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4th July 2011

Loved your comments
Hi Nancy and Joe, Loved your comments about your stay in Ha Noi and your Children's Palace experience. Luis
23rd September 2010
Oyster Mushroom Farming

Iam also aoyster mushroom grower.
I am growing oyster mushroom since 6years ,so I want to have all the detail about mushroom cultivation. If you do not fill difficulty? pls me reply. Thank you.
12th June 2010

We miss You and Joe!
Hello from Hanoi of Vietnam! We missing you !
8th March 2010

Amazing Logs and Photos
Thanks so much for the wonderful logs and photos. I so enjoy reading about your travels and the interesting people you are meeting.
2nd March 2010

You captured it!
Nancy and Joe, I think you really captured the essence of travel to another country. It really is all about the people. You are great adventurers. What a treasure this whole experience must be for you. Stay safe, Chris
2nd March 2010

Good thin you don't have gluetin alergies
Hi guys,This tour seems to be my favorite. I am happy that you are having such a good time, and can't wait for you to come home to tell us more. Bring home some of your favorite recipes,so we can have everyone for dinner some night. Continue to send photos,and keep writing, sounds like a book.See you soon, Love you both Alba and Ronnie.
23rd February 2010

Hi Nancy and Joe, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and studying the photos of your wonderful travel blog! I almost feel like I'm tagging along. Looking forward to future posts! Good travels! Trudy
12th February 2010

Fabulous Adventure
Thanks for sharing your heart-warming, rehumanizing? tour with us. Loved it all!
10th February 2010

In Awe
I am in awe of you right now. You are amazing. I'm looking at all that your seeing and doing and i am just speechless. What a beautiful person you are!!!
10th February 2010

You luck ducks
Wow, did you have an experience. I'm sure this won't be your first. I love you guys. the pics are beautiful and so are you. See you very soon. Alba and Ronnie
30th December 2009

We had a wonderful simple christmas, and this looks beautiful
30th December 2009

Thank you for the update
Dear Joe and Nancy, So happy to see that you are having a festive holiday in VN! Nancy, I would love to have seen you in your princess outfit! Did Joe take a photo? It's currently snowing in Portland (rare). Thomas and I are acting like kids in it. We just walked and slid down Alberta to a French cafe. I talked w/your dad on Christmas. He sounded good, like he's settling in well. Am hoping to see him in Feb en route to England. Would love to see you two. Sending you much love and thank you for your updates!
30th December 2009

Happy New Year
So nice to hear from you again... We spent xmass eve at Lynn's with Bryan, Judy and Max.. he is looking really good.. they are taking very good care of him.. and Judy just loves him... Enjoying the winter break... so here's wishing you a wonderful New years... can't wait to hear how it is celebrated there..Love Nancy and KC
25th November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving
Hi Happy to see you are enjoying yourselves. Happy Thanksgiving DC, BC, Jesse, Jamie
From Blog: The New Hanoians
25th November 2009

what a treat
Nancy and Joe - What a treat it is to get back in touch with your journey. Things of no real importance have distracted me for a while, and I'd set your postings aside. It's entertaining, inspiring, and just plain fun to read about your adventures. You guys are awesome! Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and the long weekend will give me time to sit down with a cup of coffee or glass of wine and leisurely catch up on your blog and give it the time it deserves. btw, in case you don't know, Myrna is spending a few weeks relaxing at her son's in Castle Rock. She says it's like the best spa one can imagine. She's recovering from successful quad bypass surgery. She is her usual happy and inspiring self. Keep up your awesome journey and your fascinating recounting of it. love dave
From Blog: The New Hanoians
24th November 2009

giving thanks
Hi Joe and Nancy, Once again a wonderful adventure to read your blog and see the fabulous pictures..sounds like I have to get the quilt to you soon... just need an address and you can give it to whom ever you want...just take pictures... sounds like someone from the school of needy kids... We will be up at Judy and Bryans for Thanksgiving dinner... we will give Max some turkey from you.. Have a wonderful day and we all miss you... Love Nancy
From Blog: The New Hanoians
24th November 2009

you guys are amazing thank you
From Blog: The New Hanoians
24th November 2009

Just the ticket!
Hi Joe and Nancy! It was just what I needed to read your blog today--thank you! I just finished yoga and for some reason it got me to crying! Marcilina always says it can open up emotions and it did! This also happened the las t time Jon was unemployed around the 8 month mark with nothing on the horizon. I know something will work out and God will be faithful as He always is but for some reason, I'm faltering this day so I was so happy to get your blog posting:) A bit of escape! It's so great to read of all the friends your making and the great food you're eating and the cultural experiences you're having! Do you really think you'll be able to come back in January? I think with all the fun you're having you should extend your stay!:) Love you guys and wish you the best Thanksgiving ever! Susan
From Blog: The New Hanoians
24th November 2009

Makes me want to visit
Nancy and Joe: Thanks for the blog. In the pictures the streets seem cleaner than I expected. Your making so many friends among the people is great! When you come home, Sandy can put you on a diet. Constance
From Blog: The New Hanoians
14th November 2009

Just got a chance to see your last blog. Keep them coming. So beautiful. Those red hat ladies, are they like the red hat ladies here? Miss you, and hope to see you soon. Happy Thanksgiving, and a belated birthday to Nancy. Where can I e-mail you?
3rd November 2009

You and Joe in Sapa
Thank you, Nancy and Joe. Will you comment on the smells in the VN country side. I think the pig was tied up so someone could have supper. Good to see Joe with a "little hair" on his head. Keep up the Blogs and your good spirits. Lucy has a lot of callers and is still tough as nails..........Love Del and Ian
30th October 2009

Nanc...thanks for the shout out to the DeCarlo fam. We sure have been missing you guys and those "grand time had by all" evenings. We have such admiration to what you and Joe are doing. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure with I have passed along your web site to family and friends who I know would enjoy your stories and accounts. Beautiful photos of the land and people!!!! Take care...and may the almighty Budda watch over you...Love P Diddy
28th October 2009

Awesome pictures
The landscape is really beautiful and I know the food must be great!!
27th October 2009

Gorgeous people, gorgeous terraces
Thanks for posting there beautiful pictures. The WSG had a lovely Samhein celebration on Sunday at Michelle's. We miss you, Nancy, as always; but take great vicarious pleasure in your journey. All the best to you and Joe.
27th October 2009

So Beautiful!
Dear Joe and Nancy, I'm so enjoying getting a taste of your trip - the beauty of the land and the people. Thank you so much for taking the time to keep us current! Are you still teaching. Were you able to get in touch with Thich Nhat Hanh's group? Much love to you both. By the way, Thomas and I are planning a trip to Italy. Wanna come? xoxo! c

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