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Asia » Vietnam December 8th 2014

Hello again. After getting a lot of good reviews with my last blog entry I hope I live up to expectations with this new one! The week hasn't been as eventful as the last one but it's still been equally as enjoyable with more of a homey feel to it as we've unfortunately seen a fair bit of rain and little sun. Tracking back to last week and after we eventually left Hanoi, Yoni and I took the twelve hour sleeper bus through the night down south to a place called Hue which is in Central Vietnam. We were placed on the very back of the bus next to the toilet, which could have been a disaster, but luckily for us no one's tummies were playing up! Instead we had a result as we had three ... read more

Asia » Vietnam December 1st 2014

Hey, We have now been in Vietnam for just over a week and it's been eventful to say the least. After a short and sweet stay in a small hotel, we got up at 9.30am (early for us) and went out to see what has Hanoi has to offer. Firstly though, we went looking for a hostel and quickly found a popular one where we arranged to stay for three nights. The hostel looked really modern and vibrant and we were told we would be staying on the 5th floor so made our way up the stairs. However, we quickly found out there were only four floors so went back downstairs to see what was up. Reception explained how we were in their other less exciting building opposite the road. Entering our dorm on the 5th ... read more

Asia » Laos November 24th 2014

Hey hey. Well today has been a long old day but after spending five days in Laos, we have made it to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Starting off with our coach journey from Bokeo to Luang Prabang, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the coach was a special sleeper bus meaning it had double bunk beds on either side. This hugely made the long journey easier and we both slept pretty well through the night. We arrived at our destination at 5am and were thrown on a toot toot taxi half asleep to take us to our hostel. For the first time since being here, it was freezing! Rather than go back to bed, we thought we'd make the day worthwhile and explore all day. Although it took me till about 8/9am to properly ... read more

Asia » Thailand November 19th 2014

Hello! Well It's been a long time since the last blog for two main reasons. 1. We have been so busy and 2. A real lack of Wi-Fi. We have both had a really crazy and enjoyable last week with more funny stories to tell. So, last Wednesday morning at 5.30am, we awoke early to make the hour journey up the mountains for the one night jungle trek. It was an early start but our tiredness soon evaporated as the first thing we did was ride and bath an elephant. There was a group of 12 people on our trek which had been put on by our hostel. Everyone got a 5 minute ride on an elephant, which at first was a little nerve-wracking but soon turned into enjoyment and excitement. Then after this, it was ... read more

Asia » Thailand November 10th 2014

So we have certainly had a busy few days since we've been here in Chiang Mai. To begin with, pretty much as soon as we had began unpacking on arrival in our second hostel, a guy in our room asks Yoni if he's up for doing a bungee jump today. Yoni enthusiastically agreed. Great..... So mid afternoon, Yoni, Faidi and I were driven by one of the hostel workers to the site. The traffic was heavy and we were all surprisingly very chilled out about doing the jump. We had a long chat with Siyad, our driver who was from Chiang Mai. We eventually arrived at the place and the jump looked just as high as expected. It was 50m, but looked far higher. The guy then chose me to go first! The workers were really ... read more

Asia » Thailand November 8th 2014

So we have just arrived in the north of Thailand in a place called Chang Mai after roughly a 14 hour train journey. We left Bangkok last night at 7.30pm and arrived here at 9.30am. As we booked our train late, we were placed in 2 separate carriages. We took a special sleeper train through the night with Sam staying a 'room' with 3 other Thai people and Yoni staying in a bunk in a busier part of the train. The journey was smooth with both of us asleep most of the time. Back to Bangkok, and our second night was far more chilled than the first. We went out with 3 other people in our hostel, an American guy and girl and a Canadian girl. After a few drinks in the hostel, we went out ... read more

Asia » Thailand November 6th 2014

So, this is our first attempt at a blog while we are away. We've been here over a day now and it's been extremely eventful from the start. After getting dropped off in the pouring rain Tuesday evening, we made our way swiftly through to airport until we arrived at security. This was where the first adventure surprisingly began! Yoni, who was using his new Go-Pro camera had been filming everything so far. However, he 'forgot' to turn it off for the security part. While we neared the front of the que, a worker noticed the camera was on and reported it to her manager. The security manager took this as an extremely serious offence and we were pulled to one side and he asked to view the footage. As Yoni explained he needed a computer ... read more

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