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25th August 2017

Love Fez
Awesome trip. good to experience the normal side of living ,not the luxurious one of the city. Fez food specialties is my favorite. I would suggest next time to visit Meknes and Volubly.
28th July 2017

Awesome pictures. what adventure!! Moroccan people are so friendly and helpful specially the ones who live in rural area. I would recommend visiting Tafroute and Tiznit .
30th May 2017

Its being a long time for reading such a fabulous travel blog. Each and every moment is clearly explored by you. Best of luck for future. Great Blog.
24th March 2017
Delicious 'Ota 'Ika in Tonga

Sheep? Pigs?
Too many photos of farm animals, not enough photos of bikinis.
22nd September 2016

Garrett, really enjoy reading about your travels. Have seen your parents and few times in Port Moody. Did your sister ever give you a hug? I used to tell her that she should give her brother a big hug.
21st September 2016

You never cease to amaze!
Love your blogs and so happy to see all your success and enthusiasm!
16th September 2014

welcome to europe
Don't worry, mom hasn't drank all the wine in Italy yet. Next time you find yourself in some piazza, grab a seat and ask for a spritz. Very nice on a hot day
18th March 2014

G, Happy to see you are living large! Keep up the good work. Cheers, J
13th February 2014

Thanks for the update!
Garrett, Looks like a fantastic trip. Vietnam is still one of the places I really want to see along with Cambodia and Laos. When you get back drop by and give me some good pointers! Enjoy the rest of the adventure! Cheers, Jeff
30th November 2012

Very enjoyable
Garret, I sure find your travels exciting. Does your sister send you hugs! I used to ask her that everyday when I saw her RPSA and she sauid that she would never hug you.
29th November 2012

Super experiences!
Once again, Garrett, I love your blog. So much hands on learning and experiencing. I get to learn and experience through you! Continue on and enjoy it all. Love Aunty Leanne
18th November 2012

What a super experience!
Australia looks super fun and interesting, Garrett! I was just saying to your Mom, yesterday, that I was missing your fairly regular blog and then voila, later in the day I receive a post. I am thrilled that you are able to take such an adventure. The beach looks relaxing. Your friend Mel looks like she knows the places to show you. Petting a Kangaroo must have been a thrill. The 4x4 expedition sounds like it should be a good experience too! I enjoyed the photos of you and your parents on board ship. That is one huge playground you work on. Are you back on it any time soon? Have fun, take care and see lots, Love Aunty Leanne
9th September 2012

Awesome blog, man.
3rd September 2012

Nice cabin!
Maybe the person who cleans your cabin could do so before I arrive in October? And maybe make the bed, too!
3rd September 2012

Garrett the excellent bridge tour guide!
1st September 2012

Super to see you back on the seas!
Wow a cleaning service. You are going to be spoiled, just like your Mom does, wink wink! I love to see your updates in your blog. Take care and be safe. Love Aunty Leanne
8th March 2012

Excellent article, well done, I really enjoyed reading your article...
22nd November 2011

A Zamboni....
I'm thinking that most people in Canada would kill to drive a Zamboni. Doing it on a ship...You blow me away with your experiences every time I read about them. I know how excited your mum was to be seeing you. She misses you so much. Enjoy the rest of your journey and hopefully will see you on your return.
2nd November 2011

The picture with the Airbus A340 looks great. The airport is right on the beach, isn´t it?? I saw that on TV
25th October 2011

Counting down the days when we will see you. Love the pictures that you have taken.
25th October 2011

6 degrees C !
G, Glad to hear you are in warmer climates. Only 6 Degrees C in Van this am. Hey, hey! The ISF book is a requirement of TC. Thats one of the reasons why Cadets, in an approved Cadet program, only need 360 days of sea time as opposed to much more if you were to try to get your watchkeeping mates outside of the program. Glad to hear you passed the test! Best regards, Jeff
22nd October 2011

Love your stories
Maybe be uneventful to you - fasinating for me. I will actually be disappointed when you are back on land - so you will have to fill in with train stories. :) Sheree
21st September 2011
BBQ Party

Happy birthday, you old sea dog! Good to see you were able to spend time with family. Looks like you will have no problem understanding tropical storms..... Try to stay a way from the sharks. Lets hope the plexiglass tube holds up! Cheers, Jeff
21st September 2011

Hi Garrett - Happy (legal-in-all-countries) birthday to you from the McDonald clan, Glad to hear you had a great time with grandma & auntie. Scott & I really enjoy reading your blogs, checking out the pictures and looking for new places to vacation. Do I need to re-mortgage the house for the Atlantis Resort? Keep up the great work and look forward to hearing more in the coming weeks!
24th August 2011

enjoy the view
Garrett, Looks/sounds like you are having a great time. Thanks for letting me read what and where you have been. Sounds amazing! How much more training until you are the captain? Enjoy your last 3 months!

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