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3rd February 2020
Rabbit Island

Nice place
13th May 2019

Probolinggo to Banyuwangi
Hi Piranha, could you please advise on how to travel from Probolinggo to Banyuwangi? Very less information available on web for this journey
13th May 2019

Hi, it's been a while, so I can't remember the exact details, but I vaguely recall just taking a bus from the bus station at Probolinggo. The buses arrived every half hour or so I think, so no advance booking was required. It was quite a long bus ride (~5h), and was quite crowded at times. The weather was very hot, and there were many, many stops along the way. But I also vaguely recall some parts with nice scenery along the way, with a good view of some of the beaches on the north-eastern coast of East Java. Good luck and safe travels!
27th September 2015

27th September 2015

Hi, I'm sure you should be able to hire a van, but I think you might have to ask around the nearby hotels to make the arrangements, and they will probably charge you accordingly. The timing then for a private charter will most probably be quite flexible. The way I did it (since I was alone) was to just take the morning bus from the Hekou bus terminal. If you are coming from Vietnam, there is a cheap RMB1 bus ride from the border to the Hekou bus terminal, which is a few kilometres away (about 10 minutes). I can't remember exactly what time the bus leaves Hekou daily for Yuanyang, but I remember it was quite early in the morning (about 8 a.m.?). That was almost two years ago though (2013). If possible, perhaps you could confirm the updated schedule the day before at the terminal, or check online for more updated sources? Enjoy Yuanyang, the rice terraces there are indeed beautiful! Happy and safe travels...
3rd September 2015

oh well. I got you that one more follower so you now have five. If you write at least 500 words in your next blog it will be in the front page. But its totally up to you. I just wanted to give you that option because not a lot of Asian bloggers make it to the front page and it would be good to have some diversity. And I think you will be a good representative for Singapore. I personally like reading blogs from fellow Asians, especially my countrymen. It's like seeing through my own eyes.
2nd September 2015

fond memories
I was here two years ago and looking at your photos put a smile on my face. I hope you can write more so your blogs can be featured on the front page. It needs at least 500 words, five photos, and at least 5 followers. You only need one more follower and I think I can get you that. I think you have a good story to tell and people would enjoy reading it.
2nd September 2015

Thanks! Yes Gyeongju is indeed a really nice place! I write just to document some of my travels, almost just like a personal journal, so I'm not really looking for lots of people to read it, just whoever's interested!
26th August 2015

thanks for this. gave me some ideas. i'll be flying to tokyo on the 28th. i thought i would bump into you there!
26th August 2015

Enjoy your trip! Japan is fantastic!
17th December 2014

Ubud Guest House CIbodas
Hi Jeremy, do you save the hotel contact number? can i have it? may i know around how much per night? i couldnt find it their web, and tripadvisor also didnt help. thanks dini
17th December 2014

Hi Dini, I found this review of the guesthouse on TA: http://www.tripadvisor.com.sg/Hotel_Review-g3200187-d3825759-Reviews-Bali_Ubud_Guesthouse-Cibodas_Banten_Province_Java.html I can't remember the exact cost, but I don't recall it being too expensive, maybe about Rp100k, but that was over two years ago. But I remember when I told the angkot driver "Bali-Ubud", he knew where to drop me off. If I remember correctly, it was on the road to Kebun Raya, about half-way up a long, steep slope. What I do distinctly remember were the delicious apple pancakes I had there for breakfast. Hope that helps, and happy travels!
22nd October 2014

nice blog about mhs
just read your blog on mhs and its quite accurate in its assumptions about the town i live here and there are only about 4 farangs living here the proximity to burma and shan kingdom gives mhs a burmese feel but the thai yai culture made up of karen shan aka lisu hmong gives the province a unique feel as its not really thailand because of its remoteness and it being an extension of shan province keep in touch
22nd October 2014

Thanks for your comments Michael. I wish I'd spent more time in MHS, perhaps doing some of the treks that I'd heard such good things about. Alas I was on a bit of a schedule, with my visa expiring and all. Maybe next time... But yes, MHS definitely made me think about the rather arbitrary nature of national boundaries. From my travels, I've definitely appreciated that communities, be they rural or urban, are rarely separated along distinct lines, even if there exist natural terrestrial demarcations. But history and politics often insist on drawing clear boundaries. In the case of MHS, somewhat arbitrarily, the Shan people who ended up on the western side of the border have to learn Burmese and use kyat, and those of the eastern side speak Thai and use baht...
21st August 2014

Khon Kaen a sub-urb of Bangkok in the Isaan
Been living here for 3 years now and KK is really becoming a kind of Bangkok with a lot of cars, traffic jams, condo's and shopping malls.
21st August 2014

KK didn't seem that bad to me actually, but I guess that's cos I spend too much time in BKK, and nothing compares to that! In Isaan, Udon Thani is also quite bustling these days. But if there's any complaint I have about the region, it's the horde of slow-flying mosquitoes everywhere! (at least they're slow!)
15th May 2014

Keep traveling
Those who ask all the questions about why you want to travel are different from you and will never understand what you do. Enjoy. Happy travels.
15th May 2014

Yes, I figured the same...It takes one to know one, thanks! Happy and safe travels!
15th May 2014

Hello Jeremy
We enjoyed our time in Sanur. Lot of memories. Thanks.
5th May 2014
Beware of Porn

its like saying porn will kill you! love this
28th April 2014

Yes to RP's credit he didn't artificially inflate our expectations.
26th April 2014

"I was right about the...
0, 1, 15 and guy"
22nd April 2014

Hi Paul Yes if I remember correctly, it was on the road to Kebun Raya, which was a left turn from the highway from Cianjur (coming from the east). Bali Ubud guesthouse was on the left side of the road just a few hundred metres from the intersection of the Kebun Raya Rd and the highway. I remember telling the angkot driver Bali Ubud, and he knew where to drop me. Happy and safe travels!
22nd April 2014
Nauhang-Sugar Beach

Haha the kids looked so keen on doing it, and they were certainly delighted with the PHP20 I gave them! Yes it was an exhausting journey there, but sometimes that just makes the arrival even more satisfying. Having travelled for some time now, I've started to realise that part of the point is the exhausting journeys themselves...
14th April 2014

Ubud Bali Cibodas Guest House
Hi Jeremy, is this guest house easy to locate as there is no address in LP, is it near Kebun Raya Cibodas?

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