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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Korcula June 21st 2012

We got up early and caught the correct cab that Ivana had called for us at 7:10 am. We went to the harbor and got our ferry tickets to Korcula. The ride was 8:30 – 12:30. We sat on the interior of the bow, and had a nice view. We sat with a couple from Columbus, OH, who were traveling in the same fashion as we were, so we had lots of stories to exchange. We arrived at Korcula at 12:30. It is beautiful to approach the old city by water. The old city is surrounded by walls, and the streets are arranged in a fish skeleton pattern, with the main street running from top to bottom, allowing free circulation of air through the fish ribs but protecting against strong winds. The winds are referred to ... read more
Alley of restaurant
MD & Gary at Marinero Restaurant
Entrance to the old town, Korcula

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik June 20th 2012

Day 27, Wed. Today is down time. We woke up at 10:00, fixed breakfast of egg, toast, coffee, and juice. Ivana come down and invited us for a beer on the steps with her friend Pero who owns 8 apartments in the old town. It was interesting to hear how they got started with this business. I like the local side of Dubrovnik (Rules of the Road #5: stay as local as you feel comfortable). Gary did the dishes and I blogged. We made arrangements for travel on Thursday to the island of Korcula. The ferry leaves at 8:30. We had lunch in the room with sandwiches Gary found at the grocery. We relaxed, then went to a nearby sandy beach to swim. There were lots of people since it was so hot! Then we bought ... read more
Pero and Gary
The Beach
Crowded beach

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar June 19th 2012

We met the correct van this time at 7:45, and picked up the rest of the group for Mostar. 9 including the driver: couple from Australia, 2 young women from Canada, and a mother/daughter from Russia. We headed off to Bosnia-Herzegovina and the famous city of Mostar. Our tour guide Antonio was excellent. He knew how to manage a group. After an hour, we stopped for bathroom and white coffee in a tiny village of Slano. It was tiny, with a nice little harbor, a 5 star Admiral Grand Hotel ($500 pernight), Hotel Osmina ( very nice for $50 per night). I would think about staying here for a beach holiday and visit Dubrovnik. The value is much greater… Dubrovnik is extremely expensive even for locals. Next we went through border crossings. First we went into ... read more
Steps on Mostar Bridge
"Meat Sticks"
The Rock outside the wall Bar

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor June 18th 2012

Ivana took us to the bus stop at 8:10. The van pulled up, the driver jumped out, said “Montenegro”, Ivana said yes and we jumped on. About 30 minutes into the trip, the phone rang, and the driver turned to us and said “Where are your tickets?” It turned out that we were on the WRONG tourist van!!! After much discussion, the other driver picked up the other people and we met half way and exchanged!!! The second van did not have very good AC… should have just stayed on the first! Montenegro has lots of beautiful sand beaches, and, according to Gabriel our guide, the are 500 Russian millionaires. According to travel books, it has a 3rd world country infrastructure (power outages, etc.) with $500 per night luxuray spa hotels. It is a much poorer ... read more
Montenegro BEACH
sitting at plaza watching soccer game

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik June 17th 2012

We had breakfast in the cafeteria aboard ship at 6 am. Surprisingly it was eggs, meat, cheese, toast, cereal, juices and coffee! Promptly at 6:30, our young porter arrived and carried our bags up two flights of stairs. He put them by the exit and told us not to worry about them; they were too heavy for any one to steal! I agree! We got off the ferry and went through customs. They stamped the passports, which did not happen in Italy. As instructed by Ivana, we got a cab for 10 euro which dropped us off at the Buza gate. Ivana was waiting for us to take us to our “sobe”, a room with cooking facilities in a private home. Ivana Raic, age 30, and her sister, Anita, age 38, run a beautiful facility here ... read more
White Coffee with Ivana
View at dinner

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Bari June 16th 2012

We caught up on sleep, internet, packing, then ventured off to the old town of Bari. We took bus 27, right to our destination (actually it went right past it and we had to get off at the next stop). We were trying to check in for the ferry early. We found the port and the agent but were told to come back after 6 pm tonight. Bari reminds me of Naples. Lots of people hanging around in the old town, industrial, large port, not so clean, lots of graffiti. We walked around the old town and saw the sights. We skipped the castle since I had been living in one for 2 weeks. We saw the Cattedrale di San Sabino, with its beautiful crypt of blue and gold. The current church is a mix of ... read more
Our ferry
View from ferry leaving port
St. Nicola

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Bari June 15th 2012

We packed up ourselves and cleaned the apartment. We left our suitcases in the laundry room and headed to the bar on the corner to hang out until 1:45 when the bus leaves. We had decided to go by bus instead of train, since the bus is direct and we'd have to change trains to get to Bari. Gary had café and I had Coke Light (without ice). Several BAU fellows came by to chat and the time flew by. We went to the internet café to check in with our Dubrovnik “sopa” owner, Ivana. We needed directions to our room in the old town. She is very fast to respond and writes in English, with a few fun words such as “ your luaguage” and “I will weight for you” when the ferry arrives Sunday ... read more
Bus to Bari
Bari Hotel
Bus 11 in Bari

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Otranto June 14th 2012

All of the BAU Fellows are making art in Otranto. Roberta Lozzi and Iona Kleinhaut are working in their apartments, but the rest have studios in the castle. Here are images of the artists in their studios. (I know that some people are missing but they were not in studio the day I was photographing... very sorry, email me your picture and I will add it!!!!) SEE PHOTOS BELOW!... read more
Julia Salinger
Kate Beck
Martha Bergman

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Otranto June 14th 2012

Today is our last day in Otranto :( I did some laundry, blogged and wrote postcards this morning. It was warm and beautiful, with a breeze starting to blow. By afternoon there were whitecaps and very rough water in the bay. This was our first mild taste of how rough a storm could be. Today was my visit with the art critic, Lucio Pozzi, at 10:30 am. He is an excellent critic and artist, and found relevant issues to discuss with each person. I found the 30 minutes very worthwhile and gained some new perspectives on my theme of aging. He thought my work was really about “visuality” and not aging… something to think about! I cleaned up my studio space and left it for the next person. I waited for Federico to pick up the ... read more
Last night drink at the Spinnaker Bar
Seafood Soup!!!
Serving the soup

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Otranto June 13th 2012

I awoke early as usual, to the beautiful morning light and the sound of the birds. The day started off very warm. Wednesday is market day. Martha and I were looking for white dresses. Everyone in this area of Italy wears white, and it looks so beautiful with the blue ocean and the warm light of the day. Paola has several gorgeous dresses, so most of the women here wanted a white dress. I was lucky and found a white linen dress for $20, probably a size to large, but it will be great over a swim suit or for local café dinner out in Croatia! I am almost positive it won’t look as gorgeous in Kansas. Martha did not find one but the hunt was not over. I spent the rest of the morning finishing ... read more
White Dress Goal Achieved!

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