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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver June 16th 2019

What a wonderful day! After a leisurely Sunday morning wake up (with a good night’s sleep at last) and our complimentary breakfast of pastries, we wandered down the now familiar trek to Canada Place on the waterfront. it is Father’s Day here in Canada and there were lots of families out and about, even some women facetiming their father down by the Mounted Police shop. We had prebought and booked in an experience at Flyover Canada which is down in the cruise terminal precinct. Today there were only 2 ships disgorging and refilling their thousands of passengers and we find it great spectator sport to watch the procession of wheelie cases trundling in all directions. The little man in the Mounties shop said it’s always busy during their cruise season from April to October, with only ... read more
Family outing for Father’s Day
Flyover Canada - ipad screenshot
Another flyover Canada image

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver June 16th 2019

This morning when we woke, after having our night in two sleep shifts - good old jet lag - my brilliant husband suggested I ring the 24 hour phone number for the fraud branch and sort out my card while the rest of Australia was soundly sleeping. It worked! No waiting time. And yes, it was the dodgy Spanish transaction done in haste at 5 am in Sydney airport that raised their suspicions and put the locks on my card. The nice little man took the block off my card and then checked with Tom, to ensure they hadn’t locked his. So all is well, and we now have an expensive 5 year visa for Canada instead of the cheaper 1 year visa, but hey, I’m not at my best at 5am with the threat of ... read more
Lions Gate Bridge
The Pavilion in Stanley Park
Miniature Railway

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver June 14th 2019

What a day! Of course we woke up three minutes before our 2am alarm! Shower and a light brekky and then on the highway by 3.15 am. We parked down at Blu Emu, our usual car park, and caught their bus around to the domestic terminal, planning on catching their shuttle over to the international airport, but no, they don’t start until 6am and it wasn’t even 5am. So we went into the terminal and caught the train over. We found our way down to the Korean Airlines checkin and when we arrived at the desk and the lady asked for our Canadian visas we looked at her blankly. We haven’t been to Canada since 2004, and in 2016 they introduced a visa system. She said they could take us to Seoul but not continue on ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Heathrow Airport October 7th 2018

This Morning, after our brekky, we packed up and headed out on our 2 hour journey to Heathrow, only stopping to fill up with diesel just before handing back our lovely vehicle. The sat nav had a glitch, telling us to go the wrong way up a country lane. We didn’t go up that lane, so then she gets that exasperated tone, saying “recalculating”, like we did it on purpose! So the next direction took us through a golf course, a sight for the Sunday morning golfers!! Talk about off the beat track! So we arrived at the Thrifty office acrosss the road from Heathrow, expecting to use the free “hotel hoppa” service, but Thrifty had their own shuttle service, which took us to Termminal 4. From Terminal 4 we entered an elevated tubular walkway leading ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Gloucestershire » Gloucester October 6th 2018

I’d forgotten how quaint a double bed could be, especially in a poky, “under the eaves” room! But I’m pleased to say that breakfast at this disappointing place was delightful, even though the drizzle outside tried to dampen our spirits. We set off for the north western bank of the Severn River, to a village called Aylburton, where Tom’s 7xG grandparents (William Jones & Anne Prifford) lived at the time his 6xG grandmother (Anne Jones) was born In 1695. We continued on then to Lydney, to church of St Mary the Virgin, where William & Anne had married in 1684, young Anne was baptised in 1695, and then where she marries Henry Imm in 1725 and their baby Mary (Tom’s 5G grandmother) was baptised in 1730. We know it was the same church because the burials ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Gloucestershire » Gloucester October 5th 2018

What a roller coaster of a day. We started with a lovely cooked Derbyshire breakfast in the breakfast room, and then packed up and checked out of the lovely inn. It started life as a farmhouse before 1850, then became a brewery and then an ale house. We had a long drive down to Gloucester where we first went to the church of St Nicholas where one of Tom’s 4xG grandfather’s had been buried. The church is no longer in use, all locked up (with the key obtainable at the local museum, but we’re not here for that long). I suspect the flats next door to the church are probably built on the original churchyard. We drove on then to St Swithun’s in Hempsted, the location of the burial of Tom’s 3xG grandfather, but the graveyard ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Ashbourne October 4th 2018

Breakfast down in the quaint breakfast room was delightful. We ventured out at about half past 10, driving for half an hour through idyllic farming land. The roads were narrow, the villages picturesque, just beautiful countryside in the Peak District. We arrived at Chatsworth House, also known as the home of Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, and Buckingham Palace in The Crown, but actually the English home of The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire (remember, we saw their Irish home some days ago?). We spent hours there, touring inside the house, and then walking around the gardens. It was just amazing. They’ve done a wonderful thing, opening their home to the public. The extensive collection of antiquities, art, statues, furnishings was marvellous. It wasn’t cheap to get in (£21 each) but the cost of the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Ashbourne October 3rd 2018

This morning we ate our Sainsbury’s breakfast in our room, showered, shaved and were booked out of the hotel by about 9am. We wheeled our luggage around to Victoria Station and caught the Victoria Line on the tube to Euston Station. We then changed to the overland trains to get the Virgin train to Stoke. After one and a half hours, and averaging 200 kph we arrived and caught a taxi to the Thrifty car hire office. We had booked a BMW or similar category from Thrifty and were thrilled to find we have a Mercedes E220d - a long and sleek one, the grey ghost. It is a little different to ours, but easy to understand. And the nav girl is the same girl we have at home! So off we set. I was surprised ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Belgravia October 2nd 2018

After our gourmet brekky bought from Sainsbury’s yesterday afternoon, Tom set off with plenty of time to get to his appointment. I set off some time later to walk the length of Ebury Street. This area was home to several of Tom’s ancestors. The earliest record is of his 4-G grandfather, Eastman Price, who was a surgeon here in Pimlico in 1797. Ebury Street has been part of Belgravia, Chelsea and Pimlico over the decades. Another of Tom’s 4-G grandfathers, Johan Christoph Mithoefer and his wife Elizabeth Page lived at #21 1832-1855, and their daughter Frances Ann and her husband, John Frederick Lewis (Tom’s 3-G grandparents) also lived there until 1855. #21 doesn’t look like an original building unfortunately. It may have been bombed during the war, or just pulled down and redeveloped. Directly opposite though ... read more
Old Baptist Chapel, former home of Ian Fleming

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Belgravia October 1st 2018

This morning we were up at 3 to be showered, shaved, shampooed and packed to be picked up by the Flybus at 4! We found it had been raining all night! We were ferried to the depot and put onto a coach for the 45 minute drive to Keflavik. On arrival it was cold, wet and windy. Luckily IcelandAir had sent us email confirming our upgrade to Saga Premium (they only have 2 classes on their 737), because all of their flights seem to leave early in the morning - there were flights next to ours going to Glasgow and Edinburgh, and the upgrade increased our luggage weight allowance (thank heavens) as well as making check in stress free. We used their lounge for the hour’s wait before boarding. Orange juice with champagne with our brekky! ... read more

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