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3rd May 2014

Awesome photos
Paula, Your talent for photography is very evident in your photos. Your dad also influenced me and introduced me to the art. So, I can really appreciate that your inspiration was also mine.
27th January 2014

Very interesting. How exciting. Have a wonderful trip. Love, Joan
27th January 2014

I have an ABQ friend who was in the navy in cryptology or such who had a huge black lab. All the guys dared her to give it a weird name. She chose Dumpster, but added Penobscot, because she was overlooking the river; hence Dumpster Penobscot.
20th November 2013

Yes the painting does capture the essence of a cat if it is startled or shot with a water hose. I clicked on the photos to see them larger. I especially liked the "colorful dunes" which looked more like a painting and when I enlarged it, it really looked like a painting. Now is it a painting? If not- you definitely should enlarge it and frame it. Thanks, Joan
15th November 2013

great pictures
Thanks for taking me along,I see the states thru your pictures.
15th November 2013

Have you thought of writing a travelogue for publication? Lois
7th November 2013

Well my two years in high school and three in college did not help at all. I took a refresher course at USF and -------well I\'m just no good at languages. I LOVED the colored houses. How exciting. I\'m sure there are many grey days there and this certainly would help brighten them. Thanks again. Joan
5th November 2013

Since I don't travel too much it is great to see everything thru your pictures,thank you...Randy
3rd October 2013

Thanks for the photos
Oct. 3 and I just got your message. Kind of neat knowing that you are writing and I just got it, makes it seem as though you are not that far away. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Today is Ashley's birthday and we are going to the Copper fish for dinner. An artist friend that I saw at LDDA dinner Tues night told me she had done a huge copper fish for the restaurant and that Ashley was very helpful in helping her find things for her sculpture. She grew up in our neighborhood and went to school with Melanie. That's all from Tampa. Love, Joan
28th September 2013

Those sunsets are exquisite.
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27th September 2013

Love the Photos
Thank you for sharing your trip with us. The house in Southwest Harbor could be the set for a mystery movie. I don't think I could sleep alone there. I'm spooky about things that go bump in the night. Love, Joan
From Blog: More of Maine
27th September 2013

bar harbor
Oh - such a gorgeous place to live. I have family - brother and nieces nearby that area. I'd be there, too if it weren't for the cooooold winters.
From Blog: More of Maine
25th September 2013

Congratulations !
A year already- my how time flies and yes you do look in love! I enjoy your photos and comments. Love to both of you, Joan
From Blog: Touches of Maine
25th September 2013

happy anniversary You two look wonderful have fun!
From Blog: Touches of Maine
24th September 2013

I love lighthouse! And \"the happy couple\" still look great together. Congrats - one year already!!
From Blog: Touches of Maine
21st September 2013

saw lots of familiar places
21st September 2013

As many times as my dad took us to Lancaster and feasted on the food, served family style, we never got to see the markets. Worth the trip along with the incredible countryside.
30th August 2013

New to Blogging
Thanks for sharing. I am really enjoying.
30th August 2013
company kitchen #2

Company Kitchen #2
#1 looked more like a photo of a painting rather than a real life structure. This one is fuller.
30th April 2013

Thanks Paula- So Interesting. Joan
29th April 2013

When I was visiting with Sandy....she took a lot of pictures also..and I still enjoy looking at them The Silver man is my favorite...but it seems you saw a lot more than I did......but I am still entranced with the wonderful for you to be able to travel all around Your pictures are beautiful Ruth
30th April 2013

New Orleans photos
Thanks, Ruth. Sandy is a delight to photograph with! And I just love wandering around New Orleans. Paula
15th April 2013

Thank you!
You do amazing photograhy, Paula! We love seeing your pictures; in your case, it's truly art. We've been to N.O., but certainly didn't get pictures like that. Hope all ils well with the two of you; when is your next trip to Springfield? Love, Lois
14th April 2013

Very Interesting
What a very interesting thing to do.....
13th April 2013

I love walking thru cemeteries myself and looking at the different tombs and reading the epitaphs, etc. And taking photos. I look forward to seeing more, thanks for sharing.

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