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12th June 2014
Lioness at night

Great shot
How did you capture this? Did you have a separate spot light? Great photo!
27th November 2014
Lioness at night

Night shot
I just saw this but the night safari's had spotlights on the vehicles.
9th September 2011

Wecome back! Thanks for the amazing blog. I felt like I was out there with ytou... minus the hyenas :)
7th September 2011

Hi George, Thank you for remembering me and for taking me on this fantastic journey with you; you and Vinnie are 2 brave and adventurous souls.
19th August 2011
Out and about

Chaps!!! What a fun night!
19th August 2011
Guesthouse room

It was awesome waking up to serenity with a cup of coffee in hand.
19th August 2011

Don't say it's over
I have so enjoyed traveling the world with you vicariously. Where we goin' next?
21st July 2011

Hey George! Griselda has been forwarding me your blog entries and I am completely jealous and in awe! Looks like you and your wife are having a wonderful time. I love reading your perspective on different places and the photographs are amazing. I'm soooooooo jealous that ya'll are able to do that! Keep them coming!
20th July 2011

nice pic
pic r great! Write a kids (preschool) book???
10th July 2011

Patience Danielson. Beauty has it's thorns. Great history in the photos
29th June 2011
Photo 2

Hi u 2. You both look "HOT" but happy. I'm glad you are putting your learned knowledge as you travel. The photos are great. I've only seen in books what you guys are experiencing. I'm smiling through you. G. you look like the locals. (That is a compliment) -- Husband rule # 4 -- I'm glad V got her things back. You guys b careful. Great Pic -- Maybe others will visit the area. -- Missing u for the 4th.. It's not the same -- maybe next year.
22nd June 2011

Wow Venni! All the stuff we learned about in art history!!!
21st June 2011's been pretty exciting here too! are an absolute nut and that's why we miss you! Just try to stay alive girl! Dang...checking out your blog is more exciting than most tv shows! Lucky,crazy you!
22nd May 2011

Thai islands
OMG! Wow, the pictures from your trip are amazing! It looks like you guys are enjoying some much needed R & R on this part of your adventures! Keep them pictures coming!
21st May 2011

Similan Island
Nice to read your blog again. It would have been hard for me to leave. The beach looks sooooo inviting? Hey, did the kid say thanks for the save? Keep those blogs coming. Y & P
17th May 2011

Henry and I laughed! You guys seem to be enjoying and I'm enjoying through your writing. Great photo's. All is well. Somebody's BD is soooon!
14th May 2011

Tsunami bait. There I said it!! Keep up the good work with the writing and pictures. Working class Joes who are literate like to live vicariously.
9th May 2011

You guys look so relaxed! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us! Beautiful pics! Oh and p.s. sip on some pepto daily to help with the stomach issues, my doc recommended that to me the last time I was traveling abroad ;0 )
6th May 2011
Photo 16

Love it
You both look great and very relax. I am so happy ya are having a great time.
6th May 2011

India to thailand
Hi u guys. It is good to see you are forging on with a positive attitude. Hey, Vin. Were you angry on one of the photos at the station?? I don't think I could have taken the heat. I'm sharing your blogg with my friend. Keep having fun.
3rd May 2011

Awesome pics!
Hey girl! Hope you are having a better time than Karl Pilkington did! Miss you! Stay in touch!
3rd May 2011

Yeah at it again...
Should be at it for a few months... quit our jobs in Austin and moving back to the Bay!
2nd May 2011

I feel like I was there too! Thanks for sharing your adventures and amazing pictures! You guys be safe! Love, Jess
2nd May 2011

New Delhi Dally
Venny & George, thanks for the update. Sounds like you're not going to pursue IT jobs there. Great photos, nice storytelling. Can't wait to hear what you have to say about Thailand. Stay safe, and send us more.
28th April 2011
Me & V

You two are SOOO brave!
Love the pics, and love the narrative. George - you are quite the writer!! You two are so brave for traveling the world as you are. I'm glad you have each other to keep yourselves safe and sound. Happy trails to you!! ~Janelle~

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