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Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm August 31st 2018

What a wonderful end to the day! We had a leisurely start to the morning, followed by a leisurely breakfast, for today we join our ship. When we have a voyage ahead of us we don’t go out and occupy ourselves for the morning, we just bide our time in our hotel room, packing, tidying and just waiting till it’s the right time to leave. We had our room until checkout of 12 noon, but we took ourselves down to reception at about 11.30am, checked out and went outside to the waiting taxis. The first cab on the rank was driven by a young guy in his 20s, born and raised initially in Baghdad. Tom showed him the map clearly showing our cruise terminal and the berth number of our ship and off we set, making ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm August 30th 2018

What a wonderful day we had today! We woke up at 5 which wasn’t too bad, considering our usual response to jet lag. So we made a leisurely start to our day. Breakfast is included so we went to the restaurant down near reception - it was an extensive buffet, with the usual cereals and cooked food for us westerners, but also an extensive meat and cheese section typical of the Scandinavians. the restaurant was quite crowded. And it seemed to be 90% Swedish people, which was nice. After brekkie we had time to fill while we waited for our tour of Stockholm to start, so Tom put the telly on while I was reading my book, and weren’t we amazed to find Bondi Rescue with Swedish subtitles. Last night we had been watching the English ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm August 29th 2018

Wow! Well, the flight from Sydney to Dubai on Emirates was uneventful. We had a woman say “oh look, you’re on our tour” because we still use our Bunniks luggage straps from however many years ago! We explained that no, we were not going to Morocco with her. We had one of those escape rows on the plane, just across from the babies, and weren’t they gorgeous? Two little boys, fraternal twins aged 8 months. They were so happy and placid. One was a redhead (Patrick) and the other dark haired (Finn) - off to Ireland to meet one set of grandparents for the first time. Very exciting. There was also a girl travelling alone with a wedding dress in a big bag. She was wearing an ivory velvet tracksuit (over which I would’ve spilt everything) ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Mascot August 28th 2018

So off we go again! After another of those days that take at least 3 days to pass by (spent doing family history, watching Telly and chatting to my big brother) Tom and I drove down to Shannon’s in little Crikey. After chatting with her and Aaron for a bit, we drive down to the station and Shannon drove Crikey back to her place ready to take us home on our return. So we caught the train into town, sitting in a quiet carriage - not a sound apart from the lady who started a phone conversation as soon as she got on. A nice lady told her friend, as she departed at Parramatta, that she shouldn’t choose quiet carriages!! It takes courage to stand up for yourself these days, you don’t know what sort of ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town June 28th 2018

This morning we had a lovely brekky, and ventured outside to take some pics of our lovely brekky view. We then freshened up, finalised our packing and went down to reception 20 minutes early for our transfer. he turned up 5 minutes later and took us not to the Cape Town railway station, but just across the road to the Rovos Rail offices, where we were met with porters, a red carpet and glasses of champagne while we checked in. The lady (who turned out to be ROhan VOS’s daughter Tiffany) told us we had an upgrade from a Pullman suite to a deluxe suite, which is very nice. We then sat around in the comfy sofas, getting to know other guests, drinking more champagne and eating dainty sandwiches without crusts. We were then called by ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town June 24th 2018

After brekkie today we were collected by the tour company for our wine tour. We went via another hotel and picked up another couple - young honeymooners from Brazil. On our way out of the city we passed many shanty towns - hits amade out of corrugated steel but with satellite dishes on top! We also saw a number of unfinished flyovers on the motorway, flyovers that will never be finished. Our first stop was a small town called Stellenbosch, where we found the oldest house still standing in South Africa, with its thatched roof, now part of the museum. So many of the names are Dutch in origin, but the village looked French, with the giant oak trees down the avenues. Even out in the country the garden walls have either rolls of barbed wire ... read more
Stellenbosch church
Oak lined avenues

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town June 23rd 2018

One of Tom’s shoes needed repairs, so after buffet brekky (smoked trout on toast, Tom had an omelette!) we got Radisson‘s shuttle down to the V&A Waterfront shopping precinct (Victoria and her son Alfred, not Albert her husband). We found the shoe repairers and he said it would be needed to be sent off site for proper stitching, but on hearing that we aren’t here for much longer, decided to hand stitch the shoe today! So we left it with him, and walked up to the street where we caught a red explorer bus with the passes we bought online. The bus took us up to the cable car station halfway up Table Mountain, but alas, there was so much wind that the cable cars weren’t running. The people there very kindly offered to process our ... read more
Heavy clouds over Table Mountain
The cables disappearing into the clouds!
Trees grow in the direction of the prevailing winds

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town June 22nd 2018

Wow! When I start my blog i have to select the continent and then select the country -on this continent there are 57 countries!! 57! What a great surprise this morning - when we arrived last night the receptionist said we had a view of the car park, and that if we wished for an ocean view room it would cost an extra $85/night. I had visions of a multi storey car park, and asked Tom if we could please upgrade but he said, quite rightly, that we would be out all day each day and so would not get the value. I was devastated. Imagine my joy this morning when we opened up the curtains and found an off- street car park surrounded by grass with the base of a now-demolished historic lighthouse next to ... read more
Near the seal colony in the fishing village
LOVE these trees
Another of those trees

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town June 21st 2018

We had a leisurely start to the day with a pickup for the airport not expected until about 10.45am. We had brekky and then on our way back to our room were diverted by a mongoose family frolicking in the grounds. We followed them to take a pic and were then ensnared by a French lady who was determined to practice her very faltering English, with French lapses from time to time. But of course she had to tell us that the original grapevine stock for the blossoming South African wine industry came from France, and that they shouldn’t call their sparkling wine champagne etc etc. She was totally unconcerned about what our intentions for the day were, as she continued in her extremely hesitant and laborious conversation. We eventually got away from her to do ... read more
Looking across the pool to our dining area. .

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls June 21st 2018

Today was a free day until 3pm, so we took it easy. We had been going to get the shuttle into the village and explore, but after hearing from other travellers that you are harassed by beggers and hawkers, decided not to. That’s not our idea of a holiday. Instead, we had a leisurely breakfast by the pool, refreshed and then left our room to be serviced and went and sat in the comfort of the lounge adjoining the pool and dining area. Here we sat, Tom catching up on information on coming days, and me doing my blog while the bus load (of Chinese, it turns out) are out touring and the internet is not under stress! Just before 3 we made our way down to reception to wait for our tour. A lovely Canadian ... read more
and again
Beautiful day for a cruise
The smoke that thunders - just keep paddling

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