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Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls June 19th 2018

Wow - what a day. We started with our buffet breakfast by the pool at our hotel, very early because we had an 8.10am pickup with our tour company. The usual bacon, egg, sausages etc. When the tour guide collected us we joined a group of Aussies, Scottish Aussies, French and Spanish people. after stopping at a couple more hotels to pick up people we drove to the entrance of the park that surrounds the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi side. Just a couple of miles upstream, the Zambezi merges with the Chobe River, and at this confluence there are the borders of four countries, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. At Victoria Falls we are in Zimbabwe, looking at water also in Zimbabwe to begin with, but then it becomes Zambian water. There is no public ... read more
Colleen with David Livingstone, I presume.
Our first glimpse
Victoria Falls

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls June 18th 2018

Our Virgin flight to Perth was chockers, all seats occupied! The lady on the other side of Tom was another Colleen, and she loved chatting! She was amazingly interesting though. Another person childless by choice and wow, what a life she has! She was on her way back home after a weekend catching up with her sister and nephews. The plane sure was cramped though. The piccolos of sparkling wine with our chicken chasseur dinner made it more bearable. When we got out at Perth we had to go to South African Airways counter to get our boarding pass for the sector to Victoria Falls. The lovely lady was making sure our luggage was booked all the way through. Apparently when they upgraded our fare it isolated it from the other sectors of the trip, making ... read more
Shongololo Lounge at OR Tambo Airport
African themed crisps!!
Welcome to Zimbabwe!

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains June 17th 2018

A day of mixed happenings! Tom and I put in a bid for business class and we were thrilled to get word that our offer had been accepted! Just for the leg from Perth to Johannesburg. That will be lovely. After another of those interminably long days we left home at about 3.30pm and headed to the Blu Emu car park. We found a great spot close to a bus stop and our bus came as we were closing the boot. No waiting! At the domestic terminal for our flight to Perth we noticed that they had a special counter for international checkins, so we headed over there to check in, skipping 45 mins or so of lineup. Then off to security where I had to have the special pat down by a lady, a legacy ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide February 15th 2018

After breakfast this morning we had one last drive around to the two lakes, and then set off on our long drive back to Adelaide. Our first stop was the Roman Catholic precinct in Penola, where Mary MacKillop of the Cross (one of our distant relatives) started her first school and set up the first convent for the Sisters of St Joseph. We then continued on our drive through the Coonawarra and Padthaway vineyards (so many hectares of grapevines) stopping again at Naracoorte for Tom to explore one of their many caves. They also had statues of wombats and kangaroos the size they were thousands of years ago. I had a latte in the coffee shop while Tom did his cave tour, and found many courageous blue fairy wrens hopping around on the tables searching for ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia February 14th 2018

After brekky downstairs in the coffee shop we packed up and checked out before walking a couple of blocks to the Thrifty office to pick up our hire car. Driving through Adelaide was so easy and stress free, and we were out of town in no time, heading south east on the freeway. As we approached the Coorong the vegetation became stunted and the paddocks often had little salt pans in them. The Coorong was mostly filled with water, although some arts were dried up salt pans. Continuing down the coast road we came across a delightful town called Robe. The water was a beautiful colour and there were so many historic buildings. Beyond Robe we came across many many acres of pine trees, and we suspected they were for pulp, and then found that Kimberley ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Hahndorf February 13th 2018

Today was the most enjoyable day! A school friend whom I’d not seen for 43 years, but was pivotal in the most important and best decision of my life, picked up Tom and I, and along with his lovely wife Jennifer, took us out for the day. Walter was at Coffs Harbour High in some of my classes and chose to do the same courses at UNE. We both chose the cheapest accommodation college, and it became clear to us really early why it was so cheap (It had only just gone co-ed and the rowdy, drunken, violent behaviour had continued). I usually got lifts to and from home each weekend with Walter to avoid the loutish behaviour. Half way through the year Walter decided uni wasn’t for him, and I then decided that Wright College ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Mannum February 12th 2018

Another cruisey day in more ways than one! We departed from the central bus terminal again, we know it pretty well by now, setting off for Mannum. Cheryl, our driver, filled us in on the roads, government and road rules along the way, as well as historical tidbits. She explained that the parks around Adelaide (laid out by Colonel William Light) are not only the lungs of the city, but are wider than a musket ball shot, so that if there was an attempt at invasion, no one within the CBD could be hurt. We arrived at Mannum and were taken directly to the Proud Mary riverboat. It actually started a four day tour last night, and while the tourists were on a shore excursion today it was filled with our coach load plus some “walk-ons”. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Barossa Valley February 11th 2018

Well what a lovely cruisey day! A sleep in to begin with! No need to be at the bus station till 8.45! What luxury!! We had a lovely little group with a mixture of international tourists and even locals. A Scottish official in South Australia was told to gather more settlers for the state, when he heard of a group of Germans who were being persecuted for their religious beliefs in their own country. Being a Scotsman, who had his kinfolk persecuted for their Catholicism, he could sympathise. The German settlers were invited over. They brought some vines with them, and picked up more at South Africa along the way. Following a very informative and picturesque drive we arrived at a little winery called TeAro Estate, set up four generations ago by a couple of German ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Kangaroo Island February 10th 2018

After a wonderful night’s sleep we had a huge full breakfast - included in our tour, and might I say what a wonderful tour this has been? Sealink tours, brilliant. At the very civilised hour of 10.15, the man who delivered us here last night picked the six of us up and took us to our first stop, Clifford’s Honey Farm, where the rest of our mob, and 6 extra day trippers from Adelaide, joined us. Dave Clifford is older than us, was a farmer but found he loves bees and when the wool prices dropped he concentrated on making the bees a business. There are over 30 bee keepers on the island, and Dave has over 300 hives which he moves around to different areas of the island. Over here they have native bees but ... read more

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Kangaroo Island February 9th 2018

Up with the larks again! 5.30am alarm so we can shower and have some cereal (that we bought in the local Coles yesterday) before being at the bus station across the road at 6.15am!! This touristing is a hard gig! We were put on a huge coach with 54 people for the drive down to Cape Jarvis, which takes a couple of hours. The scenery reminded of the New England area of NSW, golden yellow in colour rather than green, although the vineyards in the McLaren Vale area were green. They had some of their vines covered in netting to keep the grapes 🍇 safe - must cost a fortune to do that, and taking them on and off would be such a hassle. I didn’t cover my vines this year and I only have five! ... read more
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