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12th October 2023

Old Age
Paul, when you reach 86 it's time to question how you've lived so long. Thanks for the blog.
9th October 2023

Thanks Paul
sitting in a Budapest ED for the second night running trying to get ahead of a recurring erysipelas infection, i fully empathise with your reflections on aging and travel so exquisitely expressed - equanimity and impermanence sit lightly on life and may we be in the moment to the full… thanks again - ross
8th October 2023

Reflection on ageing
70 years do not seem very old in the grand scheme. Grateful to have been a grain of sand on this beach. The ocean deposited this grain here and it shall take it back one day not too far off. Nothing morbid, but the main event 👍🙏
7th October 2023

Four Old Blokes - still having adventures!!!
We may be old, but we still know how to have an adventure.
7th October 2023

Thank you, Paul
Contextualised amidst your Beat Exotic Rewlasar Hotels adventures, as an Oldie myself, I am moved by your perspectives on aging, Paul.
6th March 2023

Crossing on foot?
Great post! Couldn't find anything recent about the Banbasa border except for this. Seems like it should be possible to cross into Nepal from Banbasa by foot? And any idea if they'll let me walk through bardiya national park? Planning to walk across Nepal in April. Thanks :)
2nd April 2023

Crossing by foot
Hi Aaron. Well in December when I rode across at Banbasa, it was certainly OK to cross by foot too. I met Tanaka (the Japanese guy mentioned in the blog) who had just done so. I doubt that will ever NOT be the case (pending another pandemic lockdown of course)... so go for it. As for walking in the National Park... is that the one I got escorted through because of the tigers? If so, then I think there might be limitations for you to just walk through there alone... in case you got eaten (they would not like that to happen on their watch :) ) . Good luck.
3rd February 2023

Thanks Paul for a great description of such a high-energy day complete with its downs! Great to read your travel blog
2nd April 2023

I meant India 'phile' of course.... Hm.... interesting is my brain .. very entertaining how that works and doesn't always work so well..... :)
2nd April 2023

Patang and soaring above...
Hi Jeanette. Thanks for the comment. Glad you enjoyed the blog. Are you an India phobe also? _()_
21st January 2023

Tradition my not be peaceful
I would love to see all the kites. I hadn't considered all the down stream negatives for the animals. I would not enjoy the noise pollution.
21st January 2023

mixed bag
Yes... the good the bad and the ugly in many things... specially in India I think
17th January 2023

Flying High
I always knew that kite flying required some skill but who would have thought it was so dangerous :)!!! So much fun.............thank you for this wonderful depiction.
17th January 2023

Antiquity Buff
We enjoy your snippets of Indian culture and history Paul. All helps us to understand what a remarkable place India is.
15th January 2023

Eye opener
Paul, A belated thanks for your New Years wishes. All I could imagine while reading this were the travails of Charley Brown and his kite flying disasters. A reference you might not recall though. But the difference as I recall was his blunders happened alone…no fighting with others with nasty string. I hope things are good for you over there.
16th January 2023

Charlie Brown
Yes I remember all that.. but had forgotten ... thanks. I just added a few extra bits to the blog about Babu... to add a personal touch. Yes I am OK... there are moments of course when I ask myself "what the F&^K am I doing here?" but then again, that is not an unusual question that pops up in Wamberal too :) All about the flow and embracing where one is. Mostly though it's pretty special here.
15th January 2023
Ya gotta be in it to cut it... and I got cut real fast

And why no one thinks to wear gloves is anyone's guess ;-)
16th January 2023
Ya gotta be in it to cut it... and I got cut real fast

That would take from the sensitivity needed I think... would need to be pretty special gloves... possible but expensive. So I have now added a few extra bits to the blog about Babu should you care to re-read .... or not. x
9th January 2023
Naryan 1948 - 2022

your blog is very impressive and easy to readable and thanks for sharing this blog. ELEGANT
16th January 2023
Naryan 1948 - 2022

easy to read...
that is good feedback.. thanks so much.
7th January 2023

Privileged Position
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes, indeed some are content at home and created their good life ... and others wander. Both decisions are good as long as you are doing the one that is right for you.
7th January 2023

Once again a world traveler confronts unfounded BS and finds a solution. I was shaking my head as I read the mess you were in. Welcome back to India.
7th January 2023

The Solution
So the solution of course was to just let it be and go with it... perception is everything :) In the end it was a nice trip of my making vs a complete hassle :))

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