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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns March 31st 2013

We woke at 07:30, but dozed till 08:30 as no need to rush on our last day in Cairns. Had toast and coffee for breccie then headed into Cairns around 10:15 to wander around the Botanical Gardens This was after discovering what Yorkey's Knob actually looked like. Picturesque, but full of fish(ermen) and families making barbies - so we left! Our best day yet weather wise at a hot 32 degrees. The soft white sands and azure blue of the sea on Ellis Beach were fabulous. As were the Centenary Lakes with ducks, bobbing turtles, dragon flies fighting to avoid diving kingsfishers. We walked along the customary tropical mangrove swamp and forest boardwalk then wandered to the flower garden. There were butterflies everywhere: the Cairns canary yellow, azure blue and black/white. More huge spiders in the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape Tribulation March 30th 2013

Woke to calm sunny day at 08:00 and had remaining hot cross buns, fruit salad, strong coffee and mini aussie choc Easter eggs. Got back to the room around 09:30 to find the bed made with two courtesy easter eggs. We headed up the coast to Cape Tribulation at 10:00 and got to the Daintree Ferry crossing for 11:35. The perfect day with brilliant sunshine and a hot 30 degrees - still humid so drove without shirts - common as muck. The road after the cane fields of Mossman narrows significantly once you cross the picturesque Daintree river. This is real tropical forest / jungle with numerous creeks and dips where the overflow across the twisting road in heavy rain. There are many humps to slow traffic to protect crossing (prehistoric looking) cassowaries that are birds ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland March 29th 2013

Was woken up by heavy shower at 07:30ish then got up to sunshine. The crabs were still scurrying along the beach front when we had breccie - hot cross bunnies - not Bilbies - well it Easter Good Friday. We were on the road for 10:00ish and made our way towards Cairns for a day on the SkyRail and back on the Kuranda Scenic Railway. There were some huuge Golden Orb spiders in the roof of the Barron Falls SkyRail station - glad they were out of reach. Totally stunning scenary - this time the other side of the Barron Gorge opposite the Falls station then back through it on the railway to Freshwater after coffee stop in Kuranda. We were back at the car for 16:30ish then stopped in Palm Cove for a bar meal ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mossman March 28th 2013

After another humid night we woke at around 07:30 and got up at 8. Wandered down to the beach and Brian found that crabs had taken residence. Left around 09:45 to go to Cape Tribulation, passed Newell Beach, but when we got to the Daintree river ferry crossing, was told that the Cape was inaccessible due to a lorry road accident. So we went into the hills to Daintree village and wandered to the tranquil historical wharf. Then decided to back track and to go Mossman and up into to the hills. We found the Gorge visitor centre and parked up around 12:30. Spent an enjoyable afternoon walking up the road to the Mossman river Gorge passed the local Aboriginal Community Village, along the raised forest walkway. There was a place to swim to escape the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas March 27th 2013

After a humid night of torrential rain interspersed with the sound of surf crashing on the beach, we woke to a partially sunny day at had the traditional Aussie brekkie and decided to go up the coast to Port Douglas. After a quick wander near the restored Old Courthouse, In a hot 30 degrees we wandered up the steep hill to Flagstaff Hill lookout and was dripping by the time we reached it. We were ready for a drink and a snack. We came across the same grill chain Rattle and Hum as in Cairns so shared a pizza and cola. Then wandered round the stunning Four Mile beach with its sand bubbler crab trails and patterns, then back along the Esplanade. By 14:00 it was time for coffee (no cake this time) then a bit ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns March 26th 2013

No need for the duvet overnight! Woke to a sunny dawn and watched the tree ants wandering along the decking and gekos warming themselves in the sun. Showered and had buffet breakfast around 09:00 and chatted to till 11:30. Headed down the road towards Cairns and up into the hills to see the Barron Falls. Then had strong local coffee in Kuranda and wandered around for a bit - a humid 32 degrees. Decided to have dinner in Cairns at PJ O'Briens where we spent Melbourne Cup Day a couple of years ago. Got there at 16:00 but was too early so went back down the Esplanade and purpose built swimming lagoon. Filled up on a fab steak, chips and salad at the Rattle and Hum, then wandered around the Marina before heading home around 18:15. ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Northern Beaches March 25th 2013

Alarm went off at 06:00 and was straight in the shower bleary eyed. Tea and remainder of the bananas and on the road for 07:10 Warm Melbourne day even then at 22 degrees and and saw dawn over the M80 airport road just before the queues! Was sweating a bit but the queue didn't last long and had dropped off the car by 08:15. Security was quick so had time for a big brekkie large muffin to share between us with coffee. The flight to Cairns with lunch passed quickly and gained an hour in time difference (Queensland has no Summer Time). As we stepped off the plane the humidity and heat hit us. Was sweating properly when we collected and loaded the hire car - another upgrade - thanks Europcar. The dashboard said 33 degrees ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne March 24th 2013

woke up around 08:00 not too worse for wear to brilliant sunshine. Brian made us raisen toast and had it in bed. 09:45 answered a text to Mum who said that England has had the worst March on record with 20 feet snow drifts in places. Got up to watch the Iron Man runners across the Collins Street bridge from the sitting room window whilst blogged. 11:00, 2 hours later the runners were still going across the bridge. Brian was in domestic goddess mode and doing the washing (I did fold a few things, honest). Now have a pile of ironing that'll wait till we need it! Didn't fancy a long drive to the beach, so wandered round the river side near the apartment for a bit. Had brunch around 12:00 of steak sandwich and chips ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne March 23rd 2013

Got up at 07:30, blogged, had usual tea and raisen bread and got ready. Cool partly cloudy 19 degrees, but wind had dropped thankfully. Brian drove with me navigator down the eastern ocean drive that follows the coast of Port Phillip Bay. Modern glass fronted modern houses with fantastic sea views abound. Stopped briefly in Brighton to watch the vast shoals of small black fish and in Beaumaris to take in the bay views. Then on to Frankston where we came across the Waterfront bicycle holding pens for the Iron Man event the next day. Had to stop for a proper look then! 12:50 Parked up and passed the next 2 hours wandering around and had fantastic pork dinner and garlic bread lunch in Davy's Hotel on the water side. 15:00 I then drove us down ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Port Campbell March 22nd 2013

Got back in after a night out in the Collingwood bars, getting the tram from outside Southern Cross station on Spencer St. They were not that busy, busy the music was good. We got chatting to a guy from St Helens and family in NW England and Wales of all places. Just enough drink to fuel the pleasant walk back through town getting back for 02:30ish. Raisen bread and tea then bed for 03:30ish. Woke at 07:15 and got up at 8 for more tea and raisen bread. Wasn't sure whether we'd have enough time for the anticipated 2 hour plus trip but packed cossie despite it being a cooler 19 degrees and overcast / broken high cloud. Started across West Gate Bridge to the M1 at 11:00, but instead of diverting to Torquay, carried on. ... read more

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