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13th March was a cold day of blizzards and sunny spells. In among work support calls, finished off packing the cases and ensuring not overweight then Liz picked us up at 15:00. Heavy snow showers on the way to Newcastle and managed to check in straight away Was a bit dubious, but decided to book cases all the way through. The flight was late in and had to wait for someone late (how/why do people get lost?!). Thought "here we go" Finally took off an hour later than scheduled as also had to de-ice the melting 2 millimitres (!) of snow.... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Darlinghurst October 30th 2010

Was around 01:30 when decided to round off our night in usual Oxford St bars. Arrived to a crowded Taylor Square with loads of revellers on the pavements- some daubed for hallowe'en with fake blood - only in Oz! Had a great end to the night round a couple of bars and Pie Face of course! Guess what - it was 13:00 again after a sleep - oh well! Sunny again. Decided to go to Betty's for lunch and was almost there around 15:00 when was accosted at the traffic lights. It was our party host from the other night - so we were whisked away to a retail centre - "no" was not an option - happy to go with the flow. He wanted new sheets to cover the furniture for the dog. So we ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Sydney Harbour October 29th 2010

Watched TV till 03:00 after doing the Blog - an old b&w US thriller about a escaped convict on the run. We set the alarm this time to try and catch most of any sun at the beach, and got up half a hour it went off at 10:30. But, it was cloudy again! Showered and had tea and toast and out at 11:30. Got to Circular Key for but just missed a ferry for Watsons' Bay so killed an hour wandering round The Rocks - didn't have time to book the Bridge Climb. Was still cloudy, but warmer Watson's Bay for 13:30ish and wandered up the road to Camp Cove and Lady Jane beach - was hardly anyone around for once. As the tide was in we found a spot on the rocks off the ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Bondi Junction October 28th 2010

This is getting to be a habit! By the time we got to sleep around 04:00 it was 11:58 by the time we woke - we got to see the morning this time at least... Pulled round after 14:00 and thought it too late for the beach (it was sunny but with patchy cloud) Decided to wander eastwards till we got sick. Wandered up Oxford St, through Darlinghurst and stopped for a latte and toastie near Paddington Town Hall - Sydney's version of the district is much posher with boutiques lining the street. Walked to the end of Oxford Street through Woollhara into Bondi Junction. Then decided to continue down Bondi Road and ended up at Bondi Beach around 17:30 It was warmer than last Christmas Day and not alot of people around, mainly surfers taking ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Darlinghurst October 27th 2010

Did it again! woke at 09:00 then it was 13:00! Patchy cloud and warm walked to Darling Harbour tourist information to see if we could book a Harbour Bridge walk. But, they only would let Brian go on middle walk for the same price as the one over the top - so said we'd think about it. Then it started to rain again, so we dived into the fancy Victoria Building shopping centre near the Town Hall. The Christmas decorations are up already! Mooched around the World Square and stopped at a Chinese for early dinner as Brian fancied Chow Mein. I had a tasty pork noodle soup with young broad beans and tofu - loads of chilli oil! Just waiting for it to burn on the way out now :) Got back for 19:00ish and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Darlinghurst October 26th 2010

Yay it's sunny! Had usual tea and toast at around 10:00 then booked flights for Cairns Queensland - woohoo! Went to Lady Jane beach around 1 o'clock and caught last ferry from Watson's Bay at 15:40 - no time for fish and chips at Doyles - aw! So had buffet dinner in one of Sydney's old Irish hotels - Maloneys on Goulburn St Steak in gravy with rice, salad washed down with 4 pints of lager for only $8 - cheapest beer yet! Called at a patisserie for yummy tiramisu for me and toffee brulee cake for Brian Collapsed on bed and complained about my forming beer belly and it's only been a week! ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Darlinghurst October 25th 2010

Finally got to sleep for an hour but woke up at 09:00 Brian had a dizzy head (not me for once!) so said would rest till 09:30 and get up Next thing we knew it was 13:00! Went out to travel agents and wandered back up Oxford St Brighter but windy - was a bit hopeful wearing shorts and sunglasses weren't we! Had tomato soup and "shepherd's with mash" at Betty's Soup Kitchen Nice but the Ozzie version only had 2 dollops of mash and no gravy - filling though. Got more milk at Coles and went back to hotel Brian dozed whilst I checked out hotel prices for Cairns and did the daily blog Late afternoon - look! the sun has come out! Went out in Oxford St at a sensible time till midnight... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Darling Harbour October 24th 2010

Was about the doze off when got text at 04:00 from Dad - ta :) Was awake till 08:00 before deep sleep till 11ish - body clock all out of sync! Got up and had tea and toast but was raining :( Searched out Oz Brekkie at Cafe Molinari on Kent and Liverpool streets round the corner from the Meriton where we stayed at Christmas Walked round Cockle Bay Wharf and across the Darling Harbour bridge, but was windy and raining - only 15 deg C Saw some old corvettes in pristine condition. Headed back to hotel for tea to dodge the rain. Got ready and went out at 16:00 for a laugh to see what the election of Mr Leather Sydney would be like. Well! only entrant was a busted couch with a beard! He ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Darlinghurst October 23rd 2010

We got in at 04:30 and for cheese and crackers, finally crashing at 6. Woke at 11:30 and had tea, toast and marmalade Was sunny and warm, but when we finally got ready and went out for a walk at 14:00, it was starting to rain :( turned into heavy rain with thunder :(! So we dived in to StarBucks on George St whilst the rain was clearing up. Had a walk through Hyde Park, past St Mary's Cathedral and into the Botanic Gardens Saw loads of flying foxes in the trees and continued to the Opera House, Harbour bridg and got the train to Town Hall from Circular Quay (only 2 stops but feet were aching). Went to World Square shopping centre and bought new swimming goggles (was being hopeful) and had Spicy chicken and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Darlinghurst October 22nd 2010

Took some pics of the room before going to bed just after midnight - didn't take long to clutter it up! Got up early afternoon and went to Coles at World Square for provisions - at least the new CashPassport card worked. Wandered round Darlinghurst Oxford St and Crown St. Saw flowering jacaranda trees in Riley St. Then walked to Darling Harbour and had early dinner at the Blue Fish around 5pm. Yes (!) we had fish and chips - only $60 with a bottle of lager and glass of wine - pricey but was reaaaally nice! Had another snooze and went out to the bottle shop on Oxford St around 23:00 for 4 lagers and a litre of lemonade - served in a brown paper bag - last of the big drinkers us! ... read more

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