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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Docklands March 21st 2013

Next thing it was 04:30 again - enforced rest obviously! 07:30 cloudy, windy with slight rain, but the apartment warm at 27 degrees. So we may find wi-fi today. Went out after 2 hot cross bunnies (well it's almost Easter) around 10:00 in search of recommended supermarket. Found Costco but as you have to subscribe gave it a miss, so wandered round the nearby Docklands shopping centre. Found general store - yay! - but hardly anything on the shelves - boo! Walked back in 70 mile an hour winds round the back of the train station only to find the Coles similar to that in Sydney that was 10 mins walk away - doh! Well at least we know what trams to catch for our night out in Collingwood all being well. Called in at the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Lorne March 20th 2013

Picked up the Great Ocean Road following the twists stopping occasionally to video "Surf Coast Shire" then finally in Lorne. Lunch at Andrew's Chicken Joint - better chicken and chips Brian said, fish and chips for me. Brian managed an ice cream as well of course. Then back along the road at 15:00 and a humid 30 degrees to hit the West Gate bridge traffic around 17:30 Managed ok though. Showered and wandered round Docklands and the Yarra river side in search of a supermarket unsuccessfully. Went to bed for a 'power nap' at around 20:00.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Torquay March 20th 2013

This is getting to be a habit: woke at 04:30 and finally got up at 06:30 to blog. The city at dawn is great. After the usual tea and hot cross bun, we were in the car for 10:00 - 22 degrees and brilliant sunshine. We headed west over the long 5 lane West Gate bridge and down the M1 as a trial to Torquay. Breathtaking beauty! Had coffee at Growlers and photos. Perfect day for swimming, but we didn't have our towels and cossies - oh well.... read more

Oceania » Australia March 19th 2013

Didn't get much sleep after 03:30 because it was humid in the apartment and was full of anticipation for the next part of the holiday. Got up around 06:30 and pottered around getting ready. Brian got ready around 07:30 We decided to risk getting bacon, egg and fried tomato breakfast below the apartments in Casina This was the same people as previous holiday we found that had moved up to revovated cafe from where the new Pie Face is. Suitably full, we checked out at 08:30. Walked to Museum station for the Domestic Airport train and figured out the ticket machine. Luckily there was an attendant that could be bothered and helped Brian prise the case from the barriers that had sandwiched it. Got onto the first train on platform 2, but then after 3 stops ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Darlinghurst March 18th 2013

Woke at 08:00 ish and had my Pie Face peppered steak pie and remaining hot cross bun for breakfast - starving. Caught up on the blog till 11:30 whilst Brian dozed - tiring doing nowt isn't it... Walked to Mickey's again for lunch of (me) mushroom linguine and (brian) fish and chips Then walked back leisurely in a circle back to Oxford street through Woollahara and Darlinghurst. Bit hilly in the heat. Found the Pink memorial on Darlinghurst Road at the back of the old Jail in Taylor Square. Resisted more fish and chips at Fish Face, but had a smoothie at Gloria Jean's. Retired for a long siesta around 17:00 and packed for Melbourne around 22:30.... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 17th 2013

Woke at 06:30 - unheard of! Another a sunny but windy St Patrick's Day. Went to Scruffy Murphy's for 10:00 as couldn't wait for sunday dinner we'd seen whilst walking around. The music was an Irish ear bashing - good and certainly wakes you up. Most of the town centre was closed for the Parade from George street. Just had to call in for coffee and carrot cake whilst we decided what to do. Went down Pitt Street again with the aim of getting to the harbour bridge, with a detour via the cider tents in Hyde Park and through the botanic gardens. Found an old style pub under the bridge and whiled away a few hours with a couple of pints and local chat outside. Then back home through The Rocks area and up Phillip ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 16th 2013

Woke at 8:00 to a sunny day forecast to be 29 degrees. Had tea and the second hot cross bun loaded with butter - yum. Got out for 10:30 and decided to walk up Oxford street to get brunch where we had a 3 years ago on our long walk to Newtown. We found Mickey's cafe / restaurant near Paddington Town Hall. I had a lovely roasted beetroot and lentil salad and Brian had a bacon and egg muffin. Had come round a bit by lunch time. Then walked back to the Meriton Kent Street through the area of old Victorian houses, some converted to boutiques and galleries, passing the Royal Hospital for Women Park. Giggled at the 'missing dog' poster. We re-joined Oxford street near the Victoria Barracks passing the fountain and bars in Taylor ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney March 15th 2013

Fabulous! arrived in Sydney virtually on time at around 07:00, got through security and eventually found the new (?) shuttle train station. Bit pricey AUS$ 33 to go 5 stops, but easier and probably cheaper than a taxi. Got to Museum / Hyde Park / Elizabeth Street ok and walked to hotel - cloudy, warm 23 and occasional spots of rain, but didn't care. Got to the corner near the hotel, and found that where we'd had breakfast on previous holiday had been renovated to - guess what? a Pie Face! Fab, can see us using that often. As expected our room wasn't ready on the 54th floor until 14:00, but they had one ready on the 24th, which we viewed and decided to take. Glad we did, because whilst having a toastie and coffee in ... read more

Asia » Singapore March 14th 2013

Got on the huge plane and settled into our booked seats. Same model as Emirates (Airbus A380) I think and very nice, but didn't take off for another 40 minutes as 2 passengers had got lost this time! 12 hours and 2 meals later, we had to get off in Singapore at 18:00ish their time as required by their law. Don't know where Thursday went. We had 30 minutes to kill before our next 8 hours ride to Sydney in the same cleaned seats we'd just vacated. Huge orchids every where - very humid 30 degrees.... read more

Got to Heathrow at 20:00, we had only what I thought was 30 mins to get to our Qantas check-in before it closed. Time to get skates on. Luckily I was sat next to an experienced BA flight service manager and he told us where to go to when we got off to transfer terminals from T5 to T3. After what seemed a 2 mile walk, we found where to get the transfer bus. Buses for other terminals came and went, before ours came. The queue of 8 got on the bus, when the driver decided to let us on. Then he was being far too accomodating, waiting for other passengers before departing. At a crawl of 20 miles an hour, we got to T3 eventually and rushed to get past through the shopping area No ... read more

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