorrow we head off on our next chapter and fly to Melbourne, Australia for another exciting new country, setting and surroundings. Without trying to sound repetitive, yet again the last ten days have been packed with the good, the bad and at times very ugly! We're back in Bangkok right now for our fourth and final time and board the nine or so hour flight tomorrow evening and thus, say goodbye to Thailand and Asia. Heading back to very early January and on the night of the third we went out to a 'Jungle Experience Party'. We'd heard only amazing things from friends who had been previously but overall we both ... read more

Asia » Thailand January 2nd 2015

First up, Happy New Year! It's surprisingly been a relatively quiet ten days or so seeing as we've both experienced our first Christmas and New Year's abroad. The weather has contributed to this as unfortunately for us, while we've been surrounded by beaches, we've seen far more rain and grey clouds than we had anticipated. On the other hand however, there's still plenty to write about as we've still had an extremely enjoyable festive period. Going back to pre Christmas and on the 24th December, we left Bangkok at around 11am and arrived in Pattaya at roughly 2pm. After unsuccessfully looking around for a taxi that wasn't trying to rip us off, we once again took the option of hopping on the back of two local people's motorbikes and they took us to our hostel. Annoyingly, ... read more

Asia » Cambodia December 22nd 2014

Hello again. It's two days until Christmas and with the last two weeks we've had we couldn't feel further away from the cold weather, darkness and winter clothes that typify December back at home. Instead, for the last two weeks, we have partied and explored in Saigon, learnt and visited historical tragic places in Phnon Penh, Cambodia, chilled out on a paradise island and have made our way back to Bangkok. With so much happening in between, highs aswell as lows, it's been a fairly hectic fourteen days. So tracking back, after two nights in our original hostel in Saigon we planned to move to a more party hostel located more centrally to the bars with Lukas. The night previously was a chilled one with Yoni's highlight being upsetting a drunk girl, who had spent thirty ... read more

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