Gabe and Stephanie


Gabe and Stephanie

Time for our honeymoon! Plan is to go Brazil ==> Argentina ==> Bolivia ==> Peru.

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni December 18th 2012

We've been back almost 3 weeks now - been putting off finishing the blogs. But the story must be told! So at last it is time for the second installment of our Tupiza-Uyuni tour, this covers day 3 and 4. First stop of day 3 was the "arbol de piedra" (tree of stone). I think you can see where it gets its name: The stone tree was off limits for climbing, but all the surrounding rocks had some nice bouldering opportunities. The cold and high altitude were an issue though, my fingers and lungs were hurting after scrambling up a few rocks. The next hour or so of driving was pretty barren, save for a few vicuñas and emu things (whatever they are called). It... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Salar de Uyuni December 16th 2012

Our 4 day, 3 night offroad tour was so epic it deserves two blogs. This is the first installment, covering days 1 and 2. The adventure started in Tupiza at 8am, where we met the other two travellers who would be sharing our vehicle for the next 4 days. It turned out they were a nice irish couple who were also on their honeymoon. The vehicle was a toyota landcruiser, and we later found out that every single tour agency all use landcruisers. They call them Jeeps though, so I will too. Our driver Mario spoke little english but he spoke very slow and simple Spanish that we were all able to understand. We were glad we saved the $20 each for the english speaking guide option. With the introductions made, we threw our big bags ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Potosí Department » Tupiza December 14th 2012

We got on a morning bus out of Tilcara for the border town of La Quiaca, Argentina. Luckily we wound up on the top in the front row, so we had some great views on the way. There were more colored hills, similar to Purmamarca. I snapped a few pictures from the bus: On the way up to La Quiaca our bus ran into some trouble and we were stopped for about 30 minutes. Not sure what was going on. Finally they got a group of locals to push start us and we were one our way again. In La Quiaca we got some lunch and caught a taxi to the border. The first taxi told us it would cost 100 pesos, which is ab... read more

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Tilcara December 13th 2012

Tilcara was one of my favorite towns in Argentina. Our first night in Tilcara we went to a local peña per our hostels recommendation. A peña is basically a little restaurant featuring live music during dinner. I had one of the local stews, which was awesome. The music was great too. It was about this time we decided we wanted to stay in Tilcara until we had to be in Bolivia. The next day I contacted the car rental place and they agreed to take a bus up to Tilcara (4 hours north of Salta) to pick up the car. This meant we were 4 hours closer to the border of Bolivia, which saved us a total of 8 hours of driving (4 on our own, 4 on a bus). It cost some extra $$ for ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Cafayate December 13th 2012

Cafayete is a cool little town, a lot more going on than Cachi. We´re glad we decided to stay there instead of Cachi as originally planned. We got dinner, hit the ATM then hit the hay. The next morning we got on the road again, heading north back towards Salta. This time the road was paved the whole way, unlike the mostly dirt roads of the day before. The views were pretty epic, once again. Red rocks coming out of the earth at an angle, wide open washes and rivers. On the way we stopped at a little canyon thing called Garganta del Diablo (devil´s throat), same name as the big waterfall in Iguazu. We had to take off our flip flops to scramble up the rocks. ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Salta December 10th 2012

In the 5 days we spent in the Salta / Jujuy provinces in NW argentina, we took almost 400 pictures and videos. The scenery up there is just mind blowing; we couldn´t stop taking pictures. It will be a while before I get them all uploaded with the sluggish internet around here (in Bolivia now). Needless to say I´m quite a bit behind with pictures and the blog, but it will get done eventually. Anywho... Our bus to Salta was the longest bus ride so far: 18 hours. Another bummer was there is no company that offers a super cama (seat that lays all the way flat) on that stretch. But this time we wised up and took sleeping pills which made the ride much more bearable. The bus left Mendoza at around 8pm, and got ... read more

South America » Argentina December 8th 2012

By this point in the trip we had spent 3 of the last 7 nights on buses. It was time for a break. Mendoza ended up being a good place to unwind. Mendoza is the heart of Argentinas wine country. It is a decent sized city but feels small, with a laid back attitude. They take their siestas serously (as does much of Argentina, we later found out). Most shops are open 9am to 12:30pm, and then 5pm to 9pm. Of our 5 days (4 nights) in Mendoza we only left town for two day trips. The rest of the time we just hung out, enjoyed the restaurants and plazas, researched our trip and read. We lucked out and booked a sweet 1 bedroom apartment right in the center of town. Here´s a view from the ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires December 3rd 2012

The overnight bus from Puerto Iguazu to Buenos Aires was our first experience on an Argentinian overnight bus. They know how to do it right. We went for the top of the line ¨super cama¨, which actually lays all the way flat. Each seat has its own TV with a selection of movies (most in Spanish but a few in English). They serve dinner, a nightcap, and breakfast. We got into BA on a Saturday morning. We had a hostel in the San Telmo area, which is an older neighborhood with cobblestone streets and old buildings. It was a pretty good location, close enough to walk to the central plaza where subways can take you around the city. After showers we walked to the plaza and checked out the Red House, pretty much the Argentinian version ... read more

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú December 1st 2012

We got into perto iguazu by taxi, an hour or so before sunset. We had booked a hotel online but didnt know exactly where it was, so we got dropped off at the central bus station. There we found a tourist office that spoke english, which was a nice change from Brazil where there was almost no english to be found. Armed with a city map we walked the 5 or so blocks to our hotel. It was still blistering hot and humid, so by the time we got to our hotel we were spent. Luckily they had a pool. It was filled with dead bugs and leaves but I didnt care, it felt great. Steph decided to play with some of the resident kittens instead. The next day we set out to see the Argentinian ... read more

We´ve been travelling pretty quickly since Floripa, no time to upload pictures and do blogs until now. Finally have some time to relax and a decent internet connection here in Mendoza so I´ll try and catch up. Getting the car returned in Floripa was a bit of an adventure. Traffic is pretty laid back on most of the island but it is hectic in centro, where the car rental and bus station are. Lots of 1 way streets and intersections without stoplights or stop signs, drivers are crazy too. Luckily we made it to the gas station to refuel and then to the car rental place without any new scratches on the car. Success! We took an overnight bus from Floripa to Foz do Iguacu, on the border of Brazil and Argentina. Foz´s main draw is ... read more

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