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14th April 2012

A time for reflection...being in an exotic locale for a Royal funeral...where royalty is very dear. Thank you for sharing the event with us.
11th April 2012

Thank you for your detailed account of this highly unusual and solemn event.
I brought back a long forgotten memory from childhood in Thailand in the 1950's when I too attended a royal cremation at the Sanam Luang (Golden Field). For me at the time it was a traumatic event as I had little previous exposure to death; thus better forgotten, but now gratefully remembered.
30th March 2012

Beautiful blog Johan...breathtaking pics...the tectonic forces etched in the panorama...Ladakh...still top of my wish blog soon please.
26th October 2011

LADAKH of our "Wish List" but due to the small window of the year one can access...we rely on you for the pictures & stories...keep them coming, Johan.
From Blog: Hemis Goemba
8th June 2011

it's a place I've longed to spend time - I'm envious - It looks and feels just as I imagined. i saw sleepy dogs like yours when i was in gyanste - their coats were real hound fur. beautiful.
8th June 2011
Paykan pick-up

Nice Vanet!
Nice shot! I have made a post with this photo, and full credit to you, in my Blog about Paykan: take a look! Cheers, Shahin
4th May 2011

Ladakh is one of our dream destinations...but due to the narrow time of year for access, we keep putting it off. Thank you for reviving our interest.
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21st April 2011

Hang in there...
Hi, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your blog especially cs two years ago my boyfreidn and I went to Delhi and on the first couple of days had much the same experience as you. We were sooo angry by the end of day one that we headed straight for the Himalayas. Anyway, our flight home was out of Delhi so we had to go back at the end of our trip. So after we'd had a month of getting used to the way they rip tourists off, the constant stares and acquired an idea of how much things should cost we had an awesome time in Delhi. So maybe if you go back next time you'll have a much more enjoyable experience. We certainly did!!
20th April 2011

Great Blog ...
Thanks for sharing!
8th October 2010
Snack time again!

Life as it is sometimes is better than its original colors
Nice shots, Bro! You must have spent a heck of time in the densest part of Jakarta. Those polluted rivers, my late dad used to swim in there back in the 1940's. He said the water was cool then, refreshing. Ah, if only the waters condition could be reversed.
30th September 2010
Mount Matebian (2315m) sleeps in the distance

i like mount matebian
i very like this mount and maybe i want go to visit this mount thanks for adding this picture in here,.....
9th September 2010
Nissan Diesel L6 Turbo 290

i want this car so please send me the prize , date of production and model engine etc by email thank u
From Blog: Cheesus!
5th August 2010
Coming up on Lobesa

hey thats my lobesa heeheehhehhe well m from this place and ya yaya realy beautiful like a....shingrila..a anewa misin my home..
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28th July 2010

latest development
Hi! nice to know you visited my place! Go visit this blog,, official blog for muarajambi temple and it's progress to date.. dont hesitate to contatc me anything u wanted to know about muarajambi temple and the cultures!
From Blog: Mission to Jambi
5th July 2010

One of the best-written blogs I've read on TB. How you managed to get so much wordage out of a plane flight leaves me in awe!
2nd July 2010
Hotel Nukus

one night in Nukus
I spent one night in this miserable hotel...what an experience!
18th May 2010

terrific humour
I had to cry from laughter, sensational power in using english
16th January 2010

Simply Great...!!
Hi Johan... I was sharing my flight journey with my friends and some of your pics reminded me of all those Wonderful sky scenes that I value a lot.. Thanks..! Kuldip
15th January 2010

Another window blind rebel
I really love your description of life on a long flight. I can completely relate to your need to open the blind, too. It drives me completely crazy when there is a wonderful starry sky or, even worse, a gorgeous sunrise or bright daylight over scenery or clouds and I have to sit in a claustrophobic, stuffy cave in dim light. The false "nights" they use to subdue the "inmates" are far too long, boring and a waste of the time I could be enjoying the experience of flying over our wonderful world. If I don't have a window seat, I go to the back of the plane, where there is usually a window over the emergency chute, and sneak a peak for as long as I can get away with it. The other thing I hate is when people have been lucky enough to get a window seat and then spend the whole flight with the blind down, even when they are allowed to have it up! Then no-one else can look out. Very selfish, I reckon. You have taken some great shots of exactly the kind of things I love to look out for. They were a joy to look at. Thanks for sharing them.
14th January 2010

Beautiful photos !
Such interesting photos of our planet from above. Amazingly good qualitu of the shots too.
14th January 2010

Wonderful Writing!
Such an enjoyable read, so well written. I really like your desciptions of onboard plane life...I can identify with everything so readily!
22nd December 2009

Hi! I loved this, eventhough I'm not going to travel to Bhutan but still! Keep it going and greetings from Finland!
3rd August 2009

Your chance picture
Hi, I was researching some Kyushu basho stuff because I want to go this year. Been everywhere else so might as well try. I came across your blog & how exciting to see your "chance picture" is with two of my best friends. They are from Onomatsu beya. On the right Kurosawa & left Keno. It is a small world afterall!! I enjoyed your pics too & I may stop by Shigenoumi's chanko place while I'm there.... but I'm usually exhausted after 8-6 of sumo every day for 15 days!!! Take care,Viki
1st May 2009

no coment
welcome to MALIANA.....)) exelent!!!!
29th October 2008

Reliving my memories
I lived in Mongar from October 1990 to May 1992, teaching in what was then Mongar Primary School. Recently I was telling someone about the Yadi loops and gave a google search and came across your site. Nice pictures. Shocking changes in the town. Wonder what my little school and my house in front looks like.

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