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Mick and Joc

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Snapshot: Joc's birthday in Paris, Christmas in Italy and then see in the New Year in Hong Kong

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island January 2nd 2010

Activities * Present Shopping * Last night Dinner at Man Wah (fancy Cantonese restaurant at Hotel) Highlight(s) * The dinner experience at Man Wah - watching Darryl (see Odd Spot for in-joke) carve the Peking Duck at the table. On a little serving table he cut away sections of the crispy skin, then delicatley trimmed away the fat and put the skin in little pancakes with the sauce and spring onion. The rest of the duck was prepared in the kitchen, wok fried with cashews and celery. * Stir Fried Sole - who said HK aint got no soul? Odd Spot(s) * What happened to our view? When we looked out of the window this morning all of the buildings at Kowloon had disappeared. The newspaper uses the term "Fog". * Our main waiter (there ... read more
The Duck
Man Wah
Last Night Dinner

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island January 1st 2010

Activities * Stanley Markets * The Peak * Kowloon * Temple Street Night Markets Highlight(s) * Breathtaking view back on the city from The Peak * View of Hong Kong Island from Tsim Sha Tsui - the lights are spectacular Odd Spot(s) * Rode the Peak Tram for the descent back down the hill during which the tram felt as though it was all but free falling. * Many of the householders in Hong Kong employ either Nannies or House Keepers. New Years Day (Friday) was a public holiday which meant that most people were at home for the day with no requirement for their Nanny or Housekeeper. Most of the house staff are from outside of Hong Kong, on low wages and it doesn't make sense for them to travel back to their homes ... read more
Red Cabs
Stanley Markets
View from the Peak

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island December 31st 2009

Activities * Rickshaw Tourist Trip * Graham St Market * Man Mo Temple * New Year's Eve celebrations Highlight(s) * Dim Sum at Luk Yu Teahouse * Enjoying scenic view of Hong Kong Island from cousin Mark's apartment in Mid-Levels Odd Spot(s) * When having a drink with Mark at the end of the day, there was some confusion when a chinese girl gestured at us for a photograph. We have taken lots of photos for other people whilst travelling but this was the first time that someone wanted to photograph us - guess we stood out more than we thought!!! *Gelati count = 3 * Joc's shoe purchase count = 5 pairs Weather Some showers, min 15 / max 18 degrees ... read more
Dim Sum

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island December 30th 2009

Activities * Sleep * Sleep more * Orientation stroll and dinner Highlight(s) * Enjoying the luxury of the Hotel * Room service dessert Odd Spot(s) * Couldn't help but feel a little strange when we took our seats in the Hotel shuttle bus fom the airport and realised we were the only 2 passengers in the giant vehicle. * After spending the last few weeks starting the day with a coffee and croissant, we surprised ourselves by being a little overwhelmed at the vast exent of the Hotel buffet breakfast. *Gelati count = 3 * Joc's shoe purchase count = 5 pairs Weather Some showers, min 15 / max 18 degrees ... read more
Aaah, the luxury...
Buildings and lights
Something sweet

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome December 29th 2009

Flight from Rome to Hong Kong - the less said the better.... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome December 28th 2009

Activities * Walking laps of Rome * Birthday shopping for family back home Highlight(s) * Fantastic last night in Europe dinner at "Target". * Freeing up suitcase space by shipping jackets, jumpers and some shoes home. * Wishing Joc's Dad a Happy Birthday from Roma. Odd Spot(s) * After being informed that the Hotel breakfast buffet would cost $40EU we walked next door to the American Cafe for a $6EU breakfast which consisted of: coffee, juice, toast and a croissant. * At dinner we enjoyed an Italian lesson from the American next to us who asked for the bill as follows, "Per favore, il Checko?". * We asked the waiter if the Pineapples in the dessert were grown in Italy. He proudly replied, "We grow everything in Italy! But these particular ones are imported from ... read more
Amercian B'Fast
Via Nazionale

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome December 27th 2009

Activities * Travel morning from Pitigliano to Rome * Afternoon sightseeing and shopping in Rome Highlight(s) * Successfully navigating the maze of roads to return the hire car to the airport. * Finally posted a score on the Gelati count. * A great little shop called "Anteprima" that had a very eclectic range of shoes, clothing, jewellery and handbags. Odd Spot(s) * The only day with no rain in Pitigliano was the day we left. * Rome is more crowded than it was at the height of summer last year. *Gelati count = 2 * Joc's shoe purchase count = 5 pairs Weather Sunny, min 4 / max 10 degrees ... read more
Hotel Guastini
Town on a hill
Designer Window Shopping

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pitigliano December 26th 2009

Activities * Roaming Pitigliano * Local art exhibition at the Pitigliano Galley * Cousin Rosana's Bar/Pizzeria/Restaurant for dinner Highlight(s) * Taking in the sites around town with no rain in the morning * Lunch at a local trattoria Odd Spot(s) * Dinner at cousin Rosana's consisted of several communal conversations occurring across the room simultaneously. We were seated in the middle of the room and people from all of the other tables proceeded to engage in conversations across and around us - catching up on local gossip, discussing our trip, debating the best route for us to head to Rome the next day. It was truly a communal experience. *Gelati count = 0 Weather Rain, rain, cold min 6 / max 8 degrees ... read more
Pitigliano Deli
Giant Pizzas

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pitigliano December 25th 2009

Activities * Christmas Lunch * Drive to Saturnia to see the hot springs Highlight(s) * Christmas menu: - bread with home made spreads - spaghetti with anchovies - giant ravioli with ricotta and spinach in butter and sage - giant ravioli with ricotta and spinach with ragu - roast pork in gravy with herbs (awesome) - roast potatoes with olive oil and rosemary - salad (mixed lettuce) - Christmas Pudding - Biscuits and cakes - Coffee - Grappa. * Mum's Christmas Pudding * Spotting a Cinghiale (Wild Boar) foraging by the side of the road on the way back from Saturnia. Mmmmmm ..... Cinghiale. Odd Spot(s) * They really don't like wearing seatbelts - to the point that they just drive along with the seatbelt alarm beeping incessantly. The alarm was annoying us - s ... read more
Saturnia - Hot Springs
Foggy Vision
Christmas Pudding

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Pitigliano December 24th 2009

Activities * Day trip to Grosseto Highlight(s) * Lunch at the Number Nine Restaurant in Grosseto * Joc did an amazing job driving in the rain and in the dark on the way home Odd Spot(s) * When we arrived in Grosseto there was a massive market where we parked the car - around 11:30am. We planned to check it out after a walk around town. When we arrived back after lunch at 2:30pm there was not a sign of the market - it was like it was never there. *Gelati count = 0 Weather Rain, rain, rain, min 14 / max 16 degrees ... read more
Grosseto Beach

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