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November 6th 2014
Published: November 6th 2014
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So, this is our first attempt at a blog while we are away. We've been here over a day now and it's been extremely eventful from the start.

After getting dropped off in the pouring rain Tuesday evening, we made our way swiftly through to airport until we arrived at security. This was where the first adventure surprisingly began! Yoni, who was using his new Go-Pro camera had been filming everything so far. However, he 'forgot' to turn it off for the security part. While we neared the front of the que, a worker noticed the camera was on and reported it to her manager. The security manager took this as an extremely serious offence and we were pulled to one side and he asked to view the footage. As Yoni explained he needed a computer for this, the manager threatened us saying the policed had been called. (Good start!) Eventually, we were given a computer and were able to delete the footage they disapproved of and were free to go. Luckily, we arrived at the airport very early so still had plenty of time.

Our flight to Muscat, Oman was very smooth and after a short stop (and lovely bowl of pasta each and some wine for Yoni), we boarded our flight to Bangkok. Again, no problems, just we had barely slept on both flights and were shattered. On arrival, we received our free 30 day visa for Thailand and took the very normal train to the city centre. As soon as we came out the station, we felt the famous humidity straight away and were approached to buy some dodgy looking street food and to take 'toot toot' taxi to our hostel. We rejected both as we were tired and just wanted a normal taxi.

We were dropped off on the Khao San Road and went looking for our hostel. The time now was roughly 8.30pm and the road was hectic! Every two seconds we being approached to buy new suits, food, tattoos and other bizarre stuff. After a frustrating effort to find our place, we did so and paid for our room for two nights. Our hostel bed, from where I'm writing from now is pretty decent and everyone is friendly in our 20 people room!

Last night we went out with a load of people from our hostel with people coming from Holland, England and Germany. We had a really enjoyable first night and a lot of fun happened. We made it to bed gone 6am and set our alarms for 9am to book a sleeper train to the north for Friday night, where a festival of lights is taking place in Thailand. It is now 6pm and we have just woken up so have still yet to see any daylight while we have been here!

Hope you have enjoyed our first effort of a blog. Pictures will follow!

Sam andand Yoni


6th November 2014

Love it can't believe the airport thing haha! Sounds like you're having a class time already keep up the blogging
6th November 2014

Loved 1st Blog!
Fantastic to hear about the first part of your big adventure! Had to giggle about Yoni and the camera! Grandma is totally overwhelmed with the story!! Can't wait for the next instalments and some photos!! Stay safe - enjoy the lights ✨??
8th November 2014

Typical Yoni! Loving the blogs Sam xx

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