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16th May 2015

Are you travelling with Top Deck?
Hey, I've just had a read of you last few posts and they sound a lot like the tour I'm taking with Top Deck in 2 weeks! Are you on the Mega European tour or something shorter?
16th May 2015

my tour was with the company expat explore - i have never heard of top deck. but i'm sure you will have a great time! :)
19th December 2013

We do read your blog and enjoy it.
We have friends in Nagasaki prefecture and have visited Japan and enjoyed it. I love reading peoples experiences and I thank you for sharing them with us. We live in Toronto Canada and from our family to yours Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing your blog and people do read them. Steve and Linda Glover
18th December 2013

Maybe a higher power is leading you in your life as it was mean\'t to be.......and you are letting it happen. Love you lots....
5th July 2013
aquarium 009

Love the penguins
Great photo
10th May 2013

Its good that you found another path to go back upon, for some odd reason nothing grates with me more than when you walk a certain amount of hours in one direction and then have to turn around and walk back exactly the same way, not to sure why that bugs me, it just does!
30th March 2013

Love your pictures.....but I am sure just being there is so overwhelming.......glad you had free time to go and enjoy.......with the artist in you could you paint or draw what you are seeing. I wish I could become another G/ma Moses I am so jealous of people who can draw. However I realize it might not be your thing....Love you.....
29th March 2013

Great pics. Beautiful.,.....
28th March 2013

Amazing pictures
I always feel happy when foreigners compliment Japanese culture or life. Since I graduated from high school and moved to Tokyo, I often visit Inokashira park. It's my favorite place. Therefore I'm glad to hear that you satisfied with that amazing park. I hope you can see full blooms this weekend. Thank you for your brilliant pictures.
7th November 2012

Hi. I went there to Taishakuten Temple last weekend. The carvings there (showing the various tales associated to Buddhism) are marevelous, aren't they? I saw many parents bringing kids for 7-5-3. Had some snacks there too. Cheers.
6th August 2012

Beautiful pictures, Katy
Just got on your blog again. It has been a while. Had about 30 of the family here the last week end in July. Had a great time. Taught a bunch of the grands Garbage. We had people sleeping in every room except kitchen and bath. Two on the deck and one in a car. Missed you. Glad you are liking your new job etc. It must be so beautiful their in Japan. We are getting 4 huge trees in the back yard removed and lots of trimming done on the other trees. Getting so old, they need attention. Love you. Grandma S.
24th July 2012

Good News
Nice to know that things are going better for you..........sounds like you chose the right school to start your teaching even if it is so far away. Be careful walking in the dark .... pay attention to what you are doing........I know it is that old G/ma that worries too much. It is just because I love you. Sure enjoying your blogs......I have let Arlene read them too and she worried about you in the beginning when things were not going as well. Take good care of yourself and I will be looking forward to your next blog. LOVE YOU. G/ma Jo.
From Blog: Yokohama Proper
10th July 2012

Hi Katy,
Really have enjoyed readying your blog. I didn't get up some of the pictures though??? Hard to think of you so far away. We are so dry here in Union. Have been carrying water to the flowers and veggies. I too, hang out clothes if possible. Did all the laundry of the basement bedrroms yesterday for when Steve's all get here on July 26. Gpa helped me make the beds again this morning. I have to go get a squamous cell carcinoma cut out this Friday. It is on the middle of my back!! I had never even heard of that kind of cancer. sending our love to you, Grpa and Grdma S.
From Blog: Training Week
3rd July 2012

Hello, there. There is wi-fi in all McDonalds as well as in most Starbucks, as well as hundreds of locations throughout Japan, but they are just locked by codes for the use of virtually everyone in Japan who contracts for various wi-fi deals when buying a notebook. You can also contract for Yodobashi's Wireless Gate for some fee, or get a Pocket Wi-Fi. Starbucks is now freeing the use of wi-fi upon registration. Free wi-fi means management issue against internet related crimes in Japan. About ATMs - Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ has 24 hour open ATMs, if you have their account. As they are not my main bank I do end up with no cash with me at 21:01 on Sunday evenings, and have to use my credit card which I dislike because of the reasons you've mentioned.
28th June 2012

Um, you should ask people in whatever language, if you're stuck with directions (ask in simple words: "Oedo line platforms?" "JR Yokohama station?"). People won't tell you to get lost, they will happily point the place to you. Good luck!
From Blog: Arrival
26th June 2012

Considering you managed to get to their place by yourself after sleeping so little... YOU ARE DOING GREAT! And don't you JUST LOVE IT when "Get things done" mode comes over you? And hey, at least when you made minor mistakes you caught them very quickly and didn't just collapse in a heap of nonobservance on the train. I forgot about this travel blog but I'm so happy I subscribed back when you went to Germany ♥ can't wait to hear about your adventures (no matter how uneventful some may seem to you).
From Blog: Arrival
23rd May 2011

Good Luck
You are such a good writer and such a sweet girl. I Like reeding your block and am happy for you that you love your life a lot. My life unfortunatly is the opposite its just plain horror. I will pray for you at the Evangelische Kirchentag in Dresden next week. Have a look at that event to, it is supposed to be nice. I wish you a good time here in germany.
16th May 2011

Whoops I forgot to put my name on that last one, EL OH EL.
16th May 2011

Omg those church pictures are so pretty and the houses are so adorableeeeeeeee~
15th May 2011

I got it!
Hey, Kate, I have found your blog! It's great! I love your pictures and your writing, as usual, is very descriptive and entertaining. We did note there is a lot of beer being mentioned! :-) Sounds like you are having a great time with, of course, a few trying moments but that's part of traveling. Did I see Jin on your bed in one of the pictures? It looked like Gasper sitting there! Miss you! Love, Mom
15th May 2011

Welcome to Europe, Katy! :) It's really interesting to read your thoughts about people and Dresden from your (American) point of view, although I live in a neighbouring country (I visited Dresden just once when I was a child and back then it was a different town :) Have a nice stay!
14th May 2011

Omg all the pictures are so pretty~ Also at some point you should totally say "Zurich Lake......WO?" to keep Nagase's legend of German fail going strong. 8Db

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