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Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen November 9th 2007

Not again... I don't know why it has to be so bloody difficult to fly these days. I mean, the concept hasn't really changed that much. You arrive at the airport, board the plane and take off. This Friday proved to be another good example of why flying in Europe is usually best avoided. Yes, the fact is that when it comes to airline operations, the first world still has a lot to learn from the third. But before jumping into the fray, let me first ponder a moment on the reason for this annoyment. The story begins on December 31, 2006. As luck would have it, I had a sizeable chunk of Eurobonus points to spend, points destined to be scrapped at the end of the year. I had completely forgot about this, and with ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok September 12th 2007

Kay and I had brainstormed and come up with a fresh new location. Or actually, it was a tip from her friend Holly. The magic word was Pai. I had never heard of the place, and neither had Kay, but it was supposed to be a nice place, and a bit off the beaten track. Mindful of the traveller hordes trampling Thailand beneath them (Ok, that was unfair, I simply want a bit of peace and quiet...) this sounded promising. In fact, the more we looked into it, the more perfect it seemed, until I came across a website that claimed Pai was hippie-country. A friend of mine asked if we planned to do some... smoking... there. While I started getting cold feet Kay didn't mind, but I fired up Google Earth to look for similar ... read more
Feels good to be here...
Quick cooler
Kay found a new snack

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg September 11th 2007

Having endured yet another boring summer at the office I was finally gearing up for my first long escape from work, and the thought was very refreshing. This time I had scheduled a few weeks to catch up with old friends; and circumstances had allowed for me and Joanne to be able to visit Thailand at the same time. And not only that; I had learnt that my old friend Manuella from Timor Leste was on holiday in China at this time - a hasty arrangement and we decided to meet up in Hong Kong. It was looking to be a busy trip with lots of interesting reunions which made my cynical heart smile a little. I had prepared by bringing loads of fish, the only European staple to meet with a high enough approval rate ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm June 11th 2007

There's not a whole lot to say really. I had packed everything up last night, my bags now filled to the brim with cds and dangerously close to disintegrate upon rough handling. After an uneasy sleep nothing remained than to checkout in the early hours and make my way among the sleepy morning commuters. As another working week begun, my stay was abruptly cut short again. Over at Chek Lap Kok airport I boarded the Finnair MD-11 in short order and noticed that the cabin was only about half-full. No wonder that they had been running their campaign. It looked as if I was going to get three seats all to myself when the last two, and I mean very last two passengers boarded, they were both supersize and had their eyes on my seat row. ... read more
Technically, I could make that return trip six times if I wanted

Asia » China » Guangdong » Shenzhen June 10th 2007

There wasn't much point in finally coming to rest at five in the morning, only to have to get up one and a half hours later. As I lay there like a trainwreck looking at the dreary and rainy morning outside, it would have been an easy thing to call off the border excursion to Shenzhen, were it not for the fact that I had already made plans with three of my friends. And what a plan it was! As my dear friend Joanne had got wind of the fact that I was headed to Hong Kong (and was suitably pissed off that I didn't come to Beijing instead...) I had invited her to come down to Hong Kong to meet me. Unfortunately she didn't hold the necessary travel permit and obtaining one on such shorthand ... read more
Off we go!
The Shenzhen experience
All roads lead to Shenzhen

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island June 9th 2007

On the night between the ninth and tenth of June the weather changed. There had been a forecast out since a couple of days, a forecast telling of storm gusts and lots of rain. Well, it proved to be true. As I was lying there trying to sleep the thunder and lightning started some time after midnight. It was impossible to try not to notice it. The room was illuminated by constant lightning, although the thunder was more discrete, rumbling a bit in the background. Except on occassion it would creep really close and slam so hard through the buildings that the vibrations would set off car alarms in the street. It wasn't until around three or four in the morning that the rain followed. Suddenly the views of Victoria Harbour disappeared. Before long you couldn't ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island June 8th 2007

Friday - Maxxing out the credit card Well, it wasn't really as bad as it sounds, but Friday proved to make a big dent in my travel budget as I was occupying myself by continuing to hunt for good music. I had got a tip from my friend Michael that there were a number of second hand cd shops to be found at the Sino Centre, a marketplace style shopping arcade on Nathan Road close to Yau Ma Tei. When I finally came to my senses after a long sleep I headed out back to Kowloon in the early afternoon. At first I walked right past it without noticing, it is not uncommon for shops and buildings to seem very inconspicious on the outside, I guess it is because of the constant onslaught of advertisements and ... read more
Sold! - Fortress Hill
Yee Wo street, Causeway Bay
International Curry House

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 7th 2007

Wednesday - The long haul Come June 6th and time for Sweden to celebrate its newly instated National Day holiday. What a perfect excuse to go abroad! Everything had been kinda busy the past two days tying up loose knots at the office and getting my travel gear ready. But there was also another dimension to this trip. Apart from being a groovy time out in one of my absolute favourite places on Earth it also holds a deeper symbology to me. Not only was it an incredible three years since last I visited, it was also on the first of July I had departed for Hong Kong on my very first trip to Southeast Asia five years ago, and I had really been wanting to mark this important passing on site. It marked the start ... read more
My humble dwelling at the Ibis North Point
Traffic, Nathan Road
Looking for chicks? Try the hotel...

Europe » Sweden » Jönköping County » Jönköping June 3rd 2007

It happened on a Friday late in the afternoon. I was at my desk feeding yet another redundant time management system with the weekly time report before calling it a day and heading home for the weekend. Little did I know that the stale boredom of the office routine was about to be changed rather abruptly. It started with an email forwarded by my colleague Patrick, one of those promotional blurbs from a travel website. However, sharing my passion for Asia (as well as having endured my endless bitching about wanting to go to Hong Kong or Bangkok but not finding any reasonably priced tickets) he had noticed flights to Asia starting at around 3500 SEK (that's roughly €400 or $500 for you int'l readers...) and figured it could be worth checking out. The campaign was ... read more

Asia » Bhutan » Trashiyangtse October 9th 2006

Waking up in the annex I fall prey to the usual tug of war; and as usual the warm bed always seems to lose in favour of a cold water shower, I don't know quite how that works. Dorji comes by to pick me up to drive me over to the hotel for breakfast, the token toasts with jam and some tea. It is a lovely morning, sunshine and quite warm already. I have some time to walk around town while we wait for the dzong to open up. Some of the shops located at the main square have already opened and I peek into the photo shop to inquire about film; turns out they don't stock such material at all, only an assortment of frames in various size and colour. After a short ride to ... read more
Early morning downtown Trashigang
Early morning in Trashigang
The chillies out to dry

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