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9th August 2009

Hello Nancy and Joe, It sounds like a fabulous experience. I am so inspired that I have talked my husband (Gregory Rudolph) into coming with me to Vietnam - sometime after I sell my house in the spring (I hope). The food did the trick. Neither of us was particularly interested in going until your blog. I saw Julie and Julia yesterday - all about food. Delicious food. A love story all around - Julia and Paul, Julie and her husband, and then of course the love affair everyone in the film was having with food. And Julie was writing a blog - cooking all 524 Julia Child recipes in Mastering the Art of French Cooking in 365 days. It reminded me of this. If either of you ever has to give up your day job - Joe, hope to meet you someday. Nancy, I'll keep you posted about DOR. No action yet but soon. Enviously, Chris
4th August 2009
Wow... this was amazing... I eat this food often here in Albuquerque.. but it doesn't look like what you have shared.. You both look wonderful, healthy and so tanned Joe... Is it still very hot there? It is 100 here in Abq. but we spent almost 2 weeks camping in Pagosa and it was fabulous... getting ready to go back to the 10 month school year of work... You two are an inspiration to do something like this someday... But....Saw Max a week ago for Judy's birthday... he is doing fine... unless there are thunderstorms...He hides in the laundry room... Judy has been taking him to her Mom's assisted living place... he is becoming a therapy dog for the old folks... he is a sweetie...soooo you two travellers... we miss you and will really miss you at Pagosa folk festival... Kevin says he will drink many beers in your honor... Peace...Nancy and KC
3rd August 2009

Happy Birthday
Dear Nancy and Joe, Hope you had a nice birthday Nancy! Sure miss you guys! All The Best, Michelle
25th July 2009

great couisine!!
Hi guys! Excellent both look great and the food looks pretty awsome too. We love the photos. How long is the extent of your trip? Sheryl and I are working in MI til the middle of September. We are thinking about driving out to see Carole after our season ends here. Take care and be safe. Love, Alex and Sheryl
24th July 2009

Looks like you're having a great time. The food looks incredible, wish I was there with you. Keep sending the pics, I look forward to getting them. You only have 10 months left, how much food can you eat. Love you Alba
24th July 2009

You got to me!
Your food-athon is wonderful and inspiring. I've so enjoyed your travel stories and now the saliva flows enviously (not very Buddhist of me) as I peruse the gorgeous pics of food and fun. Colorado summer is good, too much work, but lots of playing too. I just got a new grill, so I'll be cooking some Vietnamese inspired food this weekend. Thanks!
21st July 2009

I love hearing about your adventures. Nancy, you are such a great writer!!! I was especially envious of the linen and silk clothes you had tailored. I've heard you can get all sorts of great clothes made for very little money. I feel for the young people working 7 days a week all day and all night....I would be having a major pitty party if that was my work schedule!!! I just returned from NYC and had a great time with my nephew. I hope my next trip can be somewhere out of the country!!!
19th July 2009

Dear Cho and Nancy, So good to hear from you, learn more details of your trip and see the beautiful photos. I so loved (!) seeing Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion in the cave of Thuy Son. So exquisitely beautiful! I delight in your journey and wish you happiness, insights, and safety as you continue on. On more mundane issues here...the house project is nearly done! You will actually have a comfortable and private place to stay next time you visit ;-) Love to you both, Carole
16th July 2009

Hi Nancy. These have been great to read ... thanks for posting and sending. If this article is any sense of what you remember/write when you "stretch your memory just a bit", I'd be interested in what a fresh article would produce! Anyway, hope all is well with you both. Take care and enjoy! Bob
16th July 2009

hoi there
Hey Cho and Nancy -- very much good trip you're having ... love reading your blog. Gonna miss you at Pagosa ... kc
13th July 2009

am really enjoying following your trip
What fun to be able to follow your rehumanization trip as it occurs. I log in to find out what wonderful adventures you are having this week. Your descriptions are fantastic. I learn a bit more about the culture and area with each blog.
13th July 2009

