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9th August 2010

That is a ridiculous price to fuel up! lol, but then again, it's a big ship :P lol sounds interesting, what with you getting to see the engines and how to fix everything up, and things being different each day :) and i actually didn't know that everything needed to run a ship was in the engine room.. just thought there would only be engines :P haha impressive engines i might add :P did you get to do any cleaning or servicing for the engines..? again, i love your pics :) good to hear from you again! p.s. i love how in that "Blue Boys" pic, you are the only white guy :P hahaha
28th July 2010

So Beautiful!
I love your pics! They are so amazing, as usual! I'm glad you're having a good time.. I loved it when I went. I need to go back someday.. I forgot that I tossed a coin into the Trevi Fountain :)! Looking forward to hearing more about your trip! Take care! :) -- Alicia
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27th July 2010

Oh my, Garrett! (OMG?) Now they have you flinging yourself overboard - glad to hear you will be on the bridge as opposed to under the keel soon ;P Keep warm and dry, Mandy
27th July 2010

An awesome trip
Rome looks awesome, the Roman history has always facinated me, it is great to see your pictures. We were lucky enough to get a trip on the HMCS Vancouver and Mandy and were thinking of you during the tour of the ship. The crew is amazingly young, or maybe I am getting older than I feel. Looking forwar to hear more about life on board. Colin
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26th July 2010

Wish I was there!
Glad you had a chance to see the Colliseum and the other sites around Rome. It is a very beautiful city and when I see the pictures it makes me want to go back sooner rather than later. Make sure you get to the Vatican next time around as the Sistene Chapel is pretty unbelievable. Enjoy the world while you have the time off. Glad you are doing well. I am sure that you will have fun Navigating on the bridge soon.
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14th July 2010

Good to hear
Aww I'm so happy for you garrett (and very jealous might I add). Your blogs are always so enjoyable to read, lots of personality. Sounds like you're having a once and a live time trip. I can't believe you were the overboard dummy lol how'd you manage to get yourself in that position? What am I saying, you probally volunteered! Keep having fun and we'll see ya when you get back! oh... and what day is that exactly? I think some sort of welcome home party is in order :) Good to hear from you, Bye for now, Amanda
14th July 2010

Jumping overboard must have been a shit ton of fun, although Oscar is a pretty lame nickname, haha. Another solid blog post and although you didn't get to go in that looks like some sick architecture. Definitely still enjoying the blog posts, and I wonder how bad the cleaning was compared to what I did at the car wash, lol. You guys need a bucket stick :P
13th July 2010

OMYGOSH!! A SHARK!! :O lol.. that would've been soooo cool to see :) but scary at the same time.. i duno how i'd react actually :P i lol'd at the spanish kid :P awhh. haha also kinda funny you jumped overboard... sound like you had fun with that. and i agree...for a passenger.. after having gone overboard on a moving ship, watching the ship sail away has got to be one of the worst feelings :( although wouldn't you get pulled under the boat..? i duno.. anyways, glad to see you're having a good time! :) --Alicia :)
6th July 2010

junk mail is better than no mail!
you should totally post your mailing address online and hopefully get some quality spam before you leave. great blog garrett!
From Blog: 35 days down.
2nd July 2010

World cup
G I did the same thing 4 years ago when Portugal beat England. My wife is Portugese and I was wearing my Portugal jersey when we were watching the game in Budapest, Hungary surrounded by UK fans. I really didnt understand the fierce shall I say l"oathing" football fans have for the other team. I was nearly killed 3 times by UK fans! I used my diplomatic Canadian "peace keeping" charm to get myself out of some tight spots. Went back to the hotel and changed for my own safety! Sounds like you are continuing to have a great experience. Glad to hear that. Take care and do keep us posted on how things go. Best regards, Jeff
From Blog: 35 days down.
1st July 2010

Hi Garret
Wow. Great photos and I really enjoy your letter to go with the photos. You are doing such neat and interesting things. Sooooo responsible. I am very proud of you. Carry on! Love, Aunty Leanne
From Blog: 35 days down.
1st July 2010

Beer at Ikea ???
I have to know - what kind of beer do they sell at Ikea ? Is it from Sweden? Can't get enough of that wonderful Duff !!!!!
From Blog: 35 days down.
24th June 2010

World Cup
Nice to hear you are able to watch some soccer games. Hopefully there are some Aussies, Frenchmen, or Italians on board that you can remind how their teams are doing! Hopefully you bring some of those US dollars home.
16th June 2010

Looking pretty crazy so far, as always and as expected solid photos. You used to having such little personal space already? The photo of your cabin looked a little scary, haha. Sounds like the beginning of an awesome adventure accompanied by getting paid. I'll be sure to fire you an e-mail updating you on things around here although not much has happened. Ill be waiting for another updated and I can't wait to see brown Garrett when you get back, haha. Cheers.
13th June 2010

Hi Garrett, Hope you are having a fabulous time touring Europe and having a chance to see some sights. They can't have you working all the time! Take care. I wish I was there with you.
8th June 2010

We are jealous
Hi Garrett hope you will find this note in good health,Yes we are jealous for what you are all seeing ,but not for the getting up at 3 in the morning.We are doing fine but the weather is still only so so. By now you must be on your way to the canary isl, or the mediteranian. Thanks for the pictures, we are thinking of you. Your Grany and Grandad.
6th June 2010

Sweet Life!
Sounds like your having quite the adventure Garrett! Glad to see everything is working out and you haven't been kidnapped by eastern europeans (knock on wood) enjoy man!
6th June 2010

It's a co-op term with school. Google: BCIT Nautical Sciences
6th June 2010

Better Comment
You'll have to tell me how you got that gig, sounds awesome man. Keep up the posts.
5th June 2010

Sounds so dope.I definetly hope you were rockin' out to those 90s hits.Have fun!!!
5th June 2010

See, I told you...
Yup, see I told you How I Met Your Mother was awesome.
4th June 2010

Garrett! What an amazing experience. Talk about living your dreams. I am so impressed by your amazing start to an amazing future. Your mom is sooooooo Proud of you! Enjoy your journey! Enjoy your experiences...Keep up the posts...they allow the rest of us to live vicariously through your experience. Good Luck Barb
4th June 2010

Awesome Comment
Man your cabin looks like it could be the room you get your medical test in. Also I was totally picturing you sleeping in hammocks it would be much cooler and you could sway with the boat. The bridge looks awesome, does everyone that works on the boat love the song I'm on a boat? Anyways I will keep this short since I know it is costing you money to read this, you should copy pasta all the comments and then go offline so I can ramble more. ps; sasquatch was amazing if you feel like wasting bandwidth I have photos on fb
29th May 2010

Don't forget pictures. I will live these next few months through you.
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26th August 2008

Thank you !!
Thanks so much Garrett for your wonderful tour of Europe. I have always dreamed of travelling yet have somehow never found the time. It is especially meaningful to see it through a friend's eyes and read the fun comments of your friends too! PS We have a few artistic friends who contribute to deviant art too....
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