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25th April 2013

Amazing isnt it!
I went there 3 years ago and saw six. Its hard to get over it. You'd be telling this story a hundred times with a big smile on your face. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay here. Im happy that you persevered to see those gentle giants because they are worth all the trouble youve been through to see them
1st February 2013

Bus to Ngwe Saung
I am planning to Ngwe Saung on 14 Feb 2013, one of people said there is no bus to Ngwe Saung, how can I check the bus schedule for yangon Ngwe Saug, Is it ture that no bus on 14 Feb? How can I buy the bus ticket in Yangon. Thank you for your information. Best Regards. Mina
2nd February 2013

I went last July, and bought my ticket from the guesthouse (I stayed at White House Hotel in Yangon). It was an early bus about 6 am, and 4h ride, leaving from the Yangon bus station. It stops for breakfast along the way. At Ngwe Saung town, you still need to take a short motorcycle ride to the beach, about 1-2 km. Hope that helps, safe travels!
13th January 2013

George Town
Have you managed to visit many Houses belonging to different clans ? For example Cannon Square the Khoo KhongSi ? Also it is worth a visit to a few mural paintings in Ah Quee Street and Penang Street. There are some places of heritage interest too.
7th January 2013

I used to work for a while at Sungai Siput north of Ipoh. I enjoyed the multi-racial community those days when I worked with the labourers exploring the content of tin ore. Would you be travelling that direction, lots of FuZhou delicacies too.
7th January 2013

Probably not, as I'm making just a quick overnight stop. I'm staying in the Old Town near a seemingly Indian community though, with a bunch of Indian restaurants and shops nearby!
8th October 2012

now you know how X felt on the bus to Siem Reap...
10th October 2012

Except that X at least had a plastic stool to sit on along the aisle. This time I was sitting ON THE FLOOR!
3rd October 2012

Again, thanks so much for the info! It's proving invaluable :) Happy travels!
30th September 2012

Thanks for this post! I'm traveling to Burma in the next couple of weeks, trying to sort out the logistics. Can you tell me how much the bus was from Mandalay to Kalaw, and what time it departed/arrived? Thanks!
1st October 2012

Hi Laura, Absolutely. If I remember correctly, the bus was about 12000 kyat (about USD14) including pick-up from the guest-house (I stayed at ET Hotel). It was an 8h ride starting from 6 p.m. and arriving in Kalaw in the dead of the night at 2 a.m.! But don't worry, if you knock on the guest-houses at Kalaw someone will most probably let you in. There might be buses departing earlier from Mandalay, though I'm not sure. I believe most of them are headed towards Taunggyi, hence the schedule is catered towards a decent arrival time there, and not the intermediate drop-off points like Kalaw. Hope that helps. Happy and safe travels!
29th September 2012

Love this Blog!
I was, indeed, wondering what happened to you (not like I'm a stalker or anything!) You write incredibly well and I've enjoyed following you. Thanks for the info on Bangkok. I'm interested in how long you can stay there, as well as your apartment, as we might go there next on our journey. Is there anything you would avoid doing?
1st October 2012

Hi Nanci, thanks for the compliments! I really like Bangkok, so I'm being totally serious when I say one could probably stay there forever! But even for the average visitor, there really is a lot to see, and a lot to do, so even say a week would seem like a pretty short time! The apartment I stayed at was called SK Tower at Thong Lor, right next to the Thong Lor BTS Skytrain station. Thong Lor is a trendy area popular with Japanese and Korean expatriates, just two skytrain stations away from Asok (which is a busy interchange with the subway), and six stations away from Siam, which is the main tourist shopping belt. I paid about THB10,000 in total per month for a basic room with double bed, air-con and attached bath, wifi and utilities included. I believe there are even cheaper apartments available slightly further away in the On Nut area. I've been told there are also reasonably priced apartments in Ratchathewi, closer to Siam. As for what I would avoid doing, hmmm I guess there are the usual "magic gem" and "laughing buddha" scams that you read about in the guidebooks, which I've personally encountered (but didn't fall for!) at the famous Wat Phra Kaew. Also, be careful when crossing the road, traffic can sometimes be crazy!
26th July 2012

Sanctuary of Truth
Where is this place exactly?
26th July 2012

Sanctuary of Truth
Hi Liew, it's on the northwestern corner of Pattaya, at the end of soi 12 of Pattaya Naklua Rd. You can take the sawng theaw (pick up) to Naklua, then motorcycle taxi to the end. A bit of an effort but worth it!
22nd July 2012

Hey Andrie I believe if you arrive at the Probolinggo bus terminal early enough there will be local buses that will take you up to Cemoro Lawang. I think these buses stop at about 5 p.m. Matthias and I arrived a little after that\'s why we had to charter a private jeep instead (more expensive). My impression is its quite common for people to arrive late, so yes there\'s a chance you can find someone to share a jeep with if necessary. Another alternative is to take an ojek (motorcycle taxi) all the way up, though someone I met who did that said it was a somewhat harrowing experience! Hope that helps, happy and safe travels!
20th July 2012

hi there
hi buddy, im planning to go bromo next month. will there be may single tourists on the bus you take to Cemoro Lawang? somebody like Matthias...i would like to find somebody that could share jeep or anything else :p
9th July 2012

This is a way cool blog! We're thinking about doing a year in Asia after we're through with South America.I hope you don't mind, but I want to follow you (in your writing, anyway!) Nanci
10th July 2012

Hi Nanci, thanks for the kind words! Sure I'm thrilled to have you follow my blog. I'll be focusing mostly on Southeast Asia for the coming months, but you're more than welcome to have a sneak preview before you guys come and see for yourselves! Happy and safe travels!
5th June 2012

Excellent explanations and wording.....
Good job mate.... excellent wordings below the fotos... like the way u have explained the finer things... i might decide to take the bus or train although u have explained it as a painstaking experience though... just coz of the cost...
24th May 2012

Enjoy your trip and have an exciting adventure. Keep the phots and blog coming. And thanks for reminding all of us here that we are Toilets!
19th May 2012

You are a lucky man...smoke from the Bromo Crater and staying at Yoschi's...mmmm
18th May 2012

The pictures are all so great. You're definitely one lucky man. Please continue to feed and update us with more pictures. Have a safe trip. Btw, the Banker Toilet is more creative than FB!

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