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18th March 2020

Watching and doing not much
The world is following in your footsteps of slowing down and learning to do the simple things together in isolation. The world needs to heal itself. You must become the path.
18th March 2020

Slowing it down
Nice thoughts my friend. Hoping you are keeping safe in these mad times. Tomorrow I fly back to Australia... 14 days quarantine then in my home... Hoping the world takes the time to stop and look hard at itself.
4th March 2020

Paul: Great practice....up and down.... now and again---> inside out...all along the path. Enjoy all the silent variations!
4th March 2020

Paul in Morocco
Great to receive your blog once again after a long gap Are you really in Morocco once again !!!
4th March 2020

Take me to the mountain
What a fabulous trek.............and yes, one step at a time always leads to extraordinary/ordinary. Thank you again for sharing the journey :)
13th November 2019

Car Rental in India
It's really awesome blog. All the places are amazing as well as you have mentioned the gorgeous pictures.
7th April 2019

Taxi services in India
Nice blog. You use a very beautiful images. Thanks for sharing this blog.
13th March 2019

The Universe is Guiding You
Evidentially, you need a new experience so the universe kicked you out of India so you could finally embrace all the beauty that is Morocco. We never tired of the mint tea. I'm sad you have to leave this area but feel like you will make it back.
13th March 2019

Cafe au lait
...not to mention the great Moroccan coffee as well :)
11th March 2019

Thanks for the memories
We really enjoyed Morocco. Meknes is lovely. We love the Moroccan people. We became pretty good at bartering.
12th March 2019

Yes indeed. I have wanted to visit for a long long time. India kept me away I guess... so the universe intervened (as it tends to do) and gave me the India Visa problem to steer me to a new adventure. Really a nice laid back country .. Hope you guys are well and smiling :)
11th March 2019

Thanks for this interest blog. I am intrigued by Moroccan artisans and craftsmen and their work such as you have seen, and I'm sure I could watch them for hours without becoming bored. Handmade furniture, jewelry, paintings and such may not always be exactly perfect, yet I find them totally perfect in my eyes. Will be in Meknes for only a matter of hours this fall, but hope that I get the opportunity to see some of these craftsmen. I'm sure I will not be able to come home without one of their exceptional works of art.
12th March 2019

Well... use those hours well. I suspect you are though going to visit Volubilis and Moulay Idriss Zafoun? Fez of course, but for my money and time, Meknes is a great place to stay some days. Hope you enjoy Morocco. I did a blog on Tafraout and also on Imlil.. both recommended as well. Good journey... keep that travel infection festering :)
11th March 2019

Stunning again!!!
I want to go there!!! How did you resist buying more of these exquisite masterpieces :) !!!
12th March 2019

Well... there is this thing called money... but above all I just don't need more stuff. The rug I also don't need but what can I say?
27th February 2019

Magnificent Morocco
Thank you, as always Paul. I feel very privileged 'travelling' with you. Incredibly unique places that you have shown us on this adventure. (I'm not sure why, but I have only just seen this blog :) ) More travel hugs - Marguerite
23rd February 2019

9 days and moving on
Sounds like another nice village. Finding peace within. No matter how frugal you travel others will always question how that can be done.
23rd February 2019

Great to see you blogging again
"Whatever is the next thing for me?"... always the good question. You spent a good deal of time in India learning to be in the present so now you can embrace those learnings in Morocco. Lessons learned and learning. As always you've found an off the beaten path location of beauty. We loved our time in Morocco. Eager to find out what is next.
22nd February 2019

Life is nuts, and at best a mystery in the end. Looking/ seeing without the need to dissect and name and 'know' is a discipline born from this mystery, and the reward is just sheer amazement at it all
You stayed long enough to take it all in...and how lucky were you that the bustle of time could stand still long enough for you to do so.
22nd February 2019

Hi _ I do not know if you remember me, but I have been following your blog for some time and once when I was visiting Pushkar, I met you. So, what is your situation with India? Are they going to let you back in there?
21st February 2019

why do we climb the mountain?
Because it's there.
21st February 2019

must we clmb everything?
Sometimes we just need to let it be..... not climb the mountain... let the mountain just be what it is without us.
21st February 2019

Fascinating - thanks Paul.
16th February 2019

Wildlife in Spiti valley
Beautiful writeup..Do check my blog on wildlife in Spiti valley.

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