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Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Kasauli January 15th 2011

DAY 7 15th January 2011 Woke at 06.00am with thunderstorm and fog! Due to weather and on advise from our driver, we decided to change our plans as the long drive to Dharamsala seemed a bit pointless in these conditions! It was going to be a 10 hour drive anyway, which we didn’t realise so we were happy to visit another hill station – Kasauli. Kasauli (6000ft above sea level) is the closest hill station to the plains and is an army base. The authorities have imposed planning restrictions which means that the old town remains as it was in the British Raj with old fashioned buildings with gabled roofs and wooden balconies. There was supposed to be some wonderful views on the way there and also views of Shimla, but because of the fog we ... read more
Christ Church in the Fog!
Monkeys on the Roof!
Shimla Shawl!

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Shimla January 15th 2011

DAY 6 14th January 2011 Looked out of the window and it was snowing and monkeys were climbing over hotel windows and running along the road! Had a good breakfast of cornflakes and toast and met Daneesh our tour guide! Shimla is an old hill station, encircled by seven hills, where the viceroys of the British Raj used to spend their summers so it seemed fitting that we visited the Viceregal Lodge on top of Observatory Hill. A very impressive building and we also had a short tour of the inside and were shown the room where Lord Mountbatten and the Rulers of Pakistan & india sat down in 1947 to discuss and sign Partition. Onward to the Jakhu Hill Temple on Jakhu Hill (2450m) where there is a legend about Hanuman resting there waiting for ... read more
Viceroys Palace
Anglican Church at top of Hill
The Ridge

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Shimla January 15th 2011

DAY 5 After a ‘quick’ breakfast of mouldy cornflakes and dry toast............. Took about an hour to get from Chandigarh to Kalka and as we were there in good time to catch the Himalayan Queen 12.10 train to Shimla, we decided to have a look around the busy town of Kalka. The town was buzzing with cars, bikes, buses, people and cows!! The shopkeepers shoo these Sacred Cows away from the shops as they try to eat their wares ie peanuts, popcorn, veggies etc and the cars and bikes just drive around them as the cows stroll about wherever they choose! Bought some freshly made popcorn from a street seller and back at the station discovered that the train was delayed an hour as they were waiting for the Shabti Express from Delhi and this train ... read more
Himalayan Queen
Cow on track!
Refreshment stop!

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh January 15th 2011

DAY 4 Thick Fog!! As it was so bad, down to about 30 metres in places, we offered our driver the chance of a couple of hours rest to see if it cleared a bit but he seemed completely unphased by the fog and happy to drive! They say that driving at night and in fog is to be avoided if at all possible as few roads are lit and few vehicles have working headlights. You can play a game: 1. One headlight – any of the above One headlight coming toward you – a motorcycle or a truck with one broken headlight. 2. Two headlights – two motorcycles, or a car passing a truck, each with one headlight broken. 3. Three headlights – One truck passing a car, or two trucks and one motorcycle 4. ... read more
Gardeners in the Rose garden
Nek Changs Rock Garden
Rock Garden

Asia » India January 11th 2011

11th January 2011 DAY 3 Got up early as being collected at 8.00am for an approx 6hr drive to Haridwar. Still quite foggy and roads quite chaotic in the Delhi rush hour. It was also quite chilly this morning so people were lighting fires on the streets and huddling around to get warm, with the odd stray dog sometimes joining the little circle Getting out of the city took about an hour with traffic coming literally from all directions – it is not unusual to overtake a car going the wrong way, or a tractor or a rickshaw! And every time that someone is about to overtake or undertake they beep their horn! They tend to drive on left side of road but on a road where there are two lanes they will drive on the ... read more
On the Road!
Just a bit Overloaded!

Asia January 10th 2011

After a fitful night sleep.....we should not have gone to bed at 7.30pm as we were wide awake by 23.00pm and couldnt get back to sleep!! Maybe a bit of jetlag but also strange sounds and noises from outside...although considering this is the capital of India it wasnt too bad! Anyway, breakfast of cornflakes and toast in room - no spices and then downstairs to meet our guide for the day. A grand tour of Delhi was the plan and we saw the oldest mosque in Delhi, had a rickshaw ride around Chandi Chowk the old market.......culture shock really - electricity wires everywhere, people sat on the floor weighing out peas, dusty side streets, several near collisions in the tiny alleyways!! We survived and continued to Ghandis' tomb and park passing a couple of elephants on ... read more
Indian squirrel!
Tomb of Ghandi

Asia January 9th 2011 we are in Delhi! The flight was delayed by about an hour for various reasons – ie they had to de-ice the wings (?!!) and then take some suitcases off because some people hadn’t turned up, so eventually arrived at Delhi airport, in the fog, about 12.30pm. Met up again with a couple of Indians we had met in the queue at Heathrow and passed an hour or so with them waiting for our case! Also got some currency at the airport (Rate 65.14) so eventually went to Costa Coffee to meet our representative over 1 ½ hours late! Anyway, there he was with Chris’ name board and he took us outside to meet our car driver who was to drive us to Hotel Dreamland, Karol Bagh, Delhi. First impressions of Delhi were was ... read more
Daisys Travels!
The oldest mosque in Delhi
Qutb Minar

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