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23rd January 2013

wonderful comments!
Hello Gabanie, I love your squabbits! Happy Honeymoon. C.
18th December 2012

The wine sounds good to me with my "refined taste" which is mostly determined by price - inexpensive is my preference. Also, I like screw tops to save the cork hassel. Fortunately these two attributes are commonly found together. . Wishing you continued great adventures on your travels.
4th December 2012

Awesome Falls
Great pics. Wishing you well.
28th November 2012

Cannons, ocean, hills and each other - what a deal! I enjoy keeping up with your adventures.
27th November 2012

That Kilo business sounds super. That island looks ridiculously awesome!
24th November 2012

Hi! I just found your blog while looking for some info on ilha bela, I stayed in Paraty last year and went to the cachoeira do tobog√£, and couldn't help to tell you, there are like 3 or 4 other waterfalls just 5 mins away from that one and there's also like an abandoned pub right in the middle of the jungle that's kinda cool, it's such a shame... the local people gave me a bunch of info on my trip, if you ever get there again, just go to the hostels in praia do pontal, the Misti Chill and Geko Hostel are cheap, the receptionists are very usefull, they even told me how to get to praia do sono by foot (an amazing beach), they all speak english (or almost all) and you get to have breakfast in their beach bar. It's a cool thing for a low price. And one more thing! the snake creeped me out! Cheers!
17th November 2012

First Class!
Jeremy you da man!
12th November 2012

I am so excited to get to travel with you again. I enjoyed the ride so much last time. Thanks for your generosity of time and spirit. Love and safe travels. Kathleen
From Blog: Packing time!
12th November 2012

Holy list batman
All I know is I wasn't fully prepared for super cold days on my trip, it looks like you guys are better prepared than I with your fleece and sweater and rain coats.
From Blog: Packing time!
12th November 2012

Wow - You're doing it again!
Folks, you helped inspire my Asia trip and I am wanting to do another venture - so, it will be fun checking in on my two favorite travelers as you explore new places. And, travel list helpful. I use microfiber T shirts, the light zip off pants and even short socks to cut down on weight/volume. Surprising how little hand washing I have to do - hey - they're all strangers anyway.
From Blog: Packing time!
7th June 2010

Loved Your Blog
Thanks for a well-written series of articles. A rarity these days. I am heading to the Philippines for a four month trip in January. Regarding costs for lodging and food: Were they higher or lower than your expectations? How did they compare to the costs in Vietnam? Thanks for your help and by the way, the photos were wonderful. You either have talent or you have mastered Adobe PhotoShop. In either case, it's all good. Mike Richards Florida
From Blog: Day 175: Boracay
18th March 2010

Cashew Manga
For those who asked we stayed at the Cashew Manga. They have two oceanfront places, one large one with cold water and a smaller one with hot water, for 2500 pesos. The other rooms (maybe half a dozen) are 1500, no ocean view, cold water only. But all were nice and clean.
From Blog: Day 163: El Nido
16th March 2010

Great blog. Can you tell me where you stayed in El Nido, and if you'd recommend it (did it have a decent bathroom, etc.)? Thank you!
From Blog: Day 163: El Nido
13th March 2010

Wow! El Nido seems really fantastic! Anyways, may I know the name and contact details of the resort where you stayed? The resort's location (well, from the photos that you've posted) seems pretty good. Thanks.
From Blog: Day 163: El Nido
11th March 2010

nice place ... who bucolic Wow!!!!
11th March 2010

Your 1st post
Have followed your trip from start to the end and enjoyed your posts. If you were to look at your list of all the stuff you took along with you, What stuff did you find that you could delete.... I know that we always pack more than we could ever use...
From Blog: Day 175: Boracay
10th March 2010

Thank You
Gabe and Stephanie,You can not imagine how much I have enjoyed taking this 6 month trip with you. Thank you for taking the time to share as often as you did. I looked forward to each of your entries and have enjoyed dreaming about all your adventures. It has been awesome. Love, Kathleen Capella
10th March 2010

hahahah! KKK is in no way a reference to Ku Klux, but was rather a tagalog acronym for an anti- Spaniard revolutionary group, during the Spanish colonization. Have a gerat time in PI
From Blog: Day 168: Manila
10th March 2010

Those are the small ones?
Can't even imagine a full sized whale shark if those are the half size ones.
10th March 2010

LOL, K.K.K. it has nothing to do with the Klan! LOL
From Blog: Day 168: Manila
10th March 2010

We learned that historically, the KKK (Katipunan) was the secret organization of revolutionaries who fought for the Philippines independence from Spain. When we told our taxi driver what it refers to in the US, he was surprised!
From Blog: Day 168: Manila
9th March 2010

I'm dissapointed in the boat driver
That would have been an opportune moment to fake like you all needed to pull your hardest to get the engine started and then just let you and Stephanie launch yourself off the back of the boat as you pulled on nothing
9th March 2010

jagged cliffs
Whew! I can't believe those sharp, jagged cliffs! What a trek you guys did!
From Blog: Day 163: El Nido
8th March 2010

The gorgeous turquiose water color is really apparent in these photos. That looks amazing.
From Blog: Day 163: El Nido
7th March 2010

The sunglasses industry is huge here... no problem finding more! But I've actually held on to the same pair for over a month now. New record

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