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Cayman Islands Lolol I guess this is how we had to end the trip, a little hard wind and rain to get the blood pumping. The tickets we got for the trip have changeable dates and locations (somewhat) so the Cayman Islands werent even on our original itinerary..... but as the trip started to draw to an end, we cut a day here or there in Europe to save money and added the Cayman Islands to round the trip out... nothing like a little sun and relaxation to bring us home relaxed and refreshed. As we looked at adding the Caribbean and juggled which island to hit we narrowed it down to a few and took a stab at the Caymans. No sooner had we booked the trip than good'ol Hurricane Dean showed up shaking its ... read more
The couple shot.
Another shot from the snorkel trip....
Shot from 7 mile beach.

Europe » Spain August 28th 2007

We arrived in Spain on what has to be one of, if not the bumpiest flight I have ever been on, good thing I´m good at a joking laugh and feigning confidence...... because Venny was a mess. Despite the turbulence we arrived in good form and hopped a bus from the airport to our first stop, Malaga. Malaga Malaga is a mid-sized city on the southern coast of Spain, I had always heard good things about the city so I was looking forward to finding a room and getting out to see the sights. We did three nights in and around the town and there was quite a bit to see.... and on top of that a beach which is always a worthy distraction in itself. We actually celebrated Venny's birthday here at of all ... read more
Shot inside of Malaga church.
Picasso museum.... odd art at its best!
Us from top of fort looking over city.

Europe » Italy August 28th 2007

My travel interests generally lie outside of Europe but I have always wanted to visit Italy and it did not dissapoint... I guess it helps that I am a huge fan of Italian food and believe it or not they have tons of the stuff there. We arrived from Paris to Rome and made our way to the center of the city to begin what would be an enjoyable time in Italia. It was a pretty hot day so I left Venny at a cafe to walk a few blocks and find a hotel (which is laughable as I know absolutely no Italian *Venny does*....... but the thought hadnt even crossed my mind yet). I had sent an e-mail to a hotel requesting a room but they had not responded so upon seeing the hotel I ... read more
Palace in Rome.
Roman fountain.
Pantheon, Rome.

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 16th 2007

Paris Paris Paris.... I had always resisted visiting Paris and it was never on my list of places to do as it seemed to be too overdone and overhyped and seemed like any other metropolitan city, just in another country. I´m glad to say that I was wrong and it ended up being a nice lil surprise for me. We arrived in Paris in typical Redmond style..... looking like deer in the headlights trying to figure out which was is up and which direction leads where with no hotel reservations, no map and an inkling of the French language (After a few countries you realise the futility of trying to learn another language in a week and a half and learn the basics and throw yourself at the mercy of pigeon language, body language and multi-lingual ... read more
Eiffel tower the night we arrived.
Paris at night2

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam August 16th 2007

Amsterdam..... it was actually a return trip for me but Venny's first trip.......... for us it was our first time in a Western Nation since April (not counting layover in Madrid before Mo-crock-o *get it..... Mo-crock..... oh forget it!). We arrived and had to scrounge up a room near the airport where we had to stay a night before moving to the city center and Rembrandt square as there was a big gay/lesbian celebration winding up and most of the hotels in the city center were booked. What a change, straight from Islamic Morocco to the tail end of a gay/lesbian celebration in a town where marijuana and prostitution are legal...... Being in a western nation was a breath of fresh air and it made you appreciate the little things we take for granted, * A ... read more
Amsterdam canal 2
Dam Square
Canal 3

Africa » Morocco August 4th 2007

Morocco huh, who put that on the itinerary.......... oh was it me?!?!?!? Morocco was bit of a doozy as far as travel destinations go. The country is alot less accessible than other places we have visited and it took more out of you to function within its borders, that being said it was not just a sit back and everyone can kinda understand english kinda place (Dont even try to learn Moroccan Arabic, which is different than standard Arabic and only understood in Morocco and parts of Algeria.... french gets you by though) and it was more difficult to maneuver than anywhere else we travelled so far...... as the title says, same planet different world. Morocco was a mix of ups and downs. For every good experience like the beautiful city like Essaouira, there was a ... read more
Prayer mats, Hassan II Mosque
Venny in downstairs of Mosque
Dwayne and Ceycette downstairs

Africa » Tanzania » North » Serengeti National Park July 18th 2007

The site hosting these blogs suffered some form of cyber attack and lost some of its content, I am not about to retype the safari entry (although it was by far my favorite) but I am reposting some of the photos. -G... read more
A crocodile riverside.
Lioness crossing...... shhhhh be very quiet!
Bird nests dotted alot of the trees.

Africa » Tanzania » Zanzibar July 18th 2007

Zanzibar Island Zanzibar is a small island off the coast of Tanzania and of note because of its beaches and rich culture. The island has always served as an important shipping destination throughout time and has African, Arab and European architectural and cultural influences................ makes for an interesting mix. We left the mainland and took the 2 hour ferry ride to Zanzibar, upon arrival oddly enough we had to go through customs again even though the island is part of Tanzania. Later we would find out from the locals that they operate somewhat different from the mainland and actually want independence as they feel underserved by the mainland government..... later as we traveled the island I could see some of what they were talking about as the roads to major income producing areas of the ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor June 23rd 2007

Cambodia??? I'm such a follower......... so the itinerary changed, cross out South Africa (only going cuz it was a transfer point anyway + it's winter there) and add Cambodia of all places. Why you ask? EVERYONE we ran into in S. East Asia kept telling us that you HAVE to visit Angkor Wat!! Cambodia was never on my list of places to see but I really enjoyed it and cant recommend Angkor Wat enough. Phnom Penh Angkor Wat is in the city of Siem Reap but we started this trip out in the glorious city of Phnom Penh because of flight logistics etc.. We did one night here and it put a nice spin on the trip. We left the airport to the usual chorus of taxi drivers......... we picked a driver and made it ... read more

Asia » Thailand June 16th 2007

Bangkok We arrived in Thailand after a short flight from Saigon and played a brief bout of where to and how much with the usual mob of taxi drivers. We haggled for a while before finding out there is a bus for $1.50 apiece that drops us off right at the infamous Khaosan Road (Taxi drivers wanted $15+). Khaosan Road Khaosan Road is known as a "tourist ghetto" of sorts and has a host of bare bones rooms w/a bed, small T.V. and a bathroom down the hall. One of the places even showed me a maintenance room converted into a hotel room and told me not to leave the lights on when we were out because it might start a fire......... gotta love it. We looked at a bunch of places before going a ... read more
Kickboxing match.
Wat Phraw.
Venny outside Wat Phraw.

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