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26th July 2011
Finished Product

RCL Training video
G, Good to see you can add Movie Star to the resume! Hey, just wondering if you could get a copy of the video for us or send us a link. As always appreciate the update. Looks like you are getting to experience some very great things and some Sun! Unlike Vancouver.... Looking forward to the next update. Keep on having a great adventure. Cheers Jeff
26th July 2011

Love the travel blogs - keep 'em coming
On our Caribbean cruise, we got "stuck" at St. Maarten for two days, which was wonderful being able to do both nationalities of the island over 2 full days, including an off-the-cuff trip on the bumpy ferry to Anguilla, which was a highlight. You picked the right location for your day off, I think! Scott & I really look forward to reading your updates and keeping informed by your proud parents and W&D.
8th July 2011

Dude!!! Sooooooo cool! Except for the passing out, but at least you got the afternoon off. ;-) It seems you are having fun! That's awesome Garrett. Con. Heck, maybe a few less years and you'll be captaining a ship! Bravo man! Way to go! Mr. A.J.
7th July 2011

Stay hydrated!
Garrett, Not the best way to meet "cute girls" in the medical profession! I am certain they took good care of you. As always thanks for the update and photo's. The rescue boat looks like a blast! As you may have heard your are not missing much of a summer in Vancouver. Last couple of days were fantastic but its back to clouds and the threat of rain. Looking forward to the next update from more tropical climates! Best regards, Jeff
7th July 2011
Coast Guard Cutter

Amazing Journey's
Wow Garrett! What an amazing experience you continue to have. I am not sure how your mum feels about seeing pictures of you wired up to heart monitors but hey...just another part of the journey right? I can tell from your posts that you are living your dream. I am envious and thrilled you are able to do so. Keep us posted on your travels I look forward to your updates.
17th June 2011

Control of a $1.4 billion ship
If you can handle control of that boat, maybe when you get back your mom will let you drive her pickup truck!
30th April 2011

That's a lot of beer!
I can't imagine how much food, liquor,beer, bedding, towels, etc.. 8400 people go through in a week. Where do you store it all? and how much trash gets generated?
30th April 2011

Duuude that ship looks super intense! Awesome that you're learning lots, hopefully I'll get the same kind of learning experience when I go out. Waiting around at home kind of sucks, but at least its been over 18 degrees every day this week with sun, so im getting a tan before I head to ALASKA ..super gay. lol. Good to finally read a blog post! Keep em coming!
15th April 2011

wow, luuucckkkyyy!
the ship looks amazing garrett, absolutely unbelievable. can't wait for pictures!
13th April 2011

sweet mother... that thing is massive. have fun, and don't get lost in that thing.
12th April 2011

Congratulations, Garrett! You will love the Caribbean! I look forward to reading of your new adventures.
8th November 2010

Garrett, Fantastic photo's! Thanks for doing this and sharing your experiences with us. I feel like booking a vacation after seeing all the great places you visited. Again, many thanks. Jeff
9th September 2010

I am Jealous too!
Aside from being very jealous as to your travels, I am very happy to see you are getting some bridge time. That is what its all about. Well OK, that and great food (Paela) and good friends (Joe!). Don't lend Joe any money. He looks kind of shifty to me....Ha, ha. Enjoy the rest of the adventure!
9th September 2010

The rock looks so epic. Why Morroco?
9th September 2010

Your pictures are way too fantastic. The Camels and Hellvac especially look like they're out of National Geographic or something. Props!
8th September 2010

Im Jealous!
What a way to spend your 20th Birthday Garrett! Hope you have a fantastic day and that you will always remember where you were on this date. How was your camel Joe to ride? I never thought that Lanzarote was so baren, its very cool.
24th August 2010

Are you willing to bring back spices if you head to morocco??
24th August 2010

Monkey off your back!
I guess you can truly say you got a monkey off your back! German food night sounds great. I wonder how many more times you are going to report you had the best beer since leaving Canada? Wish I was there...
24th August 2010

Mr. B. Sweet. Thanks for the updates dawg. Looking like some very cool experiences!
24th August 2010

Awwhh!! i love the little ape that's just chillin' on you :P haha, i'm sort of jealous.. i love monkeys. Sounds like you're having an amazing time, what did horse steak taste like? 25 euros seems like a fair amount considering how much food you get plus drinks and dessert... unless they were super small portions. In which case, that is expensive! Bet you enjoy having a little bit more room for yourself huh? :P haha Looking forward to your next post! :) p.s. i quite enjoy the crazy signs :P haha
23rd August 2010

I am glad to see you are having fun. Not so glad to see you ate horse... tut tut tut Garrett. See you soon!
23rd August 2010

Hey Garrett, It is always great to get your updates. You are seeing soooo much and doing soooo many awesome things, way to go! When you tell about the 50 euro meal, and say you ate a horse steak!! does that mean a really big steak (I hope) or does that mean it was a steak from a horse? How was that, if it was from a horse? Enquiring mind wants to know. Love Aunty Leanne
23rd August 2010

Still Amazed
Wow! Your posts amaze me. It sounds fabulous and I am so envious that you are getting to see and experience all these wonderful places in the world...all for free! . What fabulous memories! continue enjoying your experience. Can't wait for the next post! Barb
16th August 2010

Never a dull moment! That's cool you're learning so much. I'll have to go to school for 4 years to learn to fix an engine...
9th August 2010

What a wonderful life!! You could not have found a better job! Thanks for the updates, we love going on the trips with you!!

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