I'm really enjoying this
Nancy and Joe, I just want you to know that I am really enjoying this. I envy you and you travels, but you make it feel as if I am there. Good luck to both of you and please keep me on you mailing list. Kristie
13th July 2009

Enjoying your reports
Great pictures and descriptions. You may recall, Nancy, that Mark and I lived in Malaysia for a couple years. Your story about visiting the tailors took me back to the luxury of getting personally tailored clothes. What a treat! The WSG met today at a community garden. It was our service project that Jenny arranged. Very fun afternoon of weeding, planting, and enjoying homemade rhubarb pie. The lovely lady who is the community leader of the garden joined right in as we opened and closed corners. I think she wants to join our circle!
12th July 2009

Thanks guys
I see you guys are having fun. Thanks for sharing your stories and these great pictures Bob
12th July 2009

I look forward to these blogs, thank you . Be safe ,find joy
12th July 2009

Uncle Ho
I knew there was a resemblance about you that I could not figure out :-). Great pictures.
7th July 2009

I breathe deeply for your story...
Hi Nancy and Joe! Oh what a smile to be greeted by your auspicious face and beard Joe. I went quickly in search of my "sister" Nancy too. You folks look embued with happiness, maybe not for the heat and bad bike gears, but none-the-less happy. I read each word of your post and was taken with the experience of seeing Vietnam through your eyes. The photos and captions are worthy of NG publication! I am so happy you met the Buddhist student and Ex Pat from North Carolina. What richness to savor in your year abroad. I noticed Nancy that you typically wear a skirt or dress. Is that for the visits to pagodas and temples? I am thinking and tasting, (vicariously!) all the fresh, fresh seafood-- yummmm! Please accept my loving blessings for your next travels, contacts and contemplations. Much love, Elizabeth
6th July 2009

Man Oh Man
It sure sounds like you are having tons of fun. You both look so happy and relaxed. Joe you look like a wise confucious or something!!!
5th July 2009

Tu and Hai
Loved hearing these stories of local people. It's a great way to get a feel for what Vietnam is like now. Good wishes as you journey! Catherine
5th July 2009

Greetings Uncle Ho (& Aunt Ho?)
Props to you guys for the blog...all's well here...Max got his first bath here after rolling on a dead fish while he and I were camping last week...made the ride home a real pleasure...cheers! Bryan
3rd July 2009

Hi Nancy and Joe-So great to keep current as the adventure unfolds. It makes me smile when I see who you're meeting and what you're experiencing. I'm really happy for you! There's a major gathering at the end of December in HCM City that I might go to. Will you be anywhere near there? Sending you much love and would love to see you. Be well in your travels! Love, Carole
2nd July 2009

Thanks for such great postings!
You guys are producing a great blog! Thanks for sharing the adventure it makes Teck more tolerable knowing Joe is free! Your descriptions really help me experience a small taste I'm sure of what you guys are seeing, great stuff!
2nd July 2009

Hi you two... I just love it when we get a message that you have posted on your blog. It is all so very interesting.. you write well, and the photos are beautiful. It is almost like being with you.. keep it up... just love it.. All is well here in Abq. you are inspiring us to do something like this some day... have you decided where you want to settle for a while yet?
30th June 2009

What a great story
Once started I couldn't stop till the end - and I wanted more. What great experiences you're having. Thanks for sharing with us. The great pix and fascinating descriptions are so good they almost make me forget the hair removal with dental floss. It still makes me shudder to think about it. Keep having such fun - and sharing. Hugs to you both, dave
26th June 2009

Hi guys
Ohh!!! Poole table and Beer. It is Coors Light or Coors Heavy? :-) Joe do not drink and ride your bike. Let Nancy taste the Beer and she will tell you if it is good or not. July 4th is coming. You guys need an American flag for the parade. Hope everybody is enjoying this adventure. Please come back and tell us more this country. Bob

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